Chapter 14:

The Friend and the Armory

The Creator

Nano directs JDG toward a secluded place within the old palace in which the Council of London resides. It is a large place with many levels and many areas to explore. However, it seems that JDG won't be able to explore anything. 

Nano and JDG head down a staircase into a basement level of the palace. The stairs are layered with a deep red carpet and are very wide that it could fit many groups of people. This entire place seems to be stained with the color red and wide passageways. It's rather odd and intimidating to someone who has never stepped foot in such building before.

On the basement level, there is a large opening on the right side once you descend the staircase in which the supposed Armory is found. Entering the Armory, JDG is fascinated by the strange tech that he sees before him. There are rifles of all sizes and shapes plastered on the walls. JDG has never seen a rifle before, he has no idea what a firearm even is since no civilian is allowed to own one and they are never taught about in schools.

"Since you are not supposed to be a magic user, we have decided to allow you to use conventional weapons." Nano explained as they stopped in the Armory and JDG was taking a look at all of the rifles on the wall, "Guns have not been used in many years, thus the development of these firearms have been minimal. Most of these weapons are from the eighteen-hundreds, and the ones that are from our century are far and few between. However, I have placed a special order for you."

"What are these things even used for?" JDG asked with his wide open.

"These are firearms," Nano points to the walls, "over one-hundred years ago they were used in large scale during war, and only decades ago were they used for things like revolutions and rebellions. The only people allowed to use them now are Security Councilman who specific request them."

As they speak, another figure emerges from the back areas of the Armory, It's an older gray-haired man who walks very fast and wears a wonderfully nice black tuxedo.

"Good morning," Nano nods to the figure, he then looks at JDG, "This is the Keeper of the Armory of London, he'll be the one to supply you with anything you need whenever you ask for it. Just be sure to show him your identification card."

JDG looks at Nano, "You guys haven't given me an identification card yet." JDG claimed.

"Yeah, that's the one thing we haven't prepared for, we'll have one for you by tomorrow. Anyway, Keeper of the Armory, did you get my special order?" Nano asked.

"Oh yes I did." The Keeper of the Armory responded, "Would you like me to bring out the products?" The Keeper asked.

"Yes if you will." Nano responded and looked toward JDG, "Range will teach you everything you need to know about handling a weapon, first let's show you what weapons you shall be using out in the field." 

The Keeper then walks back toward a crate in which he promptly opens with a crowbar. Opening the crate reveals package stuffing and another rifle laying gently inside. The Keeper promptly grabs the rifle and inspects it. The Keeper unlocks the bolt and then locks it back into place. He dry fires it to return the hammer back into its original position and puts the safety on as he walks back toward Nano and JDG.

The Keeper then presents the weapon to JDG, "This is the Mark Three Magazine Short-Rifle."

JDG then points to the rifle, "That's a short rifle?" JDG cocks his eyes due to his unfamiliarity with weapon length.

"Indeed it is," The Keeper nods, "This rifle has a magazine capacity of ten rounds and fires a high velocity spitzer cartridge."

JDG then scratches his head, "I apologize but I don't really know too much about these things."

"It's alright, we'll have Range show you everything about it," Nano explained looking at JDG, "let's have you hold it."

JDG then places his hands out to grab the rifle. The Keeper hands the rifle to JDG's right hand and JDG attempts to hold it properly. He places his right hand where the trigger is and he places his left hand on the wooden handguard. JDG then tries to aim the rifle, he accidentally aims it toward the Keeper in which Nano pulled it away.

"Even if it's unloaded, you should never aim it at anyone you do not intend to fire at." Nano explained as JDG placed the rifle down to his side.

"It's heavier than I thought it would be." JDG commented as he lifts the rifle with his right hand.

"That is the combination of steel and wood for you." The Keeper said bowing his head.

"This rifle is to be yours, treat it as if it were family or a lover. If you take care of it, it will take care of you." Nano pointed to the rifle that JDG began to inspect with his hands.

"May I name it?" JDG asked.

"Go ahead, it's yours, you can do whatever you want with it besides purposely destroy it." Nano chuckled.

JDG stared at the rifle for a significant amount of time, he admired the wood and the blued steel which made up the rifle that he is holding in his hands, "I will now call you 'Lubiana.'" JDG spoke to the rifle.

"Well, we'll go over the rest of your equipment at a later time, right now it's getting late, so I need to take you to your quarters to prepare you for bed. Tomorrow you will get briefed on the basics of combat and then you will be given your first assignment. We have no time to waste." Nano turns around to exit the armory, JDG then holds his rifle with his right hand and follows Nano.

"Who is the Keeper I'm going to be partnered with?" JDG asked catching up to Nano.

Nano turns around as he walks, "His name is Kalmar, he's a bit of a shy fellow sometimes, however he's very powerful as a Keeper. He also shares the same age as you, thus we thought it would be best to put you two together." Nano turns to face in front of him again, "Also, that strap under the rifle, put that over your shoulder to carry it more comfortably."

JDG then looks at his rifle and notices the tight belt which rests on the very bottom. He sees a place to loosen the sling and he does so, allowing him to throw it over his shoulder like a sack. JDG nods as he notices the convenience of such a thing.

Walking down the hallways of the basement level, the corridors are empty and uncanny. Being that it is night time and that they are underground, the atmosphere of the area is unsettling. However, they soon turn into a tighter hallway which feels more comforting.

Turning into the hallway with many doors that indicate there are rooms here, JDG assumes that this would be the area that he would be living from now on. JDG holds the rifle tight to his back as he follows Nano down the hallway of doors.

They reach a door which has the number, 'one-eighty-four' on it. Nano then pulls out a key from his pocket and places the key in the lock. He twists open the lock and follows by twisting the doorknob. The door is dark brown, the rest of the hallway is of a cream white color, these doors stick out like sore thumbs and their bronze doorknobs do the same. 

Opening the door, JDG follows Nano into the small room. It's only enough to accommodate two people and it feels like a little bigger than the size of quarters on ships. JDG scans the room to notice the wood furniture, the bunk bed, the two wardrobes, the mini kitchen area, and another door which is open revealing the small bathroom. 

There sitting on the bottom bunk playing with his hands is what can assumed to be JDG's partner, "This is your partner," Nano points toward the boy on the bed, "Kalmar, this is JDG," Nano looks at Kalmar and points at JDG, "you two will not only be working together, but you two will be sharing the same spaces together throughout your employments."

Kalmar looks up to take a glance at JDG, JDG stands casually taking a glance at Kalmar too. The two share short glances with each other before JDG speaks, "Hello there." JDG waves his hand toward Kalmar.

"Hello." Kalmar responded.

Nano then walks over to the door and stands by it, "Well, I think it's best for you two to have some time to introduce each other." Nano grabs the doorknobs, "Also, your uniform is in the wardrobe on the left JDG, you should try it on to make sure everything fits." Nano walks outside of the doorway, "Goodnight." Nano waves before shutting the door.

JDG then turns around to look at Kalmar again, "So, we are going to be arresting Wizards together." JDG attempts to make small talk.

"Yeah, Wizards are very powerful so I hope the best for us." Kalmar looks down.

"Where do you come from?" JDG walks closer to Kalmar and Kalmar looks up at JDG.

"I come from Jutland, my family's estate is in Arhus." Kalmar explained as he got up from the bed to reveal he is quite taller than JDG.

JDG looks up at him, "I come from Essex." JDG puts out his hand for a shake.

Kalmar returns the shaking favor, JDG takes a good look at Kalmar's features. Kalmar has short brown hair and is quite tall. However, he is just as lean as JDG is, there is little muscle tone and little girth to his overall body. His hands are quite larger, larger than JDG's. His feet are quick large as well. JDG notices his outfit; he is wearing some sort of sleeveless shirt and some really loose fitting pants. He wears putties at the bottom of his legs and he sports the typical casual black leather shoes of the time. His entire outfit is white and black with highlights of brown such as his brown belt with silver buckle at his waist. 

'This is almost as strange as what Merlyce wears to work.' JDG thought to himself.

"What brings you to England?" JDG begins to ask questions after his analysis of Kalmar.

"I came for work and I got it." Kalmar answered with his hand now behind his neck.

JDG then puts his own hands behind his back, "I see, do you know why I am here?" JDG turns the questions around.

"I heard you got in trouble with the Council for trying to learn Keeper Magic." Kalmar explained, "What were you able to learn?"

JDG then grins, "I was able to learn how to caste barriers and control blood-flow."

Kalmar drops his hand from the back of the neck and leans his head forward with wide eyes, "Woah, you were able to learn that much as a Creator?" Kalmar questioned.

"I was, I discovered that I was able to caste heat barriers." JDG continued to explain.

Kalmar's eyes grow even wider, "Heat barriers? That's impressive for learning so late in your life." Kalmar then lifts his head, "However, there is this old saying among us Keepers; 'those who caste heat barriers are the biggest hotheads you'll meet and they are the ones who will rush anything, including their own deaths.'" Kalmar recited.

JDG then cocks his left eyebrow, "How dark." JDG commented, "The Councilman guy said you were shy, but so far we are talking just fine." JDG stated.

Kalmar leans his head, "Well, there is something different about your aura, plus I have little to share with those guys so they probably interpreted my silence as shy. I can't say I'm exactly social but I don't have a problem talking when I'm comfortable." Kalmar explained.

JDG then brought his hands to the front and held them together, "Well it's good to see that you are comfortable, so who's sleeping where?"

"Choose whichever bunk you'd like boss." Kalmar replied and then pointed toward the bunk bed.

"Boss?" JDG questioned.

Kalmar then stuck out his hand and waved it, "My apologies, it's just that I was told that I will work under you." Kalmar explained and looked away.

"I see it less as working under me, rather I see it as working as my partner. We are on equal footing, both our inputs will matter out there." JDG grins at Kalmar and Kalmar turns his head back to face JDG.

"Partners." Kalmar whispered to himself, "Well, so far I'm glad to be partners with you, I've been here since yesterday and I've been sleeping on the bottom bunk. Would you mind taking the top?"

JDG places his hands behind his back, "I do not mind at all."