Chapter 16:

The Wizard of Man Part 1

The Creator

Early in the morning JDG and Kalmar are sound asleep in their room under the palace in which the governing of the world is conducted. Today is a rather fateful day for the two as they are tasked with their first assignment for the new job they have been indoctrinated into. 

Soon the door is unlocked and quickly opened by none other than Range, "Get up you two, it's time to speak with the Council!" Range shouted to the young boys sleeping in their bunks. 

Kalmar is rather quick to awake with the sound of Range, however it seems that JDG has missed the call to wake up. Range stares at the top bunk where JDG is sleeping on his side facing away from the door. Kalmar then gets out of his bed and stands up to look at JDG's bunk. Kalmar taps JDG's back and JDG jolts awake.

JDG turns over with his eyes barely open, "The hell is going on?" JDG said before rubbing his eyes.

"Get your uniform, grab your rifle, we are going to see the Council for your first assignment!" Range ordered while still holding the door and staring at the two, "I'll leave you to get changed now." Range quickly shuts the door on them after turning on the single light bulb in the room which causes Kalmar and JDG to flinch.

"Shit, what time is it?" JDG asked Kalmar as he hops down from the top bunk. 

Kalmar takes a look at one of the small clocks on the single shelf that they share, "It's a few minutes past five." Kalmar responded.

"Jesus they wake us up so early for no reason." JDG walks over to his wardrobe to open it.

JDG's wardrobe reveals a deep black Uniform, it's a double breasted wool tunic that has four front pockets. The buttons are all silver which stand out greatly. The collar is low on the neck making the tunic almost like a coat. On a separate hangar there is a white button up shirt with a black tie hanging with it. Then there are long black slacks with black leather dress shoes laying on the bottom of the wardrobe.

"With all this black, you'd think that we were doing things at night." JDG commented while grabbing the assets of his new outfit, "If we keep working until summer, the hot weather is going to make this wool feel like hell." JDG added and looked back to Kalmar while holding his tunic.

"It's rather unique yet subtle what they make us wear." Kalmar commented as he walks over to his own wardrobe to pull out a matching outfit to JDG.

Walking into the Council Board Room, the group of three follow Range as he opens the large doors and heads for his seat on the council. JDG and Kalmar walk in together and stand in the center of the room where the Council looks down upon them.

"On the Isle of Man, at the Sulby Glen, there is a wizard using alchemy in order to manipulate people's consciousness. We need you two to arrest this wizard and bring him back to us at the Council of London." Appel speaks without hesitation. JDG and Kalmar look up to him listening however JDG then looks away and stares at the bottom of the podiums each of the councilmen sit upon.

Dagovich then raises his voice, "We received reports that the Wizard's tower is located near the Sulby Glen, that's where we want you two to go. You are going to be provided a car and you are to drive to Liverpool where you will ferry to the port city of Douglas on the isle." Dagovich stands from his seat, "Do you understand your mission?"

JDG then looks up to Dagovich and grin, "Yeah, let's just get on with it." JDG replied.

"Do no use excessive force on the wizard and be careful, we don't want to deal with anything unnecessary." Appel warned while Dagovich sat back into his seat, "Any damage caused will come out of the Keeper's paycheck, and be weary of the wizard's power."

Kalmar then nods, "We'll be careful Supreme Councilman." Kalmar stated.

"That's good, your designated vehicle is parked on the east side of the square, there's a valet waiting next to it, you won't miss it." Appel explained. JDG and Kalmar then turn around to face the door exiting the board room, "And one last thing, anyone else you might find in the Wizard's residence, bring them here as well." Appel said.

JDG and Kalmar nod in tandem before turning around and exiting into the hallway. They begin to walk through the large corridors heading for the east exit of the palace.

JDG then places his hands behind his head being mindful of his rifle, "First assignment of this new job, I hope it all goes smoothly."

Kalmar doesn't look to JDG, "I have my worries about dealing with a wizard who can master alchemy." Kalmar stated as he walks a little faster.

JDG looks over to Kalmar, "I think we'll be fine, I never met a wizard before, I've only ever heard of them up to this point. However, I think it'll be fine. We have each other, I have a gun, and we both have magic to protect us. What can a wizard do to us?"

Kalmar then looks down and places his hand on his head, "They said this wizard can manipulate people's consciousness," Kalmar looks over to JDG, "what if he tries to do so to us?"

JDG shrugs, "There's two of us and one of him, I won't let that happen." JDG looks to the ceiling, "We are doing this for a better future for ourselves, at least that's what I presume, I won't let a wizard stop something like that."

The two exit the palace and begin to walk along the outside section of the Parliamentary Square where they continue eastward. Reaching the street they spot a man next to a black car, they decide this is the man that is watching their car.

Walking up to the man he stands up straight to greet them, "Are you the Keeper and Pre-Creator that this vehicle is being lent to?" He asked.

JDG then walks forward, "Yeah, that's us."

The man then puts his right hand out, "Identification cards please." The man requested.

JDG then reaches into his bottom left front pocket to pull out his card. Kalmar does the same, just that Kalmar keeps his card in the pockets of his slacks. They each hand the man the cards and he takes a quick look at them before handing them back and then reaching in his own pocket to pull out a key.

Kalmar sticks out his hand for the key and the man nods as the two walk to enter the vehicle.

JDG opens the door to the passenger seat as Kalmar enters the driver's seat, "All you Keepers know how to drive." JDG commented.

"We are taught by the age of fifteen how to drive a vehicle since our work often involves long commutes. I haven't been driving for very long but I've gotten used to going far places including ferrying." Kalmar responded as he checks the mirrors of the vehicle and adjusts everything to his liking.

JDG then throws his rifle into the back seat of the vehicle and climbs into the passenger seat where he relaxes and places his hands behind his back.

"You sure you don't want to put your rifle in the trunk?" Kalmar peered his eyes over to JDG.

"I think it will fine, easier to get to if we are in a pinch." JDG explained as he slouches further down into his seat. Kalmar then drives off with the vehicle as the morning fog begins to lift upward.

"I wish they would have given us a map or something, I have no clue where this 'Sulby Glen' is anyway." JDG stated as he stares out the front window.

"We can always ask the locals, the Isle of Man is not a very large place, I'm sure there is someone out there who knows how to get to the Sulby Glen from Douglas." Kalmar responded as he keeps his eyes on the road. 

The two drive outside of the city of London heading northward toward Liverpool. For someone like JDG, he had never gone that far north before. They had left the palace at about six in the morning and neither of them knew how long the drive would be. They each just enjoyed the morning scenery around the whole of England.

It took five hours to reach Liverpool. Crossing the River Mersey, the two in the car witness the late morning atmosphere of Liverpool. It felt much different than London did to the two, the air was filled with more smog than either have seen. 

"It's hard to breathe here." JDG said as he faces his head outside the side of the car.

"I believe there are a lot of factories in the area, and a lot of ships port here too so the smoke may come from them." Kalmar speculated.

"Do you know where this ferry is supposed to pick us up?" JDG looks over to Kalmar.

"I just plan to drive down to the water and look for wherever the ferries are picking people up." Kalmar shrugs as he keeps his eye on the road.

"Those councilmen act all authoritative and superior, however they give us little direction and hints to go by. We are stuck figuring all of these things out." JDG places his arms crossed on his chest.

The two drive throughout the city of Liverpool, heading toward the waterfront where they can find the ferry to pick them up to bring them to Douglas. The two got lucky when they spot a pier which had a sign that says it ferries to Douglas. They are able to get their vehicle onto one of the ships that dock and they present their identification card to the crew in charge of the ferry to insure they don't have to pay for fares.

On the ship the two look on the port side where they lean on the railing. As the ship gets loaded with more and more people the two boys look on as the smog clears and the sun begins to shine as afternoon strikes. 

"It's still rather interesting to imagine me here right now." JDG said as he looked on to the other side of River Mersey.

"It's strange isn't it? I never thought I would be in this type of situation. I never thought I would be trying to figure out where to drive for a ferry to an isle I've never seen." Kalmar looks to JDG who stands on his right side.

JDG returns a look, "Yeah, well, it's all a learning process for us," JDG lets go of the railing and nods to himself, "I'm sure this won't be the first time we'd have to figure things out for these kinds of missions." JDG then grins, "I don't even think I've ever been in a glen before either."

"Yeah I don't know what a glen even is, but I hope that we can get some help from the locals." Kalmar lets go of the railing as well as the ship sounds the horn.

"What if the locals never even heard about this wizard, they are rumored to be rather secretive." JDG mentioned.

"I'm sure they will at least know where the glen is. I hope at least." Kalmar then sighs and looks to the river. The two stay silent for a moment as more and more people begin to board the ferry that afternoon.