Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 [The Power of Music is to Bring People Together]

Love [Short Stories]

I push my love away from the window, then I felt it a bullet piercing my flesh leaving a trail of a trickle of blood. I saw the look of horror mix with regret on my love face. she pulls me with her arm as she falls causing me to fell on top of her but I managed to place both my hand beside her head stopping me from slamming my body into her.Bookmark here

The pain I felt disappear but something new replaced it, Rage? Anger? Worried? Pain? maybe the mix of them.Bookmark here


I yell in Anger, never I have yell in rage toward someone, it makes my Heart feel sick and hurt. This woman or my First love almost hurt because of her stupid action.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry..I'm really sorry"Bookmark here

my love tries to say while she sobbing heavy drop of tears, she keeps on trying to apologize even though it's my fault for getting her into this situation. my blood trickle onto her face small drop keep falling.Bookmark here

"if you want to escape so bad, GO!!"Bookmark here

I said in anger even though I want her to stay with me, what am I doing letting her go. My love looks to the door where it is. she will probably go, I roll to my side laying beside her then I place my arm on my eyes, I know she will leave me.Bookmark here

There it is the sound of My love standing up and..... pulling my leg?.Bookmark here

I look up and saw her with face smear with my blood and the look of determination dragging me to the behind the counter. After she drags me behind the counter, she walks away searching for something.Bookmark here

The pain of my wound course through my body and its center is my shoulder, I check my shoulder a tingle of pain can felt I look at it I can see it the bullet wound pierce my shoulder.Bookmark here

She came back later bringing a white color box with a red cross on it. she knees in front of me and holding a scissor she cut the tape off of her hands and start cutting my shirt off.Bookmark here

she takes out a bottle of liquid medicine and pouring it on my wound causing me to let out a voice in pain as the liquid burns my wound, she wipes the wound with a medical cloth and takes out a needle and something type of string.Bookmark here

she begins sewing my wound from the front at first she turns my back repeat the same thing. After she finishes, she leans my back on the counter and she leans right next to me.Bookmark here

I look at her face still filled with regrets, her face still has my blood on so is her hands.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry that I endanger my self and you,"Bookmark here

"it not your fault, I put you in that situation besides you help stitch me up"Bookmark here

There a moment of silence, it was unbearable for me so I offer.Bookmark here

"so do you want that Donut I offer you earlier?"Bookmark here

she laughs slightly "Yes, please"Bookmark here

"well, you better wash your face and hand. they are cover with my blood"Bookmark here

After a while she comes back, her face is clean and I can see her eyes are slightly reddened, is it because she was crying. she sits right next to me placing a bottle of water next to my leg. I can feel her body warmth beside me, it felt comforting to have in this cold Dark bank.Bookmark here

I raise the bag of donuts to her offering her donut, she took it and opening and taking one out the Heart shaped Donut.Bookmark here

"Ohh I forgot today is valentine days, this donut is so cute" she took a bite of them.Bookmark here

"and delicious too, where do you get it?" she says while her mouth full of the donut, I let out a laugh but this causes me to feel pain, Her cheeks redden as she realized her behavior.Bookmark here

"I bought it on the way here, it was a guy wearing a white cap and one of those stands"Bookmark here

I just notice this she eats like a hamster it so cute I just want to pinch her cheeks, I keep or staring at her while eating until she notices me staring.Bookmark here

"Do I have something on my face?"Bookmark here

"no, it just you look like a cute hamster when you eat it is adorable"Bookmark here

she blushes again but this time she bum her shoulder to mine, this causes me to feel pain. I let out a grunt, she immediately realized her mistake and apologize to me.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, she still here watching me helping me when I need to drink or something, why is she here? she is free to go why is she still here, is it she love me too or something else.
I remembered an article on the internet about Stockholm syndrome, a situation that causes hostage to have trust and feeling toward their captors.Bookmark here

I don't want her to become like that, I don't want to force my feeling too, should I tell her what happens but I don't want her to leave me, maybe for this night, I could just pretend that she loves me too.Bookmark here

my thought was interrupted as she asks me a question.Bookmark here

"so why did you try to rob the banks?"Bookmark here

"you want to know? it a long story".Bookmark here

"I got nothing to do anyway" the look curious is on her face compel me to tell her.Bookmark here

"When I was a kid, my mother gets in a car crash on the way home from work it took my mother lives, it causes my Father to become depressed so he starts to do thing that would make him forgot about my mom, first he starts drinking it gets worse as the time goes by as alcohol became losing effect then he moves on to drugs until he has no money which causes him to loan a lot of money from a loan shark"Bookmark here

"What happens afterward?"Bookmark here

"My father died of drug abuse and the loan shark still want their money so they track me and threw me into the wall which causes my wall to break and punch my eye which explains the black eye I have"Bookmark here

"you have a shitty father"Bookmark here

"He not the worse father I had but he is the only father I had, I remember every time it's my birthday he would buy me a cake, he never once forgets."Bookmark here

"but it still no excuse for leaving you with a debt that you have to rob a bank to pay"Bookmark here

"It, not his fault, some people came back but he came back but only his half is there"Bookmark here

"why are you not mad at him?"Bookmark here

"it because I never the type to become angry'

"that a lied you just yell at me earlier"Bookmark here

"yeah it's my first time, watching you almost getting hurt to make me feel uneasy and painful"Bookmark here

the look of sadness came back as she remembers the incident earlier, so I quickly change the subject.Bookmark here

"so tell me about yourself?"Bookmark here

"My name is Lily and since I was a kid I love music, I always wanted to be a musician/singer but I never got a chance and got stuck working as a secretary for an IT company, this has been the most stressful unstressful situation I been in"Bookmark here

"Stressful unstressful situation?"Bookmark here

"My everyday life is pressure from my boss, my family, my friends and life in general, all I think of is the bill to pay, work needs to be done, I just want to be like I was young writing music again and perform them in front of my friends"Bookmark here

"so what kind of music you enjoy"Bookmark here

"Right now, I love Lorde Music"Bookmark here

I look at her shock and she looks at me with making a sigh sound.Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"I love Lorde too!!!"Bookmark here

we both in shock now then she holds her fist out and I fist bump her fist with cause me some pain but I don't care, the feeling of having something similar to your love is amazing. she opens up her phone and plays 'Lorde-Perfect place', she stand-ups with a huge grin on her face and begins to dance to the music.Bookmark here

I laugh as she dance but she grabs my good arm and starts to make me dance with her, I dance through the pain, her eyes shine brightly as we dance in dark bank with only lamp light on, I can see the happiness on her face, my heart beating again.Bookmark here

Beating for her, she truly is my True Love.Bookmark here

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