Chapter 8:

Something more?

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

I had just finished what I would call the best class of my life. I had spent the whole time talking to the Prince. He wasn’t nearly as stuck up as I thought he was. I lingered in the classroom not wanting to leave the classroom and be away from him once again.

Besides, Lucius was still asleep beside me.

The Prince was finishing up his notes and I glanced over to the other side of the room to where Shizuka, Sahar and Katsu were leaving. I saw Katsu give Shizuka a peck on the cheek as they left

I quickly turned back to the Prince, “Caelestis did you just see that?”

“No,” He looked up from his book, “What?”

“Katsu just kissed Shizuka on the cheek

“Are those two together or something?”

“I don’t know…” I thought about Shizuka and Katsu for a second, first thing that came to mind were some intimate moments between Shizuka and Ephvangeline, “I thought they were related and Shizuka was gay.”

“They’re related but not by blood. And I’ve never seen Shizuka do anything that implies attraction to anything at all.”

“With Ephvangeline, those girls are usually all over each other remember May last year?”

Caelestis looked puzzled, “What are you referring to?”

“They were fighting, you know for class, and Shizuka pinned Ephvangeline and was so close to kissing her,” I recalled the memory, both girls went bright red but they lingered. Ephvangeline pinning Shizuka to the ground. There was something between them though.

Caelestis seemed to have drifted off into a memory as well, “Yeah they’re so…”

“I mean Ephvangeline is hot so I get that but Shizuka…” I thought of the hideous blue dress she wore to the party, “Nope.”

“She does no favours for herself. Her mother is very good looking but Shizuka just doesn’t style herself well, she’s very conservative. Someone needs to give her a makeover or something so she can be more tolerable.”

“Yeah I’m no beauty queen but I can still get all the attention.”

“You should help her out, because you’re pretty well presented, and at parties when you put effort in you’re quite stunning,” his eyes drifted down to my legs.

“Aren’t you just the smooth talker,” I smiled, “But I don’t want to hang around the slayer. Besides, I want the guys. I’m not sharing.”

Did the Prince just admit that he found me attractive, was he actually interested? Did all my flirting work? I tried to stop myself from blushing like an innocent little girl. I knew what I was doing. I just had never tried something like this on such a high class guy before. Well, it had never gone well.

“It’s in your best interests to look better,” He said simply.

“If she’s ugly it will just make her life even more miserable.”

Caelestis laughed at this comment, Shizuka was just a big joke for him it seemed. I just loved the sound of his laughter. It was so addictive, even if I was saying something cruel about Shizuka. He said, “We should organise another gathering sometime.”

“Well, if you’d like to meet some real werewolves, come over to mine,” I said casually.

Caelestis sighed, “The werewolves at the Hirasawa mansion are such a pain.”

“That’s because they’re loners. They’re a disgrace to werewolves. Pack wolves are how we are supposed to be.”

“You can hardly count the Amanes, they’re disgusting and loathsome,” he looked to Lucius.

I turned my head to see him still asleep, we also had the classroom all to ourselves, everyone else had cleared out for lunchtime.

“Sadly at this school they are pretty much the only wolves here. Pack wolves are proud and noble not sex driven and sickly.”

Caelestis seemed to agree with me, “It’s a miracle they care that much to be here. I think it’s their ex-human mother’s doing, she’s got a little bit of decency in her.”

Natalie Amane, she is where the Amanes actually got their last name from. Strangely they didn’t have their father’s last name, no one even knew it.

“She’s the ex model right?” I asked him.

“That’s her.”

“I’ve met her a few times. Her mate tried to get in my pants. Sign of a good relationship there,” Her mate, Mik was an awful man. He didn’t care about his children. I didn’t think he cared for his wife. I don’t actually believe that they held the mate bond. It was males like him that caused my fear of mating. And from the looks of it, it seemed like Lucius was heading in the same direction as his father. Time would tell for Rome though.

Caelestis sympathised with me, “I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on those two, but they go through rough patches a lot. And by that I mean that Natalie has complaints about him, but never brings them up with him to sort them out and she just deals with it internally. There was a pretty big drama a few years ago that I barely remember, but I’ve only heard parts of it from other people, but their relationship really is fucked up. Their kids are fucked up too.”

“Naturally,” I shrugged, “I pity the poor wolves that mate with them.”

“Surely no one would choose one of them,” he smirked.

“Sadly we don’t get to choose,” I couldn’t keep the pang of sadness out of my voice. It was just always there when it came to this topic. I was glad we were just talking in an empty room at this point.

“Who do you hope for?” The Prince’s voice was soft and gentle.

I looked into his beautiful red eyes, hoping I wasn’t giving away too much, “I don’t even know. Just someone hot and kind.”

Caelestis muttered, “That’s hard to find.”

“At least hot then. Tall and beautiful,” I eyed him.

“Hmmm I see,” he looked back at Lucius, avoiding my eye line.

There was something on his mind. I thought back to my vampire class. What was it that they taught us about purebloods? Well they were just that, purebloods. So in order to keep that way they had to have offspring with other purebloods. But recently the other pureblood vampires had been defeated by the myth hunters. Unless there were some hiding away in some pocket Caelestis’ family was the last left. Which meant.


Elvira was to be his bride. How awful. But they didn’t seem to hate each other. In fact they were very supportive of each other from what I had seen. Maybe it wasn’t such a difficult choice for him, though it sounded awful to me. Ryan wasn’t even my brother, I just grew up with him, yet I couldn’t imagine him being my mate.

“But you’re happy you’ve got Elvira?” I asked.

Caelestis' eyes dulled, “Not really a choice…”

“You don’t like her?”

“I love her, but it's easy.”

“You want something else? Something more?”

He smiled a little, but it was sad, something was just missing, “Just the same experiences of falling in love and the trials and complications of love are basically nonexistent for me.”

“And you want that?”

He was about to reply, an answer I really wanted to hear. A perspective that was similar to my own, someone who could possibly understand how I felt. But instead Lucius woke up at that moment.

He looked up at me and saw my eyes concentrated on the Prince, hanging on his every word.

“Varinia you’re just a slut, stop talking to the pureblood prince,” his voice was dripping with disgust. He picked up his shit and stormed off.

I was left completely speechless. How dare he?

The Prince looked at me, “You like that guy?”

I sighed, “I guess he is right,” I looked up at Caelestis’ beautiful royal face, “You are a Prince.”

Lucius either didn’t know or care that I was next in line to be Luna of a huge wolf pack. He just saw me as someone similar to himself. A slut, good for one thing. He was likely threatened by my talking to the Prince.

“But I’m only royalty to my own kind. Others don’t need strict interaction with me,” His voice was soft.

It was strange to hear that come from his mouth. I would have thought more people would have referred to him as a Prince, that is certainly what I had read in newspapers.

“Really? Because your parents are the King and Queen of the vampires aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are. But I’m only revered by vampires, others respect me, but they don’t put me on god status, which is fine. All I ask for is respect really, but I’m a teenager like everyone else at the moment,” I didn’t expect this from him, so I leaned in, listening intently, “So don’t listen to him. You’re fine talking to me. We share similar ideals too.”

“I wasn’t going to. Don’t worry,” I reassured him and I made a mental note. I would call him Caelestis now, not the Prince.

“What a freak,” He sighed, “We’ll have to keep an eye on him. I just don’t like the guy’s cockiness.”

“Keep your sister away from him. She just grew suddenly and I just know he’s going to try something with her. He’s been trying to get into Ephvangeline’s pants for years just because of her breast size.”

“Of course,” Caelestis smirked, “At least Shizuka will be safe from him, she has almost nothing.”

“But Shizuka is a challenge and he likes challenges.”

Caelestis laughed again, maybe it wasn’t that he was a sullen person, it was just that no one would make him laugh. Maybe the vampires were really just that boring.

I stood up, “I’m starving, let's get food.”

Caelestis shrugged, “Sure.”

I led Caelestis through the castle, I considered that this might have been one of his first times going to the cafeteria. Vampires only drinking blood and all. Even then I’ve never seen them drink blood, so it must be something they only do on occasion. As I walked through the castle, Caelestis followed. I really must have piqued his interest.

We walked into the school’s cafeteria, it was another old dining room connected to a kitchen. It's nice to know that whoever lived in the castle, long before us, used it for the exact same thing.

I walked up to the ticket machine and picked Gyuudon. I handed it to the kitchen, as I waited, I could hear the Amanes. I tried my best to ignore it but they were just too loud.

“Does anyone else just really hate Caelestis or is it just me?” Rose asked her brothers.

“He bloody stole Varinia from me,” Lucius growled.

“Then go steal her back you lazy shit!” Rose yelled at her brother.

“Right,” Lucius marched over to me, I raised an eyebrow at him, “Come on bitch you belong to us.”

From behind us Rose sighed, “Very smooth.”

Caelestis moved a little closer to me, staring down at Lucius.

“She’s my bitch leave her alone,” Lucius growled and grabbed my arm.

He started to pull me and I yanked my arm back, “Fuck off. I’m talking to someone else. Surely you can survive without me for two seconds.”

“Stop calling her a bitch,” The prince said sternly.

“That’s what she is though, where’s the lie?” Lucius spat, “She’s my bitch and you can’t do anything about it.”

Caelestis smirked at the wolf, “Don’t tell me you only have one girl.”

Lucius snapped back at him, “We have more than one but this bitch is ours too.”

Caelestis glared down at him, “Well go bother the other one instead.”

“Nope,” Lucius swung his arm around me intentionally grabbing my boob at the same time.

“Ugh!” I exclaimed, shoving him away.

“Oh, piss off,” Caelestis sounded really angry now.

He was just such a pain in the ass. The moment I talk to someone other than him. Rage bubbled up inside me. I wasn’t able to contain it and I shifted. Once in my wolf form I felt powerful. I stood eye to eye with him and my powerful jaws could snap his bones in a second. I growled at him. Giving him one warning before I’d take him down.

“Fine,” Lucius backed off, he tried to make out that he wasn’t scared but I could smell his fear.

I shifted back and my food was ready. Perfect.

I grabbed the bowl and Caelestis and I sat down at a table.

“You did a good job,” Caelestis told me, watching Lucius slink back to his slimy family.

“Thanks, my wolf is way better than theirs,” I started to eat.

Caelestis smiled at me.