Chapter 13:

Opportunity for a Life

The Creator

"JDG, you absolute delinquent, you have caused much trouble for your school, and such trouble has brought you here before the Creative Council of London." Appel introduced JDG's situation to him as he stands right before the Council. 

Being in the very board room in which the Council of London has been convening for the past week since emergency was declared that last Sunday. All the Councilmen have a face of exhaustion, many cannot sit in their seats properly, however Appel shows no sign of discomfort nor any signs of weariness.

"The Council of London has been dealing with an emerging Wizard crisis, and here we are dealing with a young Pre-Creator who already has broken the Magical Doctrine despite not even being allowed to learn magic." Appel sighs and then stands from his seat, "Listen to me boy," Appel points at JDG, "you are not above anyone and you cannot do as you will." 

JDG refuses to look at Appel, he stands with his arms crossed on his chest and looks his head to the side at anything except for the members of the council.

"Isn't being a Creator a privilege?" JDG asked softly still refusing to look.

"You are not a Creator!" Appel slammed his left hand on the podium he resides on, "You have no right to even your own name! What makes you think you can refer to yourself as a Creator?" Appel shouted while JDG stood without much movement.

JDG then whispers to himself, "You people at the council are no different than anywhere else." 

"You are accused of learning Keeper Magic as a Pre-Creator. Such violation of our sacred Doctrine is appalling. I could make it so you never receive the title of Semi-Creator or Creator. I could make it so you may never use your given name!" Appel points at JDG again, "Are you listening boy? I can ruin your chance at learning any more magic! I could lock you away for a long time! I could banish you to some deserted island where you will never be able to pursue your dreams and wants in this world! Listen well boy!" Appel nearly chuckles to himself as he spits out threats.

JDG simply shrugs his shoulders and keeps his eyes away from the Council. Dagovich, who is sitting four seats left to Appel then raises his left arm, "Supreme Councilman, with all due respect, I think it would be best to enact the possibility we have discussed." Dagovich suggested and Appel took a look at him.

Appel then looks back at JDG, "With that being said, I could lock you up, banish you away, or remove any privilege you have in this world. However, for you, you have Miss Lady Luck on your side since you came to us at just the right time." Appel explained as he sat back down in his chair.

JDG then finally looks to the council with his right eyebrow raised and his head tilted to the left, "What is that supposed to mean?" JDG drops his arms to his side.

"We are having a worldwide emergency; Wizards have been appearing all over, this is especially apparent in England and Germania." Dagovich is the one to explain the situation with JDG.

"What does this have to do with me? I could care less about a Wizard." JDG placed his heads behind his back for comfort in his stance.

Appel then looks JDG in the eyes, "We offer you an opportunity–a choice if you will. We are short on Creators in our security and policing forces, thus we have been discussing the entire week whether or not we should hire a Pre-Creator or Semi-Creator. You come to us and present us with the perfect opportunity. We present you with one too; you can help us take down the Wizard threat, or we could banish you for eternity on an isolated island of my personal choice." Appel then grins.

JDG then leans his head back, "What's in it for me if I help you?"

"Well, you have little say in what benefit you may receive for your work. However, we deem it fit that if you help us take down enough Wizards, we will grant you the title of Creator and allow you to use your full given name. If you work with us we will allow you to live in our society, we will allow you to use our magic, and we will let you have all the privileges of a Creator in this world." Appel grins wide and the entire council begin to wear worried expressions on their face for this deal.

JDG then lifts his chin and begins to nod his head around as he considers the possibility, 'I don't know how well I can trust these people,' JDG thinks to himself, 'However, it may be the only chance I have to gain knowledge and power to eventually take down these rotten bastards. Yes, I must accept this opportunity for that chance.'

"I accept your deal; I will work with you to combat the Wizard threat. I will do my absolute best if you make a contract stating to me that if I succeed your wishes that I will be allowed to use all the privileges you have mentioned." JDG projected his answer to the council and Appel put an even wider smile on his face.

"Grab me a pen right now Pirou!" Appel quickly demanded Pirou and Pirou got up from his seat to head somewhere in the back of the Councilmen's seating. After a moment, Pirou returns with a piece of paper and a pen, "I will honor your contract." Appel said to JDG.

"Make it clear how many Wizards you want me to deal with." JDG mandated.

"Unfortunately, I cannot do that as of yet. I will say this though; 'you will be granted your privileges when there is no longer a large threat of Wizards.'" Appel wrote onto the paper that he had been given and JDG then waited patiently for him to complete doing so.

'What if this takes my entire life?' JDG asked himself in his head, 'What if it takes hundreds of Wizards before I am allowed to retire from this job?' JDG tried to keep his eyes on the council but they began to drift, 'Damnit, what if they double cross me and have me doing this job forever. I don't want to become their puppet.' JDG then sighs, 'I guess I have little choice.'

Appel then finishes writing and holds the paper in the air, "Dagovich, take this paper and pen down to JDG there."

Dagovich then stands from his seat and quickly drops down nearly invisible behind the many seats of the council. His head is seen walking over to Appel where Appel hands him the paper. Dagovich then disappears completely before appearing at the bottom right side of the theatre in which the Council seats.

Dagovich brings the paper to JDG, "Read and sign." Dagovich said as he hands the pen and paper to JDG and directs him to a little pedestal where JDG could write on.

JDG reads the content of the contract carefully, he is sure not to miss any important information which could become detrimental toward him in the future. It takes JDG a while to read everything with absolute certainty that this contract won't ruin him for life.

JDG then lifts the pen and hesitantly places it on the page, 'Here goes nothing.' JDG thinks to himself as he begins to sign his initials on the page, thus agreeing to the terms of the contract and meaning that he will spend the next part of his life helping the Council deal with Wizards.

Once JDG has finished signing, Dagovich takes the paper away from JDG and heads back toward his seat on the Council. Appel grins very wide, "Inspectorate Councilman Nano! Security Councilman Range!" The two that Appel called for stand up, "JDG, you are now under the direct control of the Inspectorate Councilman and Security Councilman. Security Councilman Range will explain your assignments, and Inspectorate Councilman Nano will be in charge of your status of employment and be sure that you are well equipped and well-prepared."

"Thank you Supreme Councilman," Range stated and bowed, "I am the Security Councilman, I'm in charge of strategy and planning to counteract this recent threat of Wizards. As of now on you are now a member of the Security Council of London and thus you will be given your equipment, uniform, and briefing. Firstly, your job here now is to arrest those who violate the Magical Doctrine. You will be assigned a Keeper as a companion to keep you safe throughout your many journeys and to help you with arresting any Wizard." Range then looks at JDG with a grin, "I hear you are friendly with Keepers correct?"

JDG turns toward his left to look at Range and then crosses his arms, "Yes that is true." JDG answered.

"So you should have no problem working with one correct?" Range leans in toward JDG from his tall seat, it looks like he might even fall.

'What is with this old man?' JDG thought to himself, "Of course I am fine with working with one. However, may I request that I work with the one I already know, Merlyce was his name."

Appel then intervenes, "Merlyce is to face his own trial after we conclude yours; we plan to give him a slap on the wrist and return him to his employment as the Keeper of the Second-Level of the Library of Devonshire."

"So, I have to work with a stranger?" JDG asked.

"I'm sure you will get along with him, we already have a Keeper chosen and ready for you since we heard about your situation a few hours ago." Appel explained.

"That's quite a response time." JDG commented.

"It is necessary when your situation seemed to be a miracle to us because we can finally now combat the Wizard threat." Appel smiled wide, "Nano, I want you to make sure he is equipped immediately, his first assignment starts tomorrow. Show him to his quarters, show him the Armory, and have him meet that Keeper." Appel ordered.

"Understood Supreme Councilman," Nano nodded and then stepped down from his post, being on the younger side of the Council, Nano made his approach to JDG quicker than most of the other councilmen could.

Nano then makes his way up to JDG, "Follow me." Nano demanded immediately.

"One last thing," Appel opened up, "this case is hereby dismissed and JDG is now an official employee of the Council of London and is no longer a student of Devonshire Academy. Do not disappoint us or else there will be consequences." Appel removed his smiled and stared down at JDG. 

JDG then turned around and began to follow Nano as the two exit the board room and into the large corridor which sits outside. Outside, JDG walks on the deep red carpet as the man windows with gilded curtains announce the lack of sun in the building this evening.

"He said something about 'quarters,' does that mean I'm living here?" JDG asked Nano.

"You are no longer a student at Devonshire, thus you no longer have a dormitory there. You now are to move here." Nano explained as they continue walking.

"Will I be able to get my stuff from my dorm?" JDG questioned.

"Your stuff is already on its way here." Nano answered.

JDG then looks up at the ceiling and back down at Nano's back, "Wait...but you only found out about my situation a few hours ago, and I could have refused your ultimatum." JDG claimed as he places his hand on his chin.

Nano looks back with a grin, "We knew what your answer would be before you walked in that room."