Chapter 9:

The Outskirts of Sol

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

I knew this was inevitable, but this is just too… uneventful. Bookmark here

As we walked inside the tunnel, I can hear the people above us going about their daily night routines.Bookmark here

“Savor every last moment we have here. A week from now and you’ll wish you were back in these tunnels.” Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson lead the group, followed by Captain Valerie, then us. The plan was to go under the city in these tunnels. Captain Valerie’s unit was just waiting outside the city walls.Bookmark here

“Sheesh, you say that but this is just so borrriiingg!” Nadia reluctantly walked, being pushed forward from time to time by Aidan.Bookmark here

“Just keep walking, sis. You’d rather we get ambushed by monsters?”Bookmark here

“Might as well- eouch!”Bookmark here

Aidan hit Nadia's head with his hand. At least walking around here would not be so dull as long as these two were around.Bookmark here

“Brother! You meanie! Bleeeeehh!” Nadia blew a raspberry then speedily hid behind Captain Valerie. Aidan lets out a sigh.Bookmark here

Somehow it reminded me of me and Amaris. Speaking of which.Bookmark here

“Shaun, come here.”Bookmark here

Shaun, who was talking with Iris, paused and tilted his head. I motioned him and he excused himself to get closer to me.Bookmark here

“Now would be a good time to say it.” I whispered.Bookmark here

“Ah right, I’m on it!” Bookmark here

The priest treaded ahead towards the front of the group. He then raised his hand. “Everyone, I have something to say.”Bookmark here

The group stopped. All eyes fell on Shaun.Bookmark here

“It would be greatly confusing for us to keep calling Aelius- "Aelius", wouldn’t it?”Bookmark here

The group then turned their heads at me. Please, this is awkward, stop treating me like the elephant in the room.Bookmark here

“I just call him Al, though a proper name would be great.”Bookmark here

Ha. I do have a proper name.Bookmark here

“How about… um…” Everyone was scratching their heads. Is it that hard?Bookmark here

“Tenshi? Sora? Kei?” Nadia mumbled. Bookmark here

Mercedes and Aidan were hard in thought. We are just wasting time now.Bookmark here

“Fine! You guys can just call me "Al". Just like how the Head Knight does it.”Bookmark here

“See? I told you it was a good name. Are you starting to like it?" Head Knight Grayson beamed at me like I was his best friend.Bookmark here

“Let us just keep going.” I frowned.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Turn after turn, and finally, we reached the exit of the tunnel. The night skies above Sol were clear. The walls of the city bathed in the moonlight of the two moons. We are finally aboveground.Bookmark here

“My unit is just up ahead. This way.” Captain Valerie took the lead. Looking back, lines of turrets stood position along the thirty meter walls. Guards were posted at every corner. It was the most heavily fortified part of the city, intended to withstand the impending invasion of the demon army. It seems we have left via the western border.Bookmark here

Taking note of the view ahead, vast plains surrounded us as far as I can see. Flickering lights can be seen in the distance. The twins stopped and looked back at the city. The rest of the group ceased their walking as well.Bookmark here

“Is there something wrong? We need keep going.”Bookmark here

Mercedes gestured at the two.Bookmark here

“Nadia and I have been in the city for as long as we can remember. It’s a bit hard to leave it behind.” Aidan replied, looking back.Bookmark here

“Well, we are going ahead. Just catch up on us after you have taken it all in, you two.”Bookmark here

“Yes, we will.”Bookmark here

The group moved on. The twins stayed behind to examine their beloved city. Silently, they stood there, only feeling the embrace of the zephyr from home for the last time.Bookmark here

They said they would catch up, then so shall it be. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Half an hour later, we have arrived near a military camp. Soldiers ran amok, preparing battle equipment for the next day.Bookmark here

“The Captain is here! Everyone, at attention!”Bookmark here

The soldiers halted their activity and quickly stood at attention. Captain Valerie sauntered towards the middle.Bookmark here

“Everyone, finish your preparation and pack up! I want us out of here in twenty minutes!”Bookmark here

“Understood, Captain!”Bookmark here

Horns blared across the camp. The soldiers rushed and started to store away materials and belongings. Makeshift tents were brought down and the rest of the living equipment were loaded on carriages.Bookmark here

Heavy artillery from catapults to ballistae were available all around the area. The encampment goes as far as the eye can see. I found it difficult to believe that all of this is under the command a single woman.Bookmark here

“Mr. Head Knight, you too are a captain, am I right? If so, where are your units?”Bookmark here

The Head Knight let out a snigger, “I left them to guard the city under Cael’s command.”Bookmark here

“Who is this Cael you speak of?”Bookmark here

“Another captain of the Kingdom of Sol, just like me.”Bookmark here

That does not answer my latest query. Fortunately for dunderknight, the fatigue from all that walking has caught on to this mortal vessel. Hence, I have no choice but to cut the conversation here.Bookmark here

The twins also finally set foot at the camp.Bookmark here

“This place is so lively!” Nadia started to wander off.Bookmark here

“Hey wait, come back here!” Aidan chased after her. Bookmark here

Captain Valerie walked over to the rest of the group. "We’ve prepared some carriages over there. Makes yourselves comfortable.”Bookmark here

Shaun headed over to the carriages without a peep. Mercedes spoke up next. “How long will it take to reach the border?”Bookmark here

“We should arrive around dawn.”Bookmark here

Wait, dawn?  You’re going to face the demon army after a night of no rest. That does not bode well. I would have dissuaded the captain from such.Bookmark here

Yet, I thought that it was her unit, and so it was her business. I kept my mouth zipped and prioritized my own business of sleeping. I went off to the carriages as well.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I sat inside one of the carriages. It was not the fancy kind that one would ride to leisure parties or balls. It was more like an oversized cart with a cloth cover for a roof. Nevertheless, it was  better riding in this glorified cart compared to walking on feeble mortal legs throughout the night. My thoughts began to wander. Shaun seems to be acting different. Initially, he was on the floor bowing towards me after Amaris responded to his prayers back at the church in the city.Bookmark here

Now, he seems to be a little indifferent. As if when meeting an idol the first time, one would scream in joy and whatnot. But the longer you stay with them, the more you notice they were not as perfect as you thought they have been.Bookmark here

Maybe that’s what the priest was feeling. That, or perhaps Amaris advised him to not make it seem that I really am the god Aelius.Bookmark here

“Is everything accounted for?”Bookmark here

“Yes, Captain. We’ll be ready to move out soon.”Bookmark here

The air around Captain Valerie felt and looked more competent compared to Head Knight Grayson. Or is it because I have only known him for two days at most? I have yet to see all of his abilities.Bookmark here

I lay down. I really miss the Heaven Realm. I miss Amaris as well.Bookmark here

“So this is where you are, Al. I-I was waiting for you in the other carriage.”Bookmark here

Someone entered the carriage. Bookmark here

Oh, it’s Iris. She was smiling again. Such a gentle and warm smile.Bookmark here

“I didn’t want to interrupt your talk with Shaun last time.” She sat down next to me. Drowsiness fell upon me suddenly like waves.Bookmark here

“The floor is very hard, Al. It’s not comfortable enough.” She placed her hands on my head and gently raised it. She slowly placed me down again. Bookmark here

Th-this feeling.  It’s very soft...Bookmark here

“How is it, Al? Comfortable enough?” Iris spoke really softly and her tone was so gentle that I forget about the outside world. I felt a bit fuzzy inside… I don’t think I’ve ever felt this before.Bookmark here

“It is… perfect.”Bookmark here

Sleep was taking over my mortal vessel. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to drift off like this… hm. Bookmark here

A thought appeared onto me; Iris never really talked with anyone except Shaun during our little trip an hour ago. What exactly was she discussing with him?Bookmark here

Iris started to hum a tune. For now, it does not matter. I opened my eyes a little. The moonlight shone on the inside of the carriage, illuminating her face.Bookmark here

She was smiling again. Bu it is somehow different different this time. Bookmark here

It is a little too wide.Bookmark here

“Hmmm hmm~”Bookmark here

Though her humming was soft and melodious like that of a nightingale's, her eyes glistened in the moonlit night, staring at me like how a predator looks at its prey.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Yo, Al! Wake up!”Bookmark here

Urgh. Someone was trying to wake me up. The floor was shaking. Are we on the move?Bookmark here

“Wake up, Al!”Bookmark here

I jolted upwards. Head Knight Grayson cackled.Bookmark here

“Rise and shine, buddy. They’re close.”Bookmark here

Here? What time is it? Bookmark here

The Head Knight peeked out of the carriage. I followed suit.Bookmark here

The sun has already begun to rise. Its light pierced the purple darkness and dyed the landscapes in an ombre of carmine and marmalade.Bookmark here

We were still travelling on plains, but in the distance to the north lies a mountain range. Behind us were hundreds of carriages filled with provisions and equipment. The Kingdom of Sol was no longer visible to the human eye. Bookmark here

On the front were thousands of soldiers- from footmen, to archers, then to those riding on horses. There were also a lot of heavy artillery.Bookmark here

“I cannot comprehend the meaning of your words. Who is close?”Bookmark here

“Look over there.” Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson pointed somewhere far east off the mountain range. Soldiers. Thousands of them.Bookmark here

BOOMBookmark here

My attention shifted to the sky as red smoke filled the air above us. As if on cue, blue smoke clouds were visible from the army on the northeast. Our entire unit changed course towards them. So does theirs towards us.Bookmark here

“Mr. Head Knight, where are the others?”Bookmark here

“They are in the other carriages. Iris told us last night that you needed some time alone.”Bookmark here

Did I say that? I don’t seem to remember much last night. I remember Iris being with me… No, it was probably just a dream. Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson stabbed open the lid of can with a dagger.Bookmark here

“Why are you here then?”Bookmark here

“It’s my job to look after you.” The Head Knight said with a smile on his face. He propped open the metal lid then gave the can of food to me.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Moments later.Bookmark here

They were really close now; less than a hundred feet away from us. Bookmark here

We came to a stop.Bookmark here

The Kingdom of Luna. Captain Valerie went on ahead to meet with their commanding officer. It was a sign for me to arrange my stuff as well.Bookmark here

Luna and Sol. Sister Kingdoms founded at the same time. Amaris is the patron goddess of the Kingdom of Luna while Aelius, myself, am the patron god of the Kingdom of Sol.Bookmark here

Being long standing allies, I did not expect that their soldiers would be dissimilar from ours. Although, there were really not that much difference in terms of equipment and military strength. Both kingdoms have eight armies. The Eight Rays of Sol and the Eight Phases of Luna. Our flag has the sun with its distinct rays on it, and theirs with the moon pair- each moon showing four phrases.Bookmark here

The main difference was how the military personnel conducted themselves. Well, I cannot quite ascertain the specific difference in conduct. No matter how, I could at least tell that the very way they move around was just different. It could have been due to their contrasting cultures. Bookmark here

Any who, I concluded the comparison of both kingdoms in my head. I composed my bearings to meet Luna's designated hero.Bookmark here

The two armies merged. It was surprising to see that they were coordinating with each other so well. Captain Valerie returned to discuss a topic with Head Knight Grayson.Bookmark here

I looked out into the distance in front of us.Bookmark here

Something felt off.Bookmark here

“Alright. Everyone, gather round!” The Head Knight called out to the others. Everybody was in their proper gear.Bookmark here

“I wonder what the other party looks like.” Mercedes walks towards me who was also sporting her headgear, shield and spear in hand. Her entire getup was the same as that of a Valkyrie.Bookmark here

“I’m sure one of them is bound to be handsome! Hehe!”Bookmark here

“Your thoughts are leaking all over the place, sis.”Bookmark here

“Eeek! Is that so... Haha...”Bookmark here

Nadia and Aidan walked side by side. Behind them was Shaun and… Iris. She looked at me with an innocent smile on her face. I could sense that she was trying to hide something from me.Bookmark here

“Yoooooooo! Is that them?”Bookmark here

A Japanese accent. I reckon it is our allied kingdom's hero. Bookmark here

The man ran over to us. “Which one of you here is from Earth?”Bookmark here

He immediately assessed us. Nadia is clearly excited to meet him.Bookmark here

“Waaahhh! You look so cool!”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Miss! I'm wearing just a hoodie though.” The man tilted his head back and laughed. Bookmark here

Black, spiky hair. Fair smooth skin. He was not wearing any armor at all. Indeed, he was only wearing what they call a jeans and a black hoodie over a seemingly plain light blue shirt. He was also wearing the same footwear I had when I was summoned here. Though his seemed to be more valuable. Bookmark here

“My name is Kobe Toshikasu. It’s nice to finally meet all of you!”Bookmark here

His party approached us. They had four women and two men. Bookmark here

We began introducing ourselves. Bookmark here

“They really didn’t summon a Saintess, huh. Damn it.”Bookmark here

“But hey, their party is not bad. Unlike us, their roles are balanced.”Bookmark here

“Don’t be so pessimistic, man. Why don't we greet that guy over there?”Bookmark here

The two men pointed at me. One wore a pair of knuckles while the other wielded a spear and shield just like Mercedes. They seem to have copied Toshikasu’s natural hairstyle. I believe Luna's hero is quite popular among them then.Bookmark here

“Hey, what’s up, man!”Bookmark here

“Yo, dude.”Bookmark here

Splendid. They even copied his accent and way of speaking. But the tone was all over the place. Bookmark here

“It is nice to meet the two of you. My name is Al. Are you two brothers?”Bookmark here

“Ah, nah, man. A lot of people do say me and Renz look alike. But we’re not related at all!”Bookmark here

“We’re just friends. Since he said my name; well, his name’s Jace.”Bookmark here

Renz seems to be taller than Jace. On closer inspection, they still look like siblings. Moreover, at least they have the sense to wear armor.Bookmark here

Jace picked up one of his knuckles which he seems to have dropped earlier during our conversation. Renz checked his face's reflection on his shield. Bookmark here

Alright, next people.Bookmark here

Bow, staff, daggers. The other girl wears a maid uniform, similar to Iris. She hopped towards me then did a curtsy.Bookmark here

“Greetings, my name is Elizabeth. It’s nice to meet you.”Bookmark here

“It is nice to meet you as well. My name is Al.”Bookmark here

Purple hair styled in a pony tail. Glasses. Slightly tanned skin. She proceeded to walk towards the twins.Bookmark here

I was going to greet the other three but sirens suddenly echoed across the camp.Bookmark here

“The demon army is here!”Bookmark here

“Everyone, formation!”Bookmark here

Captain Valerie and a man wearing a Luna Captain’s uniform scurried towards us, their boots thudded hardily in each step on the muddied ground below. Bookmark here

“Sorry to cut the introductions short. Please head towards the carriages. We’ll hold the enemy back!”Bookmark here

Toshikasu spoke to the Luna Captain, “Captain Frederick, fall back once we’re gone okay?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, hero. We’re not planning to commit suicide at the enemy’s hands.” Bookmark here

Captain Valerie and Captain Frederick nodded at each other. Our groups looked at the captains for the last time. There was a momentary silence.Bookmark here

“Everyone, let’s head out!” Captain Valerie shouted as the army marched out to greet the demons.Bookmark here

The girl on Toshikasu’s group pointed towards a group of carriages. “Let’s get on the carriages, people! Hurry!” Bookmark here

The girl was quite short and petite. She donned a mages’ outfit and waved her staff with pride.Bookmark here

Everyone quickly mounted on the carriages, five in total. Bookmark here

Toshikasu, Head Knight Grayson, the mage girl, and I got on the first carriage at the front. Bookmark here

Shaun and the other two girls were in the second carriage. Bookmark here

The twins on the third, then Jace and Renz on the fourth. Bookmark here

Finally, Mercedes, Iris and Elizabeth were riding on the fifth carriage, guarding the supplies.Bookmark here

Our unit moved out as the sound of the first explosions filled the morning air.Bookmark here

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