Chapter 7:

Myth Hunter Class

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

When Elvira did come back to school she was very different. She was… older. She looked like she had aged a few years and now looked a similar age to her brothers. Her body was similar to her mother’s. Very tall, curvaceous, just stunning. She now towered over me. I guessed whatever healed her had had some strange side effects. She seemed to be very excited about having fast tracked puberty. She hugged Prince Caelestis tightly on the way to class.

Homeroom was more stories of Lucius being creepy, so I completely ignored him until it was our first class of the day, Myth Hunter. I walked in with him trailing behind.

“Open to page 12 of your textbooks,” Mrs Fhaolain told the class.

As I walked over to my seat I noticed that Ephvangeline and her brother were sitting apart from Shizuka. I could think of but one explanation for this.

I looked at Caelestis, “What’s going on…?”

“Drama,” He replied simply but looked slightly pleased with himself.

“Well you split up the werecat group so good job,” I gave him a thumbs up.

“I’ve even surprised myself.

I smiled at him, “Subconscious pureblood powers huh?”

“It is slightly entertaining.”

I looked at the boring text book in front of me with its outdated information, “Beats reading this dry shit.”

The Prince lent back in his chair, “Every time. All day, every day.”

“Hey you know what teaches me more about myth hunters than this class? Walking home from school,” I giggled and he smiled, for once it looked like he actually enjoyed conversing with another being. He wasn’t just completely bored and done with it.

“No competition,” he looked at me and I knew I was supposed to dislike his blood red eyes. I couldn’t though, he was just so beautiful.

Lucius, who was sitting beside me, interrupted, “What is this even trying to say?”

Caelestis looked over at him and his nose flared with disgust. My heart fluttered.

I didn’t want Lucius to ruin this. I turned to him, “I think something like, you should be scared of myth hunters because they are scary. Like I didn’t already know that from stepping outside of my pack’s mansion.”

“This is ridiculous,” Caelestis muttered under his breath as he skimmed over the pages.

I turned back to Caelestis, “Have you fought a myth hunter before Caelestis?”

Caelestis thought about it for a second, “No, not really.”

“Scary shit. This class won’t prepare you for it. I'll tell you that now.”

“Nothing here prepares us for anything. It’s a fact. Yet we’re all here anyway.”

A few rows below us at the front of the class Shizuka rolled her eyes at Caelestis. He picked it up and his expression soured.

“Just you wait,” he muttered.

I looked over at Shizuka, I so often just ignored her but the tension between her and Caelestis was insane. She seemed to really get under his skin.

Uncomfortable with my lack of knowledge I looked back down at the textbook, “We do get to learn their weaknesses.”

“Perhaps that would be useful,” Caelestis peered at my book.

Took the bait. I shuffled closer to him and began flipping through it. Now that I was closer I could take in his scent. Foral, roses but cold, like a forest dusted in snow. I tried not to react too much but despite the heat goosebumps arose on my skin. Truly intoxicating.

“Look here it says something about overpowering them. You could probably manage that right?” I pointed to a passage.

“We’ll see,” he said quietly as his eyes scanned the page.

“From what I know…” I scaled back my knowledge so as to not intimidate him, “They fight with insane weapons that are designed to kill certain myths.”

“Yeah... they're really particular but it's what makes them successful, I guess”

“I heard when they’re born that they already know all this stuff we have to learn in school. Well maybe not the history stuff,” more knowledge just blurted out of me.

Caelestis looked interested though, “How useful. If only we were too.”

Lucius heard me say that and rolled his eyes and rested his head down on the book, “The pages are kinda soft.”

Lucius had taught me a valuable lesson during my time with him. Guys don’t like girls who know more than them. And when it came to Lucius and his brothers, that was almost nothing. I had to keep my mouth shut around them. But my true passion was mythical history. I love learning about the mythical world. It’s a passion I have to keep to myself. Even Yami and Modesta don’t want to hear about it. The Luna certainly didn’t want to hear about it either. The pack had historians and journalists and I was not going to be one of them. So for the sake of those around me, I usually kept that side of myself hidden and I just giggled at Lucius’ rudeness.

Caelestis glanced at Lucius, “If only people were more dedicated…”

I looked up at him, “What do you mean?”

Caelestis laughed a beautiful laugh and a smile directed at me, “Never mind.”

“Oh yeah vampire,” I poked his arm, toning up the playfulness, “You planning destruction of the werewolves like old times. Or are we teaming up to fight someone else~”

Caelestis kept that smile as he said, “Only time will tell my dear.”

My heart was going a little crazy, this whole interaction was going so well and Lucius was napping. It was perfect. I couldn’t help but beam at him, “Do you remember in history class our myths teamed up to fight the vampire slayers?”

“I do. It's nice when myths can come together, but it's difficult to determine who can be trusted.”

“Yeah… Very difficult. Your brother for example is a little… I wouldn’t rely on him.”

“You wouldn't?”

Kayin, Caelestis’ younger brother, was not as powerful as Caelestis. I’d heard Rome could reasonably take him on. He was also a little off, just something about him. But certainly, he was a better choice for Lizette than Lucius. I knew from way too much personal experience.

I tilted my head at him, “Do you?”

Caelestis thought about it, “To an extent maybe… he’s very different.”

“I agree he’s very unlike the rest of you.”

“To the point he’ll do something stupid.”

“Yeah…” I added, “Not that I spend much time around him.”

“He’s… I don't know how ‘official' or whatever but he’s with that halfbreed Lizette.”

“Since when do elves and vampires breed?” I asked him genuinely curious, elves were such a rarity in the mythical world. More than that they kept to themselves. They also had a long history of fighting with vampires. Lizette was truly strange. I couldn’t help being a little jealous. Elves were, to me, the most amazing part of the fae, they could use a magic different to any other. Yet Lizette was only self conscious of her ears. That was about the only nod she gave to her fae ancestry.

Caelestis shook his head, “It's weird, she’s weird. I really wish he wouldn't do that”

I wanted to know more about Lizette but I didn’t push it, “Is he doing it to get at you?”

“He’s not doing it to get back at me, I don't know what makes him like her at all, there are plenty of aristocratic vampires around him that are single,” the Prince glanced back at the two vampire girls sitting behind him.

“Is Lizette half aristocratic?”

Caelestis sighed, “Her vampire mother is a common vampire. She was a mortal and was bitten by one of my parents I believe.”

“Oh, so she doesn’t even have that.”

Caelestis explained, “Her father is a high elf so she gets her powers from there. But if she were a full vampire she would have nothing. Vampires with a strong bloodline have powers, her connection to vampirism is bitten so it’s flimsy.”

It was somewhat similar for wolves, though unlike vampires we didn’t gain powers. It was more simple for us. Lycaon the original werewolf is the most powerful and the stronger the bloodline you have to him the stronger your wolf form is. Bitten wolves tend to be weaker than those born as werewolves.

“Maybe that’s why he likes her, the mysterious elf powers,” I suggested.

Caelestis considered this, “He could take advantage of that.”

I muttered, “Creep.”

“I do not want her interfering with our bloodline,” there was disgust in the Prince’s voice.

“Would it be better if she was half pureblood half elf. I feel like that would create an awesome myth. Magic and vampire powers.”

“She could have potentially been much better if her father didn't choose complete trash of a mother,” more disgust in his voice, this was clearly a sore point for him.

“Elves are weird... Or so I’ve heard,” I tried to deflect.

He smirked a little, “Oh, her father is very weird.”

“Really?” I knew the lore about Leland Csorba but I had never met him. Maybe one day.

“Definitely,” the Prince wasn’t going to give me any more information about the legendary elf. Instead, he looked over at Ephvangeline.

She looked up at him and he looked back down at his textbook. What was going on there? Some kind of romantic exchange, was I going to lose Caelestis to Ephvangeline. It would have been fair enough Ephvangeline wasn’t only top of just about every class and the best warrior of the entire school. She was also exceptionally beautiful. Curvy and blessed in the chest region. She always made me self conscious, with those big doe eyes and that beautiful body. How could anyone compete? She was the perfect mythical girl.

My brow furrowed.

“The world is filled with fools,” The prince muttered, leaning toward me.

“Mythical and mortal,” I agreed.

Shizuka glared at us from a few rows down, “Can you please shut up I'm getting sick of you Caelestis. You too Varinia.”

“Then don’t listen,” I shot daggers at her. This bitch is ruining my one chance to speak to the Prince.

Shizuka matched my glare, “It’s kind of hard to not hear you guys.”

Mrs Fhaolain, who had her feet up on the desk and was reading, put her book down and looked at us, “Quiet down.”

The teaching method of Mrs Fhaolain was always the best. I had no idea why or how she became a teacher at one of the best mythical schools in the country.

Caelestis seemed to be as annoyed as I was at Shizuka’s little outbursts. He stood up and walked over to the girl. She glared up at him but was caught off guard when he grabbed her wrist and whispered to her. I couldn’t make out the words but the tone was threatening. Katsu Hirasawa, though seeming to be avoiding Shizuka for some unknown reason, stood up a little with his eyes on Caelestis. Katsu, from what I knew, was Shizuka’s best friend, they were extremely close.

“Sit down wizard boy,” I said and he slowly sat back down.

Caelestis glared at Katsu as he returned to his seat. Katsu smiled deviously and winked at Caelestis. Ice began to freeze around Caelestis’ hand and mouth.

My eyes widened, “What the fuck.”

The ice shattered in a second and Caelestis looked angry. “Just you wait,” he said quietly.

Katsu really just cast a spell in the middle of class completely unprovoked. Of course, Mrs Fhaolain didn’t really care but that was a shitty thing to do. I guess the wolves did have a point in saying that the Hirasawas really do get away with too much.

“Oh yeah, I wanna see pureblood vs wizard,” I put on my best smile.

Caelestis was still watching Katsu, “It will happen if the boy gets too cocky.”

Mrs Fhaolain actually stood up and picked up a piece of chalk, “Open up your books I’m gonna write the important stuff on the board”

She started to write up more of an explanation of what we had read in our textbooks. The whole room was just incredibly tense. There was whatever was going on between Shizuka and the Hirasawas and now there the Prince and I were involved. I yawned. Caelestis chuckled softly, it was the most adorable sound I’d ever heard. It actually melted my heart.

I smiled up at him, “That’s a cute sound.”

He ignored the compliment, “You can just feel the tension in the room.”

“Yeah if it gets any thicker I’ll shift.”

“It’s almost funny.”

“Almost?” I smiled up at him.

He returned the smile, a smile where I could see the tips of his fangs peek out. I couldn’t look at it for too long or I would go all red in the face. I turned my attention back to Mrs Fhaolain and whatever she was writing on the board.

“What a joke,” Caelestis whispered.

I could have taken notes but all of what she was writing was my everyday life. Problems I had gone over time and time again since I was a young pup. Maybe it would be new for an older myth but it was my life.

Suddenly something hit my shoulder and bounced onto the book in front of me. A small piece of balled up paper. I looked around and saw it was Sahar who threw it.

“Oops sorry I was aiming for the bin,” she said and shrugged then ducked back down to Shizuka and started whispering.

I opened it and it read:

Quit bullying everyone ASAP. Or else!

I showed Caelestis and he laughed. I couldn’t even enjoy it. What was she talking about? It was so insulting. In fact I actively tried to keep Lucius from bullying and harassing others.

“I don’t even bully people,” I muttered.

“Pathetic,” Caelestis said.

“Unless her aim is so bad she hit me instead of you…” I shook my head, “That’s even more pathetic.”

“Was probably meant for me,” he looked over at them, “Awww I must have struck a nerve with Shizuka.”

“As a vampire slayer genetically she has nerves everywhere,” I said, vampire slayers were known for being emotional myths.

Caelestis laughed and I could appreciate this laugh. What was so beautiful was seeing his usually sullen face expressing joy. Because of me no less. A smile grew across my face.

But sadly this wonderful class was over as the bell rang.

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