Chapter 2:

The Village of Peace


The Grandmaster and the Chief can be seen walking back to the village while chatting about the status of the village while the knights are on a mission.

Heading to the south from the entrance of the stronghold, walking past the river, plains, and trees, eventually you will enter the village proper. Greeted by a campfire, with a station for a bell beside, this serves as the center of the houses in the village. The houses are built with combination of straw and wood walls, and wood roofs. The only house that is built with rock is the house exclusively for current chiefs and their families. 

The village is home to a lot of blacksmiths that are mainly repairing the equipment and weapons of the knights and seldom craft them for the ones that can craft weapons for the knights belongs to the capital under the king itself. Being a blacksmith is one of their primary sources of livelihood alongside farming. 

Every Sunday or at the end of the week, their head chef, cooks for them on the campfire and it is way for everyone to celebrate for another successful week and mingle.

July 2, 1307
Sir Francis and the Chief is welcomed by the banquet and was offered food and beer.
"Such a lively village who has a passion for celebration as always" said Francis while receiving a beer
"Of course! who wouldn't be excited that the knights are back from a successful mission to defend us again, who wouldn't celebrate when their lives are saved?" said Veronica, the head chef, while pouring out drinks
Francis just smiled afterwards and had fun with the rest of the villagers especially the women.

The next day

Francis can be seen wasted and is sleeping on a haystack near the entrance of the village 
Leo found him and pulled him until he drops out of the haystack
"Wake up old man, I've been looking for you all night long!"  said Leo

Inaudible noises "Please don't shout" said Francis while groaning 
"Come to the house after you are finished moping around" said Leo and ran off

After all the struggles to be sober for a while, at last Sir Francis is back to his glorious state of being normal again
He then goes to the house of Leo
"Pardon me" as Francis enters after knocking
No one is at home but he hears some noise coming from the back of the house
He went and see Leo practicing with a wood sword hitting a wooden pole 
Leo then smiled when he saw Sir Francis and brags about his abilities and after that, the Grandmaster trains him more.