Chapter 12:

Painful Memories of the Late spouses

Whispers heard in the dark

The chirp of sparrows by the window sounds so sharp and disturbs the peacefully sleeping Billie. She was sleeping like a princess in her cozy mattress, covered with peach blankets that suited her surroundings so well. She had a queen sized cot that had pole by the corners of the bed. The poles were tied with heart shaped LEDs that glowed pink. As the heart, so was its emotion- it gave her the comfort that she was adored and loved by all, around her. Those hearts were her own way of remembering all the good deeds she had done so far. 

Getting into a relationship? no way. She had had her share of it in the past and didn't want to get into one. In fact, she never would get into one, no matter what others say, she still hadn't moved on. Some times, she got thoughts of her ex, she never got to contact him ever since she helped him escape. She definitely played a minor role in his escape, it wasn't that she broke the law for her lover, but rather it was much more of a guilt conscious that pricked her for for eternity until she released him. After all, he wasn't the one who had killed the criminal, but she was,  he had just taken the blame to save his girl. 

She had been burdening herself with the blame that he had to sacrifice both his mother's as well as him ambition and dream just for the sake of her. Little did she know that he too was influenced by the Criminal and his way of thinking. 

But yes, though all that was true, she too couldn't get the hold of her guy. He had promised to meet up with her once he got settled in a place that was isolated from the town where he doesn't get caught. 

She kept waiting and waiting but in no vain, he never made it. He never called or met up. She decided that he went missing. The truth was that he had been following her waiting for a good opportunity to meet up with her when the department didn't maintain their surveillance over her activities. He never got to do so, he thus cursed Reavan for his cleverness that he couldn't meet up with her but at the same time, he was kind of happy that his friend was highly capable to catch him, their wavelength matched and so did their thought processes. 

Though this was the case, the prisoner was always one step ahead than Reavan, thus, though Reavan could have reached his friend by just stretching himself a little more, the prisoner was smart enough to not let him do so, as he kept Reavan's mind distracted elsewhere.

As they kept searching for him, and when the result was deemed futile, they had no other chance but to give up. Though they knew for certain, he was well and alive... But the very thought that they (Reavan and Billie) didn't know where he was or what he had been doing was bothering those two.

Their only guess was that he was hiding in the Abandoned Street, since no one went there. In fact, it was a very crowded area before it was shut thus it was never an easy place to spot people. According to both their theories, he must have gone into hiding in the Abandoned street when it flourishing with people, and must currently be stuck there without an exit as who ever comes out of there will definitely become an object of attraction as it had now been abandoned. 

Even if that was the case,  how would he have survived there with limited or no supply at all? Or was there something more to it? Did he find any new route that would connect him to the outside world from the Abandoned Street which was isolated that people didn't notice others enter or exit ?

The only solution that both, the cop and detective came up with was to investigate the Abandoned Street to know more, to explore it further. All they needed was just a case occurring in the area, or nearby, associating to it. They both had been waiting for their prey to enter into their mouse trap, but when they realized that it wasn't so easy, they just wanted to see the mouse run elsewhere at least to know that the mouse was there. 

They both wanted to find him but for different reasons and with different emotions. Billie wanted to join him, she wanted to be with him. While Reavan wanted to slap him and bring him to justice so that he can regain his pride in the right way. 

Though this was the case, the prisoner escaped for a reason, which was to respect his new ideology. He could witness it with his own eyes and finally realized it to be true when he heard what the criminal had said. A thought got deeply rooted in his mind which said, "criminals end up escaping mending the very laws that they were said to break, sometimes money does the magic, thought they are definitely guilty, by hiring the finest lawyer, they can always get away from their crime. why go that far? they could even bribe the judge. A more simple solution is to burn the evidence found from its roots or planting a fake evidence which ends up disproving the actual criminal as the one who did it."  He thus wanted to take a strategic time out and come out of it all and restart from the beginning where he was a no one and had no identity.


As Billie was disturbed by the bird from her beautiful dream of marrying her prince, her Ex; she returned to the reality by recollecting all that had happened ever since. She looked at her smart phone, straining her freshly woken eyes, it was 10 'O' clock in the morning, she had slept more than she used to. She then rushes to get ready as she had a set up a meeting with Reavan an hour from now. She cant afford to be late as its not a get together, but an official meet. She thus couldn't even mess it up as her reputation was at stake. 

She dressed up with the custom made formals, they were black which signified, portrayed her to be bold and displayed authority and power. She was, without any objection, one of the boldest women the history had ever seen.


Reavan sits on a white chair having detailed craftsmanship by the side of a river, placed in the lawn space filled with greenery, or should I say, just grass. Waiter bends over and gives the menu card of the restaurant with so much elegance that it tempts you to buy more just for the sake of the waiter. Seeing the menu with a middle class mindset, (that is- based on a highly logical estimation of the cost of the product with respect to the product itself as to, whether it is worth paying that much for? the factor to determine that is based on the duration of processing, the time taken to prepare it, the effort that the chef has put into it, whether he can make it at home for a cheaper cost so on.) he finally decides upon choosing two Americanos which were the cheapest ones after that of a water bottle.( obviously, water bottle would make him look cheap, not that he didn't let her decide wasn't more so)

He checked his phone, it was 11: 01 am and she was finally there. to tease her, he said, "looks like you cant keep up the time." She was so frustrated as a lot of things had gone wrong that morning, including her flat tire and taxis that were either full or didn't ride towards the location that she had to go. She finally made it using metro though she had to walk quite a lot.

Thus maintaining her composure and professionalism, she diplomatically ignored his comment and started right to the point, "So, why had you called me yesterday? what was so urgent that you ruined my weekend?" She obviously looked annoyed, but no longer did so, when she heard him say, "its about Ria"

She becomes silent for a moment as if she was silently paying her homage and asks, "well, what about her?" He then briefs her about his current investigation and how John spouted that non sense that got Reavan thinking about the true cause of her death.

She says ever so calmly, "well, as you say, it does sound fishy. But since I handled the case, I can say for sure that I found nothing suspicious about the case. She definitely had bruises all over her extremities as she had been hit by multiple rocks as she was swirled into the waters. She was alive for a small period of time, but since she was dragged by the force of the water, she couldn't be saved and her body too went missing for more than two days. Within that period she might have undergone different tortures from aquatic plants and animals that led to damage to her skin surface-

There definitely was no sign of hitting, stabbing or use of any other such violence on her body. but since your justification makes sense, I would try to re-assess her case. Now that I think about it, she could also be pushed into the falls, which might have gone unnoticed. Even if that was the scenario, we might not get clear evidence as to wo pushed her. Even if we do find the culprit, the lack of evidence might save him from being punished by the law, then all that you would be left with is the grudge and the greed for revenge. Do you really want this?"

Reavan tries to assimilate and process it all, he assesses the statements that she gave out, which clearly leads to a point of surety that she too believes that Ria was murdered and that her death was not accidental. Even if the whole death wasn't their cause, at least a part of it was.