Chapter 1:

Even the best laid plans...

The Demon King Reborn as Twins

Allmaxon couldn't remember much of the afterlife but he was aware of going to the darkness of death. The darkness robbed him of all sensation then returned them, bit by bit. Death was apparently a gracious crook in that sense because the first sense Allmaxon became aware of was a touch of warmth. Next were vague sounds that the demon king struggled to recall but he was aware of. It was as if he could hear but not listen. Smells too were becoming stronger too but much like with sounds he struggled to describe or remember them. He became aware of another in this darkness, a being stumbling through this madness as he was. Yet as his familiarity of his environment and his silent companion grew so did a sense of comfort. That comfort was destroyed quickly before he could make sense of it.

Before the demon king could regain his sight he felt the darkness bear down on him. Not in an oppressing way thankfully but as a guiding force. The force corralled him and urged him forward but still, the chains of the abyss tethered him. The passage of darkness shaped him, pressed him, pained him so much that he was sure the ritual had gone awry. Then the darkness exploded into a world of light so terrible he was sure the Goddess herself had intervened to smite him for arrogance.

"It's a boy!" A voice said and was the first sound he could recall since his death.

A massive form pulled the demon king into the luminous world and he tried to speak but only raw noise came forth. A cry of pain and confusion at the burning light and the deformed giant that held him. There was no strength in his body to fight the creature and he was as defenseless as a babe.

Yes. A baby. It made sense to him as he struggled to focus his gaze on the giant. He was being born again. It was a contingency system within the resurrection ritual which would reincarnate him into a suitable inheritor. Kaldoth had truly planned for even the shortcomings of the Goddess.

The only issue was that as the demon king's eyes focused through the sensitivity of light he was aware of a face that leaned close to his. It was older with more lines and facial hair but the blonde head of the hero that killed him came into view.

"Oh, my Goddess! Celt he looks like you. " He said and took the baby into his arms. Every bit of the man beamed that he was the proud father of the reincarnated demon lord. Not that he knew that last bit yet.

"Sieg, you've got to move. I need to help deliver the other one." Another giant said, blurred by the light but by the sound of the voice and the figure she was a woman.

"Right, moving. You're doing great babe, just one more." The father encouraged.

"Goddess save me." Celt groaned. "We're not doing this."

The room grew frantic when Celt sped up her pattern breathing in preparation for what was to come. The demon king struggled to gain some semblance of control over his now infantile perception of the world as the instincts of a new human body clashed with the consciousness of a centuries-old demon. Everything moved and blurred as it alternated levels of visual focus. Through the dizzying mess, he heard a familiar cry of pain and felt a kinship to it.

"It's a girl." The wet nurse called out. "Bring Seth over to Celt and let her hold both these little miracles."

Sieg carried his son to the side of the bed and placed him in his disheveled wife's arms. The wet nurse followed suit on the opposite with his twin. For a moment even with the imperfect control of his body Allmaxon locked his eyes with his twin and both sparked a connection. It was a soul-deep bond as two separate lives born in the same womb with the same demonic soul as their base. At that moment they knew somehow both of them were Allmaxon.

To which they both had the natural reaction. "What the fuck is going on?"