Chapter 15:

Summer Traing Camp Part 4 (Takara)

Special Fighting Club

I´m finally back at training albeit it drastically reduced. On top of that I´m not allowed to participate in training fights, chances are too high that I´d get injured even worse. So I walk up and down the rings, to see the others fight.
Taiki, like always doesn´t see to struggle all that much.
Lei-chan struggles a bit against Rai-kun.
Na-chan and Ki-chan giggle through their entire fight.
Aki-kun wins one fight after another, like you´d expect of the ace.
Ken-kun trains his boxing moves, of which he gladly shows some off during his fights.
Chi-kun sits at the sidelines exhausted.
Ren-chan and Ran-chan seem to talk about strategies.
Aka-kun and Kat-kun are arguing about who won more fights.
Haru-chan is talking with Hiro-kun, Midohebi´s captain.
“Takara! You have to cheer form me.” Taiki tells me.
“Why?” I asks confused.
“My next fight is against Jinpachi.” He sounds disgusted to say that name.
“Ok?” I answer.
Their fight starts off pretty good; both are making quite a few points until it devolves into a boring back and forth, dragging the fight for way too long. At the end Jin-kun comes out of it victorious. He runs to me.
“How was that fight?” He asks excitedly.
I yawn. “It got boring real fast.”
Taiki laughs. “Well seems like she doesn´t like your fights.”
“You were just as bad!” Jin-kun says.
They start to have a little argument, so I decide to go to Kei. He´s wearing a baseball cap, to hide his hair.
“You ok?” He asks.
“I´m bored out of my mind!”
“You want to fight?” He writes down the score of a fight that just ended.
He shakes his head. “You´d overstrain your knee that would mean no more official fights.” He says dryly.
“I know.” I look at his clipboard. “Are you just writing down scores?”
“More or less. Akimoto-san said he has something special prepared for the school with the most wins.”
“So who´s first then?”
“Don´t know, I don´t have all scores. All managers split the work.”

“Everyone gather I have an announcement to make!” Akimoto-san says.
We do as told.
“As you may have noticed our little camp is nearing its end. So we´ll have our barbeque tonight!”
“Is it going to be like the food we´ve been getting so far?” Aka-kun asks.
Akimoto-san put us on a diet with lots of protein, nutrients and a few supplements. To be honest it´s not the worst food I´ve ever eaten but it certainly wasn´t the best either.
“Good question, the answer is yes but the team with the most wins will get some foods you weren’t allowed to eat in your diet.” Akimoto-san smiles. “And that team is the Aoshira team!”
Aka-kun looks disappointed. “But I wanted meat.”

Manami-san stands at the grill, talking to Akimoto-san.
I stand with my plate, waiting for Taiki who wanted to get something to eat.
“Here.” Jin-kun offers me a piece of marinated beef. “That´s what we won.” He adds.
“Thanks.” I try it. “Oh, that´s so good.”
“Right, after mostly fish and chicken beef just tastes better.” He smiles looking around. “Where´s your shadow?”
“Taiki? He wanted to get some of the salad.” I answer.
“What are you doing here?” Taiki asks Jin-kun.
“Speak of the devil.” Jin-kun mumbles. “I was just sharing food with Takara-chan.”
“I see.” Taiki says.
“Why can´t you two try to like each other?” I ask.
They look at each other. “Impossible, we just don´t click.”
I shake my head. “I´ll go over there.” I point at Na-chan and Ki-chan talking.
Both nod and I leave them behind.

“Hey Fuji-chan!” Ki-chan smiles. “I see Ichi shared some of the beef with you.”
Na-chan also holds a plate with the marinated beef. “You shared some too.”
“Of course! Nana deserves it.”
I smile. We start talking about all kinds of things until Lei-chan takes Na-chan with her. Ki-chan and I stand alone. “So who do you think will be at the nationals?” She asks.
“Kinkami.” Hiro-kun says.
“I mean that´s pretty obvious.” Ki-chan says.
“Why´s that, are they good?” Aka-kun comes to join us with him Kat-kun and Akira-kun.
“They are, won fifteen times in total, more than any other school.” I answer.
Ki-chan nods. “They won the last two years consecutively.”
“No wonder, they have the number one and two in high school level fighting.” Hiro-kun adds.
“There´s a ranking?” Aka-kun asks.
“Of course you idiot.” Kat-kun answers.
He stares at us. “Oh we aren´t ranked. It´s only the top five who get a rank.” We say.
“Isn´t Moneko also really strong this year?” Akira-kun asks.
“Yep. They´ve been on second place for the past two years. So they´re quite eager to win again, it´s been like eight years since their last win.” Ki-chan answers.
“Oh and then there´s Yukihana, an all-girls school that have been in the top ten for five years now, ever since they got their new coach.” I say.
Aka-kun looks at the ground. “Can we even make it if there´re so many school who are that strong?”
I smile. “We won´t know unless we try.”
“I have an idea. Fuji-chan, Tomo, let´s promise that all three of our teams will make it to the nationals. We´ll met there again.” Ki-chan says excited.
“Of course!” Hiro-kun and I agree.

Aka-kun, Kat-kun and I make our way back to the rest of our team.
“Takara-senpai, we have to win the summer high in order to go to the nationals right?” Aka-kun asks.
I nod. “Well should we meet Akaryuu in the finale second place would be enough.”
“Wait I thought they won the interhigh? Why are they competing in the summer high then, they´ve already qualified for the nationals right?” He asks.
“They did win and they are indeed already qualified.” I say.
“Then why…” He begins.
“Free training and intimidation.” Kat-kun answers.
Aka-kun looks at him confused.
“Just imagine you had to fight against a team that won both the interhigh and summer high of their prefecture, wouldn´t you be scarred of them even more?” Kat-kun answers.
Aka-kun nods. “That makes sense. So getting second place after Akaryuu would still mean we´ve qualified for the nationals, right?”
“You got it. But that´s not good enough for us.” I say. “We´ll try to win and make it to the nationals that way.”
Aka-kun and Kat-kun nod. “Sure thing captain!”

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