Chapter 0:


One Star Hero

Steel against steel.Bookmark here

Clang!Bookmark here

The land is covered in red, with not a single shred of nature in sight. Lifeless corpses lay as far as the eye can see; weapons of all kinds stick out of the ground like a meadow of iron.Bookmark here

Thunder rumbles from the ground; the roars of iron-clad soldiers howl underneath the dull sky.Bookmark here

And a woman in white with bright golden hair stands beyond them. With her sword in hand, she swings it against a soldier's blade then knocks another one away.Bookmark here

An axe swings at the woman; she grunts and immediately jumps back. The soldier brings the weapon back and rains it down.Bookmark here

Wings open like a fan on the lady in white; it flaps vigorously and propels her away from the crushing blow. She soars high into the null.Bookmark here

Arrows, fire, and lightning fill the air. The woman flies like a bolt of thunder as the rain of colors trails her.Bookmark here

The woman's white golden sword radiates with a furious light. She shouts once and slashes through. A wave of golden light splits the sky, disintegrating the entire rain.Bookmark here

A swordsman appears above the woman; she gasps and hurries her blade to block.Bookmark here

Clang!Bookmark here

The woman descends to the ground as the swordsman pushes her down. With all of her strength, she shoves the man off her, but another soldier comes from above and strikes.Bookmark here

The woman's heart beats faster than lightning; she raises her sword, and just in time, the soldier's blade clashes against hers, but the impact knocks her out of the air. The woman crashes onto the ground, staining her white dress with dirt; her wings break apart and scatter like fireflies. She hastens to stand back up as the rumbling of soldiers becomes louder with each passing second.Bookmark here

But a soldier with gauntlets quickly lunges toward her and strikes a blow to the woman's gut.Bookmark here

The punch is heavy as a pile of concrete blocks that the woman lost all the air inside her. She cries out and rolls back, dropping her sword. Now gasping for air, she lies on the ground, barely able to move.Bookmark here

The rumbling comes to a halt; soldiers in different wares and emblems surround her with weapons at the ready.Bookmark here

"You did this, Dwelleen." A soldier growls at her. "This is all your fault."Bookmark here

Dwelleen gasps for air; she couldn't form any words, nor would she meet the glares of many.Bookmark here

"Because of you, people are killed in this war. You created this! And now, we humans must mend it ourselves!"Bookmark here

"No..." Dwelleen finally spoke. She slowly lifts her head from the ground and stares dead into everyone's eyes. "I gave you all Armaments as a gift to protect your loved ones, cure the sick, and give you all fortune, not a weapon to kill each other." Her eyes begin to sting and blur her vision. "He did not sacrifice himself for this..." Tears roll down her cheek.Bookmark here

"Your Armaments are exactly what caused this nation to go to war, and now we will use the very gifts you gave us and end you."Bookmark here

Weapons all around begin to glow in outrage.Bookmark here

"Because of you, my father and brother were killed!" A lady knight with tears streaming from her eyes yells. She aims her bow directly at Dwelleen with an arrow engulfed in flames.Bookmark here

"You will pay for my fiancé's death," a young mage hisses. He holds a staff that glows blue with icicles surrounding him.Bookmark here

One by one, blame is cast upon Dwelleen for the deaths, the country's falling, and the war.Bookmark here

Dwelleen opens her mouth to defend herself, but then...Bookmark here

Everyone roars.Bookmark here

Magic from all sides come together at Dwelleen and explodes. A storm of destructive colors unleashes, tearing the land and sky apart.Bookmark here

Dwelleen screams from the top of her lungs as she is burned, frozen, drowned, crushed, and ripped at the same time. I can't do this anymore! Her eyes shoot open and glow golden.Bookmark here

A bright white barrier surrounds Dwelleen and instantly expands like an eruption; it breaks the storm of magic and knocks all the soldiers away.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But I will keep our promise and find another way to save everyone," Dwelleen mutters to herself. The barrier that surrounds her gradually rises into the sky.Bookmark here

A barrage of magic from below explodes against the barrier, but none could break the field.Bookmark here

A rift opens below of Dwelleen; she gently floats into it then disappears.Bookmark here

The barrier dissipates as if it was never there.Bookmark here

"She got away."Bookmark here

Every soldier glares up to the sky in silence where Dwelleen once was.Bookmark here

Boom!Bookmark here

Gunfire grabs everyone's attention; A man falls into a puddle of blood.Bookmark here

Ice-cold eyes stare at each other; everyone's grip on their weapons all tighten. Then roars from all sides collide; magic flings back and forth, explosions, screams, and shouts grow across the barren land. The ground beneath their shoes transforms red; more and more soldiers fall, creating a valley of corpses...Bookmark here

And the war never ended.Bookmark here

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