Chapter 17:

The Wizard of Man Part 2

The Creator

On that ferry ride, the two couldn't stop looking at the enormous body of ocean that sits right before them. Staring out into the sea the two realize how far they keep going. Neither have had much time to truly soak in their new situations in life. JDG was a student at an academy only a few days before, and Kalmar had come from a different place much the same way. 

The two are leaning on the rail of the ferry as the afternoon sun begins to ease it's powerful beam. It's quite a journey by ferry to the Isle of Man, they might not get to their destination before nightfall.

JDG then looks to Kalmar, "I don't think we'll be able to come home to the palace until tomorrow." JDG keeps looking out to the sea.

"I realized that, I guess we'll find an inn to stay at, I'm sure there are some in places like Douglas." Kalmar responded while looking out at the sea as well.

"We've been out for about three hours haven't we, this trip is quite long." JDG commented.

Kalmar goes to look at his watch, "We got into Liverpool at around eleven and left close to twelve," he looks up to JDG, "Yep it's three."

"When do you think we will get there?" JDG asked.

"I have no clue, all I know is that these wool uniforms are starting to become heavy to wear." Kalmar lifted his collar.

"Tell me about it, I don't get what the council gets off of putting us in thick wool." JDG sighs and lifts himself from the rail standing straight, "At least it's fall so the weather isn't what is killing us right now."

Kalmar stands straight as well, "You are right about that one, I hope these jobs don't last us until the summer."

"Yeah, let's hope so." JDG replied.

Reaching Douglas, the sun has begun to set and the streetlights began to light. There are not too many people out and about on the streets, and unloading the car from the ferry the two then set off through the sea terminal of Douglas and into the man streets.

"Do you think we would need to refuel on petrol?" JDG asked Kalmar as they drove.

"I don't know if there would be any pumps nearby, they left us with a full tank so it might be fine." Kalmar responded.

"I didn't even look in the trunk, maybe they left a can for us in there." JDG speculated.

"Maybe so, we'll worry about it when this thing stops working." Kalmar keeps his eyes focused on the road, "I think we should stop and ask someone where the Sulby Glen is."

"That's up to you, if you want I can do all the talking, just tell me who to ask." JDG suggested as he looks at Kalmar.

Pulling up to a pub, the two then park and exit there car heading for the door, "I don't know if we should enter a pub asking for directions, but I thought it would be the only public place open where you can socialize." Kalmar stated.

"Eh, I think it will be fine, we aren't trying to buy a drink, what's the worse that could happen." JDG replied. JDG then began to walk to the door of the pub and opened it to reveal the commotion of the people inside.

As the evening comes, the customers of the pub begin to grow and the sound of their talking and drinking makes it almost deafening for anyone who enters inside. There you have two young boys in uniform entering the building and eyes begin to meet Kalmar and JDG and soon those eyes begin to follow their every step. JDG walks with a confident grin while Kalmar tenses up and tries not to look at the people paying mind.

JDG makes his way to the counter where he walks up to one of the bartenders there, "Excuse me," JDG opened with, "Good evening there sir," the bartender then looks up at JDG and leans his head, "We are wondering where we could find the Sulby Glen if you happen to know."

Kalmar catches up to JDG at the counter and the man at the bar squints his eyes, "You're with the Council aren't you?" The man asked.

JDG and Kalmar then look at each other before turning back around to face the man, "We are with the Council, specifically we are members with the Security Council." JDG answers while resting his hands on the counter.

The man sighs a sigh of relief, "Oh thank God, that wizard up there has been harassing the entire isle for a month now. He's been kidnapping women all around and making it hard for us folk to feel comfortable leaving our houses at night. The pubs have become more packed in the evening but most of these people will leave by nine." The man explained.

JDG then grins, "So, could you give us directions to the Sulby Glen?" JDG requested.

The man lifts his hands, "Oh sure, I'll write it down to make it easier." The man reaches below the counter to grab a thick handkerchief and then he reaches in his pocket for an ink pen, "Do you boys have anywhere to stay for the night?" The man asked as he began to write on the handkerchief.

"We don't know if that would be necessary since we plan to apprehend this wizard immediately." JDG answered.

The man finishes writing and looks up at the two, "There should only be a few roads you need to take, though be prepared to walk for a considerable distance. The drive should not be more than an hour." The man hands them the handkerchief he wrote on, "Well I wish you luck on this job."

JDG places the handkerchief in one of his front pockets and nods his head, "We appreciate the help." JDG responded to the bartender.

The two begin to walk out, still with eyes on them. Most likely for their age and their outfits. Walking out of the pub the two grin to each other.

"I didn't think we would be given an answer with such open arms with how everyone was looking at us." Kalmar commented with a little chuckle.

"We got lucky that we didn't have to go on a wild goose chase for directions." JDG responded and the two entered the car.

Driving through the darkened roads the two soon find that they are out of the small city. They pass through some farms and fields and then find themselves in open plains. Then the two find themselves in hills and soon some small mountains. They are headed for the center of the isle, this is where the wizard is. 

Driving through these many rocky hills, they discover a river next to them. This is the Sulby River which the man wrote on the handkerchief. The two realize that their destination is getting closer and closer. By now, the only light they have is from the car's front end lights. It's very dark out, but the stars can be seen in the night sky. It's rare on the home island for the stars to be seen so clearly due to the factories and industry. 

Reaching a wooded and marshy area, the two realize that their destination is anywhere now. They park their car along the Sulby River, and in the night sky lays a silhouette of a tower on top of a hill across from the river to the right side of the car.

JDG points to the figure, "That's our tower." He said.

Kalmar then walks closer to the river bed, "How the hell are we going to cross, there's no bridge here." Kalmar looks at the flowing water.

"Maybe there is a bridge further down the road, we should keep driving to see if we find one." JDG suggested. 

The two then return to their car and continue along their path on the road. Only driving for a few minutes, they discover a small stone bridge that crosses a narrow portion of the river. The stone bridge however leads to a cottage on the other side. The two park next to the bridge and consider their options.

"Should we cross, this could be someone's property?" Kalmar asked JDG as JDG stood with his hand on his chin looking at the bridge.

JDG looks to Kalmar, "We are doing our job, let's cross this bridge."

JDG then grabs his rifle from the back seat of the car and the two cross the stone bridge hearing the water flow as they cross over it keeping dry. Making it to the other side, the two pass the cottage in order to begin to climb the hill. The hill is quite tall however lacking wildlife and plants. It's very flat grass and dirty that marks this hill with some patches of bushes.

After quite some time climbing, the two reach the foot of the tower where the only visible entrance is a large wooden door. The entrance soon lights up, the stone structure becomes more visible as the two are now beamed with electrical light.

A figure then opens the door and draws a sword, "I am the Gatekeeper of the Wizard of Man, what business do you have—" The man leans forward, "You two are with the Council!" The man concluded to himself.

"Yes, we are with the Council, and we are here to arrest the Wizard of Man for violation of the Magical Doctrine!" JDG responded back to the gatekeeper while taking his rifle off of his back and placing it in his hands. 

Kalmar then draws a large knife from his pants, JDG then looks to him with a leaning head, "We don't want to harm anyone, please let us do our job peacefully." Kalmar added.

JDG leans to Kalmar, "I never saw your weapon before." JDG said with a near whisper.

Kalmar leans to JDG, "It's a stolen bayonet I took from the armory, my original saber got lost."

"I am afraid my employment contract states I cannot allow you to take the wizard without a fight." The Gatekeeper responded, "You two will have to get through me first."

JDG brings his rifle to bear and Kalmar looks to JDG, "Wait not yet!" Kalmar shouted to JDG but JDG immediately fired a round toward the Gatekeeper.

Soon the two discover the round struck a large stone wall. The Gatekeeper had casted a barrier of stone.

"What the fuck? You can caste barriers using physical objects like that?!" JDG shouted in frustration.

Kalmar's eye widen as he stares at the stone wall, "JDG, this is one of the Keepers of the Stone." Kalmar stated while staring at the stone wall.

"What the hell is that now? I never heard of the Keeper of the Stone." JDG replied.

Kalmar looks to JDG, "The Stone of Webs is a mythical object that can grant anyone unlimited amount of abilities." Kalmar explained.

The stone wall then fades away and the Gatekeeper sighs, "I told you two, you have to go through me first. I won't go easy on you kids." The Gatekeeper said while looking at the ground.

"So you're telling me this guy used to be the Keeper that guarded a mythical object that can grant unlimited power?" JDG looked over to Kalmar.

"Yes that is exactly what I am saying." Kalmar replied.

JDG's eyes widen, "Oh Christ." JDG looks to the Gatekeeper, "Well, it looks like we are going to have a good old fashion brawl on our hands." JDG said to the Gatekeeper.

"It looks so as well." The Gatekeeper responded.

JDG then places his rifle onto the ground realizing it's useless. He then takes off his tunic and Kalmar follows to do the same. "I don't know about you, but I love fighting." JDG said.

"I do too." The Gatekeeper responded.

JDG then speaks softly to Kalmar, "What kind of barriers can you caste that will help us out here." 

Kalmar looks at JDG, "I can paralyze him if I can get close enough." Kalmar whispered back.

"Great, then the plan is this; I distract him with a frontal assault, you go around him and get him caught in your barrier." JDG explained and Kalmar nodded to the idea. 

At that moment JDG simply ran toward the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper then chose to fist fight with JDG rather than use his barrier so he could finish JDG first and easy. JDG ran up to the Gatekeeper and immediately swung a missing blow and the Gatekeeper used the opportunity to knock JDG to the ground with his elbow. 

The Gatekeeper looks up to find that Kalmar is nowhere to be seen, he then begins to rapidly move his head around before JDG gets up and jumps away and the Gatekeeper turns to see Kalmar right behind him. Kalmar castes a paralyzing barrier and the Gatekeeper can no longer move.

"I think I can leave him here for now, I doubt he would be able to break the barrier." Kalmar stated as he stood back from the Gatekeeper.

JDG stands up and examines the Gatekeeper's frozen self, "He looks lifeless, your barriers are powerful." JDG looks at Kalmar.

"I can caste multiple at the same time, so I don't have to worry about using one at a time." Kalmar explained as the two met up with each other.

"Is there a limit to how many you can caste and hold at the same time?" JDG asked.

"I haven't tried any more than seven." Kalmar answered.

JDG's eyes widen as he leans his head to Kalmar, "Seven is quite a lot, most Keepers can only hold one."

Kalmar looks at his hands, "It's a strange 'gift' that I have, I never really could explain it." 

The two walk up to the wooden door and open it. It immediately reveals a large spiral staircase to the very top. They both sigh as they see this large staircase and they begin to ascend the stairs quickly. Each step they make is to hasten this job since it's already taken them quite a while to complete.

Making their way to the top they find another door. Opening the door, they two barge in to find an old looking man wearing red robes staring out a window into the distance.

Without turning around the old man begins to speak, "So I assume the Gatekeeper I hired was useless." The old man said, speaking slowly.

"We are members of the Security Council of London and we are here to arrest you for violation of the Magical Doctrine." JDG stated sternly.

"He was useless." The man said to himself while sighing.

"Wasn't he a Keeper of the Stone?" Kalmar asked, "How could he be that useless?"

The wizard turns his head around, "He was one of the failed Keepers of the Stone, only having the job for two days. I knew I shouldn't have hired someone so cheap. I guess there is nothing I can do now." The wizard sighs again.

"You are to come with us!" JDG ordered.

"I know the drill, but I don't think I want to follow the drill." The wizard says as he turns around and runs toward the two blocking the door.

The wizard throws his arms out and Kalmar places up a barrier to protect himself, however, JDG feels something. JDG then feels a sudden sharp pain in his abdomen and kneels down to hold himself. Kalmar is able to keep a barrier to protect himself up and places a paralyzing barrier on the wizard from the neck down before the wizard could do much more.

JDG is now groaning as he holds his right stomach tightly. "What the hell did you do to him?" Kalmar questioned to the wizard.

"I only ruptured one of his organs." The wizard then shined a bright grin and began to laugh.

"You did what?" Kalmar becomes violent with his tone.

"How the hell do we help him?" Kalmar places his face in front of the wizard's, "Tell me how the hell we help him!" Kalmar demanded.

"I have no idea, this is the first time I was able to perform such a feat, first I figured out how to control the chemicals in the human body and now I can take control and destroy organs." The wizard begins to laugh violently, "He'll bleed internally and die painfully." The wizard humored himself.

Kalmar quickly kneels next to JDG as JDG groans more and more. The wizard continues laughing in the distance. "I can try to help you, but I never have attempted this before." Kalmar explained to JDG, "I will try to use my barrier to stop your internal bleeding before we can get you to a hospital."

Kalmar then castes a barrier inside of JDG's body, JDG spits out a good chunk of blood and whispers, "Oh shit." He groans while Kalmar tries to work his barrier gently inside of his organs. The wizard's laughter stops as he realizes what Kalmar is doing.

"No way." The wizard whispered to himself, "There is no way you are capable of something like that. Nobody has made barriers that small and that precise." The wizard grows louder, "Who the fuck are you?" The wizard interrogated Kalmar as Kalmar works his barrier. Kalmar pays no mind to the wizard.

"I think I was able to stop the bleeding," Kalmar then helps pick JDG up. "I'm going to put you in the car and then I'm going to bring the wizard as well."

Descending the long staircase was hard for the two, however, JDG tried to put his maximum effort into helping himself down the stairs. With each step the two made it closer to the bottom. Eventually they do reach the bottom where they exit the large wooden door. The Gatekeeper was still frozen in position and Kalmar sees the rifle and the tunics that the two have dropped previously. 

Kalmar helps JDG descend the hill toward the cottage where the car was parked across a stone bridge. The two hurry the best they can before JDG simply cannot handle the pain and difficulty anymore.

The two reach the car and JDG is laid in the backseat and Kalmar opens the trunk to place JDG's rifle. In the trunk there is a can of petrol, rope, and a few pairs of metal handcuffs with chains. Kalmar grabs the handcuffs to use against the wizard and the gatekeeper. 

"It's a long way back to London JDG, hold out as best as you can." Kalmar told.