Chapter 18:

What are you doing here?

Who will the Villainess choose?

“To the chancellor office,” said Damien, as we sat in the carriage. I tried my best to eat as slowly as possible to delay the process, but in the end, I knew that I had to go. Bookmark here

He was busy looking at the portrait with mixed emotions.Bookmark here

“I do not know whether i should be happy that i have a kin that is alive or should i kill all of them with my own hands for betraying me.” he even chuckled when he finished the sentence, but all the hair of my body stood up, as i felt goosebumps over my skin.Bookmark here

The way he said the sentence, bloodlust was clear in his voice. I moved as far away as I could when I heard him.Bookmark here

“Your assistant has done wonders in making this portrait. It looks very realistic, even minor details such as the mole are shown correctly. If i did not know any better, i would have thought that he knew the kid since a long time.” he laughed again, but there was no humor in his voiceBookmark here

Did I make a mistake to make the perfect portrait? I had made it to find the boy. I have never thought that he will be the one to use it in the end or else I would have made it a bit vague.Bookmark here

“Well, the boy was exceptionally handsome, and his resemblance to the duke was exigent. And of course, my staff is more than capable in everything they do.'' I replied confidently.Bookmark here

“My lord, we are here.” I thanked my last seven generations for the timely interruption of the guard. I did not know if I would be able to make further excuses.Bookmark here

We both walked towards the office of the chancellor as he held the portrait tightly in his hands.Bookmark here

“My lord, how can I assist you?” said the man, standing like a waiter as the water and other snacks were served as if we were to ask for the hand of his daughter.Bookmark here

“We are finding a boy, he has been seen here a few days ago in the market area.” he replied, sitting nonchalantly, folding one leg over another, like the whole office belongs to him.Bookmark here

“Oh,” the only sound came out the voice of the man who was sitting there dumbfounded by the work given to him. If it had been any other person, he would have insulted and thrown him out of the office. But this was lord Damien, the owner of this estate.Bookmark here

“Of course, my lord, I will make copies of this portrait and distribute it to the whole town. I will inform you the result in a week.” said the man, getting back his composure. But would that be enough for Damien who wanted things to be done perfectly.Bookmark here

“I do not have a week, i need results till next morning.” he announced with a frown.Bookmark here

I wanted to laugh at the predicament of the chancellor, his smile was looking uglier than the cries. Bookmark here

“My lord, one day would be.. Too much, I will try my best to give you results by this evening.” said the man nodding his head. I wanted to laugh as the way change his wording when Damien picked up the cup in his hands. How even the cup in his hands was able to scare people was a scene worth witnessing.Bookmark here

“Very well, then i will wait for your reply.” he said and stood up. Bookmark here

‘That was it! We have come this far just to get this answer. Anyways it was good, this way we would be able to go home early and i will be able to go out on my date with Andrew.’ A giggle was about to escape my lips but I controlled.Bookmark here

“Well, since we have some time left, let's go and check the market.” my steps halted when i heard his next statement. Bookmark here

But then i nodded, it would be a good way to explore the market of this world. I remembered watching multiple magical things there in the game.Bookmark here

It took us some time to reach there, unconsciously I was expecting to see the bird but it did not come to meet me.Bookmark here

“Is there something that matters?” He asked me to bring my attention back to him.Bookmark here

I shook my head as he would think I was crazy if I told him that I was waiting for a bird to come and meet me.Bookmark here

“Then are you expecting to see your lover here?” he asked with a smirk and I glared at him and then continued to look out of the window. But surprisingly as he said, I saw the carriage of the crown prince at a distance.Bookmark here

My eyes widened yet a smirk formed on my lips. Now I have to convince him to spend some time with me here and then it would be a perfect date.Bookmark here

“You have a golden tongue, Damien. I wish you would have said that I was getting married to Andrew.`` I replied with a hug. My happiness knew no bound. Bookmark here

He turned stiff in my arms again and only then did I realize that he was Damien, the Damien!!Bookmark here

“I mean, you should foretell often.'' I said with a cough as I moved away from him.Bookmark here

Then I continued to look at the carriage.Bookmark here

“I think they are going towards the market too.” I mumbled with a giggle like a young girl.Bookmark here

“This was the best gift I could have received from lord.” We followed the carriage and soon both carriages reached the market.Bookmark here

I almost jumped out of the carriage when it stopped and ran towards the carriage of Andrew. I adjusted my dress and stood in front of it with a bright smile on my face.Bookmark here

But the carriage’s door did not open even after waiting for a while. So I knocked on the door. After a minute the door finally opened. But when the carriage opened he was not alone, there was a girl who was holding his arms. Bookmark here

The smile on my face turned stiff as I saw them together. I wanted to walk in and separate both of them. And then slap both of them, it was a blatant insult of my love for him. But I did not understand why he was doing so?! He was not flirting, he was a responsible lover and was always loyal to me in the game, then why had the script changed so badly?!Bookmark here

“Your highness” I called only then did he look towards me, but there was no surprise in his eyes. As if he knew I was there which confused me. Did he know that I was here waiting for him?Bookmark here

“Your highness, I thought you were busy this whole week with a tight schedule. I was not expecting to see you here at this time.`` I asked with a hint of anger in my voice.Bookmark here

He raised a brow and looked at me with a bored expression.Bookmark here

“I have thought same for you, then what are you doing here, my loving fiancee, Akira”Bookmark here

“.........................”Bookmark here

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