Chapter 1:

Spirited away by a truck

Reincarnated? Really? As what? Some kind of Genie? (RAG?)

It was a perfectly normal day; the sky was clear, and it was hot. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. School was over, and I was heading home alone — as usual. I decided to walk home that day because I was in no mood for a bumpy bus ride, and I had spent all my pocket money. 

It was windy, and the air smelled like sand. It didn't help that I was walking on a dirt road. Before long, the wind was more sand than wind, but that didn't affect my pace at all; I had to make it home in time to watch a set number of anime episodes before bed. I made sure to turn in the opposite direction each time I sensed the wind's intention of giving me a dust bath. Eventually, my evasive manoeuvres evolved into dance moves that even I found amusing. Sadly, there was not a soul around to witness the splendid sight.

"When did this place become a desert?" I sucked my teeth. The wind took the liberty of halting my complaints by directing sand right into my mouth. I thought about spitting it out, but I hesitated when I realised it was just sand. No point in looking silly trying to spit out sand grains. I'd ingested sand before, and I'd gladly ingest it again.

I should stop talking.

Home was just around the corner — literally. I turned and what greeted me was a truck not too far off. I wasn't sure what was happening, but the truck kept getting bigger. Not gracefully, like you'd expect from a vehicle driving on a dirt road. No, it moved aggressively, almost as if it had killing intent.

I stood there watching, knowing that my life was about to be stolen. My body paid no heed to my mind's prompts to jump out of the way of the approaching truck, instead my eyelids got heavier as the vehicle got closer. And as the curtains fell, I felt a smile spread across my face.



When I opened my eyes again, there was a door in front of me — a floating door. I was floating too, of course, but my feet felt firmly placed. Looking down, above and around, there was nothing but an expanse of white light.

How original.

The door had no keyhole I could peer through, so I fished for the doorknob, which, for some reason, was placed much lower on the door than usual. I grabbed the doorknob, inhaled, and mustered up my courage. But before I could turn the knob, the door creaked.

So that's how it is.



I remained still to see if anyone would come through, but no one did. The door was now ajar, and the only thing I noticed in this strange room was an office desk with paperwork scattered on top of it.

There's no point just standing here, might as well have a look.

I walked into the room.