Chapter 14:

Summer Traing Camp Part 3 (Taiki)

Special Fighting Club

The next morning I get ready and leave the boy´s room before anyone else.
“Where are you going?” Kei asks yawning.
“Apologizing.” I answer, making my way to the girl´s room.
“Do you know what time it is?” Leiko asks tired.
I nod. “Is Takara here, I need to talk to her.”
“Depends, do you want to continue your fight?” Nami comes to the door too.
I shake my head. “The opposite, I need to apologize.”
“Because you messed up?” Leiko asks.
I nod. “Because I messed up and said hurtful things.”
They go back inside, pulling Takara out with them seconds later. She doesn´t look pleased but comes with me.Bookmark here

We sit on the grass outside. Takara begins to pick flowers again and puts them in a bowl.
“What are you doing?” I ask.
“Picking flowers for a tea.”
“Déjà-vu.” I laugh.
“What do you want from me?” The tone in her voice is very hurt.
“I’m sorry for everything I said, well not everything but I definitely went too far.” I turn to her. “I´m worried about you, but I realized that there´re just some things you don´t say. I swear I didn´t mean it.”
“You don´t really like me, do you?” She asks, seemingly holding back tears.
“I do! Takara you´re the most important person in my life! I love you way too much to have meant those things. You´re my only sister, I wouldn´t want to live without you.”
Now she turns to me. “We´re growing apart and I don´t like that.” She says.
“Taiki, I want to stay like this for ever but that´s not realistic.” She takes a deep breath. “Please stop putting me over yourself, trying to copy me just to please me.”
“How am I copying you?”
“Watermelon flavored candy.” She says dryly.
“But I thought you liked those.”
“I do, but you hate watermelon. You can´t even eat a real one without gaging.”
I blush. “Ok, I´ll try to be more Taiki and less Takara.” I smile.
She nods. “About the doctor situation…”
“I actually have an idea with that.”
“How about we make a deal? If you go to a doctor and we end this fight with a trust experiment.”
“Trust experiment?”
“We´ll dye our hair, you choose my color and I choose yours.”
“I´m in.” Kei sits with us.
Takara smiles.
“We´re sorry that we dragged you into our argument!” Takara and I say simultaneously.
“It´s fine, just don´t do it again. I really don´t like the arguing twins, I want my idiot twins back.” He says smiling.Bookmark here

We tell Manami-san, who agrees to dive us.
Takara´s holding my hand on one side and Kei´s hand on the other while the doctor tells his diagnosis.
After that our next stop is a hair salon.
Takara not only get her hair dyed but also cut.
I´m next hoping Takara and Kei won´t use this opportunity to make me look ridiculous. I see the hair stylist come to me with multiple pots of color and lose faith.
Kei gets his heir bleached, while Takara and I wait. Takara falls asleep on my shoulder and Kei sleeps calmly while his hair is getting lighter and lighter. I shake Takara awake. “I have an idea.” I mumble.Bookmark here

We come back after lunchtime. Jinpachi is the first who runs towards us. He smiles at Takara. “I like your hair.” She went from super long white hair to a short bob in blue, her favorite color.
She smiles. “Thanks.”
“We´re in partner look now.” Jinpachi adds showing his own blue streaks.
I rip my hat off, that not only me but Kei too have been wearing because, well we got weird colors. I show the blue in my hair. “Seems like we´re also in partner look.”
Jinpachi falls to the ground laughing. The others, who´re slowly arriving to, show a mixture of laughter, amusement and confusion.
“Now you only need a red nose and the clown look is perfect!” Jinpachi continues to laugh.
My hair went from white to rainbow colored, all seven colors.
Kei starts giggling behind me too. I turn around. “Thin ice.” I tell him and pull his hat off.
Kei went from black to neon pink.
“What happened to you?” Akito asks with a tone between laughing and worry.
“This is what happens when you fall asleep at the hair stylist with two stupid idiots around!” He sound quite upset.
“At least it´s going to grow out fast.” Takara and I tell him.
Manami-san comes towards us now, putting a hand on Takara´s shoulder. “Takara wants to tell our team what the doctor said.”Bookmark here

Takara holds my hand tightly as she stands in front of the team. “So the doctor said that I have a meniscal tear. He recommends a surgery but I want to compete with you guy. I´m going to get physio therapy from Manami-san and I´ll probably won´t be able to fight every round, so I´m counting on you.” She smiles slightly. “I´ll work hard to be able to compete with you as your captain as much as possible, but I also have to listen to my knee.”
“You´ll be training with us again?” Leiko asks.
Takara nods. “But I´ll have a lighter version of your training.” She points at her knee brace. “And I won´t be getting rid of this for a while.”
The whole team shouts a “Kyoto-Nami Fight!” cheer.
“Yeah!” Takara shouts back.
I smile at her. Bookmark here

So our training continues now with Takara back to fire everyone up.
“She´s doing better.” Jinpachi pants after practice.
I smile. “She sure is now she doesn´t need you to cheer her up anymore.”
He smiles back. “Oh, so it´s not weird anymore if I start fliting?”
I stare at him. “If you want to flirt with this face too.” I point at my face.
“Good thing I´m Bi.” I says while running towards Takara.
I sand there frozen.
“Well that didn’t go as planned.” Kei laughs.
“Just you wait you bastard! You won´t get my sister!” I start running towards them too, hearing Kei laughing behind my back. Bookmark here

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