Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 Our we

Years apart to met by a coincidence

There he is, sat in front of a computer all day reading about other people problems who doesn't even know nor is interested in but has to do so, Enjou works at a government's office as an assistant , he used to work at a small company but he quitted after a while because of the workload and his boss mistreatment with excessive amount of overtime.

He has been trying to work in a similar environment with smaller workload but, most of them are already occupied by people with 30 years of experience, though being 26 for some people he is still a kid, adding his pedant behaviour and impatience doesn't help his presentation card.

Can i have one?.

I already ran out of them.

So, what are you doing here, waiting for someone?.

Actually…. i just wanted some fresh air, now that you mentioned it i would kill for a cigarette, or a blackout in the office.

HAHAHAH, keep it up kid,you're doing pretty well.

He went out of his office to take some fresh air, and there his workmate appeared before him. Then, he started talking about his life, he proposed to him to hang out with him and a sexy female coworker, and of course cheat on his wife, and told him why he hates his daughter's boyfriend.

Enjou listened to him attentively, it's not like he has anything else to do,his workmate is currently in his late 40s, he used to be a taekwondo champion and suffered an injury then he had to retire, knowing this Enjou felt even more down.

After a couple of hours lifted his finger from the keyboard, whispered, looked up at the ceiling, momentaneously closed his eyes until a women, not much older than him calls out to him, she looks between 30 or 32, despite working for around to months at the office he still can't remember the name of his workmates,her objective, invite him to a karaoke.


You haven't asked me anything.


Is she, the one his workmate was working earlier, not bad, but he got invited to hung out in a group of 6 where he only has met 2, he's not really motivated to go with them but he has to fit in.

Just as he imagined, he is bored, the conversation topics are as well,most them are way older than him with Nydia as an exception, besides they look themselves as successful when they are just as mediocre as him,he knows he is no in a position to complain about others but at least he go his feet on the ground.

Went to the restroom, he has been drinking with them but is not enjoying it, he hasn't gotten much drunk yet,he took 2 minutes peeing, briefly he reflects on resing again, feel the pressure of doing something he hates and seeing people he doesn't like daily is tiresome, he shook his head,watched his hand and went back with the rest.

Before turning around the corner he crashed into a girl, yes again, second time this week.

You're the cashier from the other day, right?Hi, everything went well with your friends?.

Amm..sorry it was my fault thank you for listening to me the other day, actually they came with me, you don't have to give me an explanation.

haha don't worry, this old man has been drinking but i'm not drunk enough to try to make a move on a girl, actually i came with my workmates.

Why are you blushed huh?, Saw a cute boy or did you talk to your secret lover?.

Stop saying stupid things, stupid Darla, is just…. Do you remember the guy from the other day?.

How could we forget? The good looking boy who went to save you from your lethargy?.

Keep making those comments and you'll end up like your sister,Suzu.

Can't deny, even if she hasn't been in love yet, she thinks it is sad that her sister at her age keeps living with her parents,so she drank her juice and went to the bathroom.

Do not steal your friend's prey!!!.

Don't worry, want Kaoru back?.

Darla deserved it, Suzuka wanted some time for her alone, just before going out of the room, before her appears the person she despises and frequently has been encountering the most.

Ey Lady….mmm, I mean young girl , you dropped your phone, eh Suzu?.

Life punched her as hard as she wants to punch him.

So you know since childhood?, and you two from the supermarket?, well about time to get to know each other, Im Darla, nice to meet you.

Although introductions are over, Enjou hasn't left the girls room, it's just killing time, the mood is good, the three of them are warm, that being said the reality is this is a girls talk where Enjou is alone in the corner.

Hey 4 eyes, something happened?.

No, is just….

Guys,i'll take him home at this rate he is going to be crushed by a car or wake up in prison.

The real reason of why she decided to help him was that she knew that Darla was about to start teasing them about their relationship, besides after Enjou came in they were talking on their phone occasionally, the three of them noticed the struggle in his face but, what can three highschool girls do for a 26 year old men?.

Nothing, nope, nobody knew what to do, that's why Suzuka walked him home, while Enjou is ashamed he is not that drunk like he behaves.

He lays on of his house door, Suzuka supposes he is about to take out the keys so she walks to her home, Enjou asked her to stop, he apologized and explained his actions. Suzuka knows thing aren't going his way, shook her head and asked for anything else instead of laments or excuses.


Just as I expected, even you ruined my girls' night, not just mine but also my friends, so go to sleep and tomorrow you'll hang out with us and YOU PAY!!!.

Yes, perfectttooooo,are you a Tsundere?.

What did he said, he's letting himself go with the atmosphere. These last nights in her life had been unusual and Enjou is their protagonist.

Stop looking at me with that face.

What are you talking about,Little sister?.

Don't try to play it cool, you were spying on us from the window.

Life is filled with a bunch of small steps to make something big,and one step closer to your wedding.


Laying on her bed looking at her phone, Darle and Hana wanted to see Enjou again, she told them to stop being a nuisance or she would cancel the invitation, indirectly she admitted that he was invited.

Is nothing from other world, an adult and three highs choolers, they won't be alone and he is going to take care of them, on the other hand he is her sister boyfriend, if he is sad so her sister is, they will look a group of friends and one of them older brother.

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