Chapter 1:

The Calmness Before


On a peaceful afternoon, a man is seen laying down beneath a tree. While the grass danced along with the wind, a voice can be heard that resonated with it. 
"Leo, Leo!" said his friend who ran up to him,
"What is it Thomas?" replied Leo whom slumber was disrupted,
"The Knights are back from their mission!" said Thomas,
so they went back to the village to witness the march of the knights that just came back.

The village is on the outermost part of the kingdom and serves as the outpost for the knights who fends off intruders to the kingdom. Their castle-like stronghold is located at the middle of the village surrounded by a lake 30 meters wide and its depth resembled that of a trench. The only entrance is through a drawbridge behind a portcullis. The walls are equipped with cannons like the broadside of a ship. The stronghold is surrounded by plains that spans 1 kilometer per quadrant that is divided by the waters from the lake surrounding the castle. The river is also used as an irrigation system by the residents. Beyond the plains are the rice fields and other vegetation that is taken care of the farmers from the village.

By the time Leo and Thomas came back to the village, half of the knights are already inside the stronghold, but they saw a lot of blood, carriages covered in cloth with blood, injured knights. They were baffled because this is the first time that they saw the knights devastated in such a way. As they are watching from the bushes far away from the entrance, they see the village chief and the leader of the knights stationed there, Grandmaster Francis the Great. A tall man equipped with a silver armor with little to no backside cover and wields a broadsword. As the Grandmaster and the Chief walks away from the castle while talking, they are getting closer to the location Leo and Thomas. While the two friends are in awe in the presence of the Francis the Great, a broadsword came straight between them and passed them like thunder, the two are shocked looking at the sword and to their surprise, the Grandmaster stands in front of them all of the sudden.

"It seems like we have some eavesdropping boys out here" the Grandmaster said in a playful tone
"Do not call us that!" said Leo angrily
"Welcome back home Francis!" Thomas said with a smile
The chief scolds Leo and Thomas and tells them to go back to the village and that they should not try to listen to the conversations of grownups.

The two walked back to the village and the chief and grandmaster resumed their conversation
"The youth is the hope of this village, chief, make sure to be nice to the future saviors of humanity" Francis said with a smile in his face
"Right" said the chief with a grin, "going back, how was your last mission? it looks like it did not end well"
"It is exactly how you saw it, it was horrible, we cannot hold on for much longer and you know what to do when that time comes" said Francis, in a serious tone
"Let us just savor, this peace and safety for now, for it is going to be scarce real soon" 
and they walked towards the village.

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