Chapter 10:

The Hero’s Party

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Explosions continued to echo across the land as we continued to head away from the battlefield. The girls in the second carriage signaled over to us.
Bookmark here

No signs of any followers.Bookmark here

“That’s good and all, but I wish we could have helped them out”Bookmark here

Toshikasu’s expression darkened a little as he slumped on the carriage floor.Bookmark here

“We’d run out of stamina before we even get to the demon portal if we did that. This is for the best”Bookmark here

The mage girl tried her best to comfort him. I also tried my best not to think about it. Defeat the Demon Lord, obtain their mana stone, and head back home. This was not my fight in the first place.Bookmark here

“You’re right. Thanks Hannah.”Bookmark here

“Welcome.”Bookmark here

Toshikasu immediately stood up, looking renewed.Bookmark here

“We haven’t properly introduced ourselves. My name’s Kobe Toshikasu, you can call me either Kobe or Toshi” He grinned, extending his hand towards me.Bookmark here

“My name is Al. It is good to meet you.”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson peeped inside the carriage. “Al’s our group’s hero by the way”Bookmark here

“Oh! That’s cool man! Which country are you from?”Bookmark here

“Same as you. Japan.”Bookmark here

Please do not ask where in Japan. Do not inquire me about that.Bookmark here

“I was in Tokyo, headed for work when a bus hit me out of nowhere. What about you?” Bookmark here

Great, he asked. Time for a random excuse. The same thing that happens to most of these otherworlders.Bookmark here

“I was playing an mmorpg when I suddenly got transported into this world.”Bookmark here

“Damn, that’s a noble way to die. What game was it?”Bookmark here

"..." I kept quiet.Bookmark here

He sat down beside me. Looks like he wanted to keep talking.Bookmark here

“Did the Goddess also summoned you?”Bookmark here

“No”Bookmark here

“That’s a shame, just kidding lol. Me, I was summoned by the Goddess. Her name was Amaris. She looked so beautiful. And hot. Maybe I’ll use my wish for a chance at her hand in marriage” Toshikasu grinned. Bookmark here

Lines appeared all over my face. I wanted to blast him to oblivion.Bookmark here

“Amaris is not going to marry a human. And most likely never will.”Bookmark here

“Ehh, well who knows? Things change-”Bookmark here

BOOMBookmark here

An explosion a few meters away shook the carriages. Bookmark here

“What was that!?”Bookmark here

“Are we under attack?”Bookmark here

Everyone looked to the side, expecting an attack. Except me, who is just sitting calmly in my seat. Toshikasu reminded me of the worst of both Mr Head Knight and the female otherworlder.Bookmark here

“You’re awfully calm Al.”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson noticed my indifference to the explosion.Bookmark here

“It is nothing. No one is here except us. Just a misfire.” I replied.Bookmark here

“Misfire by who?”Bookmark here

“What else? Probably a stray projectile from the battlefield.” I scoffed, taking a few breaths. Bookmark here

Alright I’ve calmed down. Toshikasu was probably joking.Bookmark here

The unit then entered a forest.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A few hours later. It is noon.Bookmark here

The sounds of explosions are replaced with bird calls, ambient sounds from nearby rivers and shaking leaves. We arrived at a clearing. An area in the forest without much tree cover.Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson stopped the carriage. The rest follow suit.Bookmark here

“Alright time to set up camp.” He hopped off the carriage.Bookmark here

The rest also got off the carriages. The two girls from the other carriage quickly ambushed Toshikasu.Bookmark here

“Toshikasu! Ride with us in the carriage next time.”Bookmark here

“I agree. It was very boring without Toshikasu.”Bookmark here

The last two girls whose names I do not know. One has a bow strapped to her back. She is wearing light armor and has brown hair like Mercedes. She removed her ribbon, her long hair blowing loosely in the wind.Bookmark here

Toshikasu proceeded to pat her head. “Alright once we move out, I’ll switch out with Shaun.”Bookmark here

“Hooray! Toshikasu is riding with us next time!” She jumped gleefully.Bookmark here

The other one had silver hair and had multiple daggers strapped on her belt. Bookmark here

She went deep in thought. “Oh, so his name was Shaun. Noted. Toshikasu, who is that guy with you?” She asked, pointing at me.Bookmark here

The two then looked at me. Who asks someone's name from someone else?Bookmark here

“Ah this guy is Al, he’s like me! Also ask his name from him, it’s quite rude.” He beamed at the two girls.Bookmark here

You are quite rude as well, otherworlder. Bookmark here

The two walked up close to me.Bookmark here

“My name’s Elen, nice to meet you Al.”Bookmark here

Alright, bow woman = Elen.Bookmark here

“I’m Julie, pleasure to make your acquaintance.”Bookmark here

And daggers woman = Julie. Toshikasu’s party is really odd. They all seemed to worship him. Regardless, I should just play it coolBookmark here

That is quite a weird thing to think for someone like me.Bookmark here

“It is nice to meet with both of you.”Bookmark here

Toshikasu spoke aloud. “Yo, Jace! Renz!”Bookmark here

He nodded to the two of them. They come over.Bookmark here

“Sup Al, what is it Toshi?”Bookmark here

“It’s pretty obvious Jace, we’re gonna practice.”Bookmark here

All 5 of them started to leave the camp. Bookmark here

“Don’t go out too far! Lunch will be ready soon!” Hannah yelled at them. Bookmark here

Iris and Elizabeth are helping her prepare the food.Bookmark here

“Nadia, Aidan, let’s follow them.” I called out to the twins. Bookmark here

I want to observe how Toshikasu’s party fights.Bookmark here

“Okayyy! Let’s gooo!!” Nadia ran on ahead.Bookmark here

Aidan quietly followed behind. We walked towards the direction of Toshikasu’s group.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

slice sliceBookmark here

Several goblins are sliced in half. Toshikasu ran around, brandisihing dual blades of light, hacking the monsters several at a time.Bookmark here

His group came upon a gathering of a few hundred goblins by a river. Despite being such oddballs, the group is quite strong. Bookmark here

A goblin aimed his bow at Toshikasu’s head. Bookmark here

“Dash!”Bookmark here

The arrow did not reach the target though, as Renz quickly steps in front and blocks it with his shield.Bookmark here

“Dive Impact!” Renz yelled, aiming his spear at the goblin archer.Bookmark here

Rank 8 Martial Arts. His arm glowed as he readied his spear, then threw it at full strength. The spear flew with such a force that it went through the target, blowing away the goblins' upper body. Bookmark here

The spear then landed in the middle of the goblin forces, impaling another one in the process. Renz immediately disappeared, appearing at the spear’s location.Bookmark here

He swiped in an arc, slicing through 7 goblins at once.Bookmark here

“Woaahh that guy is so strong!” Nadia exclaimed as she looked at them from afar. Bookmark here

Aidan observed silently, writing it down in his journal. We were currently watching them from behind, unobservable because I cast a cloaking spell on the three of us.Bookmark here

“Watch out! Gonna rain some arrows! Strafe!” Elen called out, aiming her bow at the sky.Bookmark here

Elen shot multiple arrows to the sky in quick succession, the arrows glowing mid-air before falling on the goblins. Bookmark here

Attribute: Homing.Bookmark here

Martial arts and Magic combined. She already chanted the spell ahead of time. Each arrow suddenly curved, landing directly into the heads of the little monsters.Bookmark here

Lots of bodies are on the floor with their necks sliced. I surmise this is the work of Julie. I do not see her anywhere though. Neither do I see Jace.Bookmark here

A few minutes later and all the goblins are reduced to corpses. Toshikasu then pointed at a spot in the ground. It suddenly glowed and Jace appears, tied up in ropes.Bookmark here

“Ahhhhhhh that took foreverrr! Why didn’t you just untie me instead of cloaking me? Next time, let’s make Renz the bait!” Jaze exclaimed as Renz untied him.Bookmark here

“That is only if I lose at rock-paper-scissors next time.” Renz jeered at him.Bookmark here

“No fair! You always win at that game!”Bookmark here

Elen went off to pick up the arrows. Toshikasu then walked over to our spot. Julie appeared right behind him.Bookmark here

“Well, aren’t you guys gonna come out?”Bookmark here

Oh? He can see us? This otherworlder is better than I thought.Bookmark here

I undid the spell. Aidan and I calmly walked to the group.Bookmark here

“WOW! That was amazing!” Nadia rushed over to Toshikasu.Bookmark here

“Thanks! So anyways. Did you enjoy watching us fight?” He grinned.Bookmark here

He then looked at me.Bookmark here

“I simply did not want to ruin your fun. You guys are quite skilled.” I said with a smile.Bookmark here

“You think so? We’ve been training a lot for the past week.” He rubbed his head, smiling.Bookmark here

He is quite the simple guy.Bookmark here

“When will we practice?” Aidan talked from behind me. Bookmark here

I have never seen the two fight, neither did they see me fight as well. This is a good time to test our skills.Bookmark here

“Now sounds like a good time. How about it Al? We’d like to see you guys fight as well. Don’t worry we’ll back you up if something bad happens.” Toshikasu grinned.Bookmark here

Time to step up to the challenge.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Further up the river. A pack of Kobolds sat around a fire, roasting some meat. A little taller than goblins, but their ferocity however is more than double. They look like inferior versions of werewolves.Bookmark here

Takashiro’s group is right behind us. He covered them with the same spell I used last time.Bookmark here

“Alright you guys ready?” I took out my grimoire, checking the pages.Bookmark here

It has Attribute:Homing and Light Cloak stored in its pages.Bookmark here

“What’s the signal?” Aidan pointed his crossbow at the Kobolds.Bookmark here

“The moment I dispel the cloaking spell.”Bookmark here

Time to take them out. I deactivated the cloaking spell, pointing my hands at the kobolds.Bookmark here

“Gravity Well!-” Bookmark here

“Dash!!”Bookmark here

The kobolds are held to the ground. Nadia is right there with them. Looks like she lopped the heads of two of the unlucky kobolds right before my spell hit. Bookmark here

“Wha-whatttt! So heavy! Oof-” Bookmark here

She gets held down as well. Numerous arrow bolts are on the ground near them. Bookmark here

“Tsk!” Aidan immediately repositioned, chanting a spell. Bookmark here

I Immediately deactivated my spell. The kobolds got up before Nadia.Bookmark here

She should not have rushed like that. I teleported her behind us. Looks like she is knocked out.Bookmark here

I aimed at the kobolds one more time. “Chain Lightning!-”Bookmark here

“Duplicate!”Bookmark here

Aidan unleashed a torrent of arrows which double in midair and fall on the kobolds. They all go down.Bookmark here

crackleBookmark here

A chain of lightning continued to burn the already dead bodies to a crisp.Bookmark here

There’s silence for a brief moment. Then a laugh.Bookmark here

Toshikasu walked over to us. “Lol what was that? Have you guys never fought together before?” Bookmark here

“I know we all h-hate monsters but t-that was overkill! Hahahahaha!” Jace kept on laughing.Bookmark here

Toshikasu observed us. “You guys were powerful but lacked teamwork.”Bookmark here

Renz slapped Jace on the back.Bookmark here

“Ok-okay jeez, it was so hilarious I couldn’t stop myself.” Jace simmered down.Bookmark here

This feels... embarrassing. I did not expect Nadia to just rush in carelessly.Bookmark here

“It was a mistake on our part. We didn’t know Al could cast spells without chanting.” Aidan seemed to have taken the blame.  The arrow bolts on the ground near the kobolds disappeared.Bookmark here

Now I understand how his weapon worked. His modified crossbow can shoot multiple arrow bolts quickly and it has an enchantment which gives it infinite ammunition.Bookmark here

“uughhh… huh? Oh I’m still alive!” Nadia jumped up quickly. Bookmark here

She looked at the burning carcasses.Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

“It’s all taken care of sis.” Aidan patted her head.Bookmark here

I gathered the mana inside the grimoire. The pages went blank.Bookmark here

“Nadia, Aidan. Let us go for another round. This time I know what to do.”Bookmark here

“O-okay!!” Nadia followed behind.Bookmark here

Jace smirked. "Gonna go overkill again pfff-“Bookmark here

Takashiro cloaked them again. This time we went downriver. We meet Head Knight Grayson along the way.Bookmark here

“You guys, there you are. Come back to camp, lunchtime.” He grinned as if he made lunch himself.Bookmark here

Unfortunate, looks like this will have to wait.Bookmark here

He looked around. “Where are the others?”Bookmark here

“Right here.” a voice called out in front of him.Bookmark here

“Huh? Where?”Bookmark here

Takashiro’s group reappeared in front of Head Knight Grayson.Bookmark here

“Oh.”Bookmark here

We went back to camp. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Woah, what happened here?” Head Knight Grayson looked around.Bookmark here

We arrived to see several demon corpses litter the area around camp. Bookmark here

“You guys are late, let’s eat lunch.” Hannah is currently being healed by Shaun. Bookmark here

We need to leave this area soon.Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson walked towards her, ignoring the corpses. “It’s too early to be found by the demons, was it a scout patrol?”Bookmark here

“It doesn’t matter. They’ve all been dealt with. Our cover is safe.” Hannah wiped her staff. Bookmark here

Nadia poked at the corpses with her katana. The corpses began to smoke.Bookmark here

“That’s so creepyyy.” She backed away slowly.Bookmark here

Jace sat down. “Way to ruin my appetite, girl.”Bookmark here

Takashiro sat down as well. “Let’s just eat, who knows when we can eat in peace like this again.”Bookmark here

His group gathered around him.
Bookmark here

I looked at my group. They’ve already grabbed some to eat.Bookmark here

Iris sat down with me, handing me a plate.Bookmark here

“Aelius, let’s eat together.”Bookmark here

“Thanks Iris.”Bookmark here

She nodded.Bookmark here

Alright then. Time for lunch.Bookmark here

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