Chapter 2:

Friendship is power!

Reincarnated? Really? As what? Some kind of Genie? (RAG?)

Should I leave the door open? No, I don't think I have anything to fear.

I walked towards the desk, with the intent to inspect those papers.

Maybe I can find something useful.

I grabbed a handful of papers and examined them. They were hand-written and the handwriting was so messy that it startled me. I just stood there staring, feeling something between awe and despair.

What is this? It's so bad that it's actually good.




"Gah! Did the words just speak?"

"That sounded fake. And no, I'm over here." I heard a voice say matter-of-factly.


"Over here. Follow the sound of my voice!"

"Sure..." I looked around as I tried to pinpoint the origin of the voice, but the ever-present ringing in my ears made it an impossible task. "I still can't find you," I complained.

"Is your hearing that bad?"

"No, not really but I think listening to soundtracks on full volume for days on end is finally starting to bear fruit."

"What kinds of soundtracks?"

"Oh, I'm sure you're aware."

"Yeah, I have a pretty good idea, I mean, you were brought here for a reason."




"So you're not going to look for me?"

"No need. You'll come out eventually, and I'm not in any real hurry."

"I get what you mean, but the story would move a whole lot faster if you did."



"Fair point but what about my hearing?"

"It's okay, you can still find me... Just focus on the sound of my voice, and the power of friendship!"

"The power of what?" I asked, seeking clarification.


As soon as I heard those words, I felt a sixth sense awaken. Strength surged through my veins, and I felt my entire body enveloped in flames, my ears felt cold and hot at the same time. My tinnitus bolted and I was overwhelmed with the urge to announce it.

"Alright! I feel all fired up!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, to no one in particular.

With my newfound strength, I took hold of the desk, and with less than a fraction of my strength I flung the table upwards without even making my hand go through the full range of motion.

Paperwork rained as the desk soared through the air. It landed with so much impact that the sound it made hurt my now sensitive ears. As the sound died down, a recurring thought ran through my mind.

Imagine what I could do if I were unleashed upon the world, with this power I've obtained from the mention of the F word. I've lived my whole life without friends, never knowing what I was missing out on. But now I believe, no, now I know without a doubt...that the power of friendship is no fairy tale.