Chapter 3:

The Starting Line


While Sir Francis is training Leo on the backyard of his home, he recalled the time they first met.

June 17, 1297

During his leisure time, Francis went to a village in the south to visit his friend, a Blacksmith.

The village is a small village dominated by farmers and is under the protection of the king given that they will give a percentage of their harvest separate from those they will sell.

The grandmaster is fond of the only blacksmith in the village that is why he goes there from time to time to ask for his weapon and armor for what it needs.

Sir Francis then chatted with the blacksmith
"How are you my good friend?" said Francis
"I'm in great condition sir!, did the sword served you well?" said the blacksmith
"Indeed! but it needs to be sharpen every once in a while" said Francis
"Then why not let the forgery in the castle be at your service?" said the blacksmith
"Well, the sword seeks the hands of its creator" said Francis in a cheerful tone
then they both laughed and Sir Francis saw a child peeking and listening to them and then the blacksmith introduced the boy

"Sir, this is my child, Leo, 6 years old" said the blacksmith in a proud manner
"Well hello there young fellow" said Francis in a friendly manner
Leo ran outside leaving his father and the grandmaster baffled
"Please pardon him sir, but he really is a big fan of knights especially someone with a caliber like you, he always plays with swords and often play with his friends with the likes of those" explained by the blacksmith

Sir Francis then got outside to wait for his sword to be sharpened and there he saw the young Leo striking a wooden pole with his wooden sword and he watched him from a distance before approaching him to talk
"So you like swords huh?"
"Say would you mind becoming a knight?" 
Leo's attention turned to Francis
"Yes! that is my dream, to protect everyone in this village and to defeat bandits and use my father's weapons to show the world that he is a great blacksmith!" Leo said excitedly 
The Grandmaster laughed and said
"I'll be back in a few years then show me your progress and maybe I'll take you under my wing" 
The grandmaster then bid farewell to Leo as he goes back inside to get his sword and rode his horse.