Chapter 13:

Ria's actual Story

Whispers heard in the dark

On a beautiful day, as the sun slowly started ascending the sky, as the dew drops drip from the grasses, Jane enters into Aron's lawn. She enjoys the beauty of the nature along with how all the living beings- starting from small creatures like caterpillars and butterflies to big trees and animals live in a harmony. 

She then thinks, it is only us humans, who are selfish, cruel and self-centered that we take control over other beings who though are not differentiated by the nature- per say, we all get the same oxygen, water, etcetera; are dominated by us. -

Currently the scenario has become so worse that  the predators have to be kept in check with preys that pretend to be scarier than the predators. The ecology and the food chain is nothing but a cycle- one creature will be the food of the other, which will again be the food of yet another, it continues till one reaches till the highest predator who again is eaten up by humans. In simple terms, it makes humans the superior most in the food chain. This idea that humans are superior leads to over exploitation of all other resources, which further leads to imbalance in the ecosystem and thus creating a lot of other issues. 

One needn't consider only consumption as the factor here, rather one can understand that humans are superior in it all, including in yielding power. Dogs have better hearing and smelling sense than us, birds can fly we cant, monkeys can climb tress we cant, fireflies glow, we cant... we cant do a lot of things, but we still rule them all as we have what they all lack, we have something special  which is the ability to think and decide for ourselves. If one fails to do so, what is the purpose of us? Wouldn't primitive beings be better that us if that was true?

  My (Jane's) ideology is that, one creature is made superior so that it protects the one that is below it. So that we can all live in harmony and maintain the same. The role of humans is to act like a king who protects his people and world from misery. We humans should think of every creature as our friends and family, thus give all that one can to the society.... I too am doing my best in contributing to my society. 

I agree that there were times that my life went south due to my indecisiveness and due to the aggressive nature of mine that I ended up reacting to situations without responding, this though was wrong, has made me who I am today. Sometimes, one does need a pit to fall into. So that they can raise higher from it and go further higher. When one realizes what it is like to climb the ladder, he cant let go of that feeling and keeps climbing to make him and the society a better place. 

All that matters, is the change in perspective of how one views the world, one sees everything around him, based on what  he is thinking. In other words, his emotions take the better of him and thus his world, though means of a lot of things to a lot of people, means nothing but a single emotion to him. to carry on further, that emotion of his too is temporary and he ends up associating the world with different emotions, as and when he feels them. 

When the emotions.....

Aron who had been noticing her from his living room until then was admiring the way she looked and enjoyed herself at the lawn, the same as him. Unfortunately, he had to intervene as otherwise, who knows if the plants might not exist to live a tomorrow, dying due to a flood caused by artificial calamity. He thus calls out, "Jane! you are over watering my plants. Please stop" 

Aron disturbs Jane as she hung in the middle of her sentence, it appears that she had gotten lost in her own thoughts. Aron gently grabs the watering can from her hands and keeps it aside, he then hugs her from the back and gives out a warm morning smile with a cute baby face, as if he was longing for affection. She pushes him aside reminding him to be careful when people are around them, as after all, her disguise as a maid shouldn't be known to them. 

 Now that Aron was here, she decided upon sharing the important news that she came across. She begins, "Aron, there has been a mistake-"

 "Shhhh... we will talk inside" Aron goes into his house, followed by Jane who for specific reasons enters behind Aron past a few minutes. 


In his living room, Aron sits in his sofa while obviously, Jane the servant is made to stand. Jane speaks, "do you remember the case of Ria? it seems Reavan caught on to it and is currently trying to find out more about the murder." 

Aron's eyes widen, out of surprise he partially gets up from the sofa, kind of dances in the mid air with a physical dilemma of whether to stand or sit.

He then sits, hand automatically to his forehead with lowered eyes, as if they were in deep thoughts.  He speaks, "I knew this would happen, Ria should never have died, all I asked the guys to do was to gather information about that detective's wife and how she was doing. These bunch of loosers managed to push her off the falls." 

Jane genuinely surprised by the actual story asked who was the cause for it. It was not just out of curiosity but because it was her job to annihilate all the thrash that was present in their gang which kept them away from the danger and protected them from being detected. 

Aron knew the outcome, but had no choice, he gave a name, the very next day he went missing, well, he was killed and disposed without any trace. 


Apparently, that person had snatched her phone away as she clicked selfies of herself on a steep rock. At an attempt to protest the same, she threw her upper body towards the phone snatcher, upon missing whom she slipped and fell onto the lake. That person had snatched the phone so that he can place a chip and give it back pretending to get caught as she tried to run behind him.  One miscalculation, and she slipped and fell to the water. 

The others of the gang who had gone along knew that they had messed up, but didn't know what to do, they couldn't jump into the water as it was too steep and had a lot of rocks. In fact Ria might have even died immediately before even falling into the water as the rocks might have damages her skull and brain, then she fell into water having a rocky bottom which further might have caused multiple injuries leading to her death.

Obviously they didn't find much in the autopsy report other than blunt injuries by rocks, but upon investigations conducted by Billie no one seemed to have known what exactly had happened as no one noticed. It was as if Aron's men were invisible and were never present in the scenario. One might think that it definitely might have been Aron's job to have paid the people who witnessed even a part of it to keep silence, but no. It was the work of someone else. He ignores the same for some time, knowing clearly well that nothing in this world is for free but they would definitely come seeking support in the name of Cobra gang in debts of them.

Aron was someone who let the prey walk to the den and wouldn't go hunting for the same if that particular animal was not his prey. If one has to say it in terms of food, it was as if he was choosy of what he ate. He ate based on his mood, based on the current circumstance and other factors which only he knew based on which his taste and demand for that particular food only! increased.


That evening, Jane is found walking in the Abandoned streets, all by herself. She enters into a building that resembles a Bar with red lights. Enters into a room by the corner covered with a satin screen. She walks dragging a thick black bag ever so heavy by her side, in half the size of a grown man. As she drags the bag, she leaves, small droplets of liquid-like substance on the floor. It wasn't certain if it was water of something else as it gleamed red like blood due to the red lights above her. 

She sighs as she nears a metallic table where she places the bag with an action similar to swinging it. Though she would deny, it really seemed that whatever she had carried was very heavy. Good thing she brought it with a trolley otherwise, it might have needed four men to carry it across.

It isn't an exaggeration reason being that the substance that she carried needed the same, as it was nothing but human remains. 

Human remains that she had had cut through with her own hands. She had now kept it over for electric cremation. She switched the metallic table on and within no time, there was nothing but ashes, so grey that no one can even recognize it to be that of a human's.  

She then collects the whole thing and discards it via her closet. "Human remains, off to the drain" she says, ever so happy, excited to be a good and obedient girl for the sake of her master cum lover.

She then calls Aron to let him know that her mission was completed. Now, no one can find anything related to Ria's case to be a murder but a suicide....


Few days post this scenario, Billie calls Reavan to confirm that she was willing to help him in this case, so that they could find out the culprit. 

She had gotten a new kind of information about the silenced victims who were paid to do so by so and so company. They thus decided to investigate the entrepreneur and his daughter. Little did they know that they were already deceased.