Chapter 11:

Three Persons

Heartless Overclock

Tell me the reason you don't care.

Reveal to me why you are there.

Talk to me like you dare.

State to me the secrets that you share.

Are you human, or are you a monster?

Are you warm, or are you cold?

Are you heartful, or are you heartless?

Explain to me why we are friends.

Speak to me the meaning of friends.

Give me the reason that I'm your friend.

Because I don't understand how we are friends.

Do you think we are friends, or are we enemies?

Do you think you trust me, or do you suspect me?

Do you think I act with you, or is this really you?

You have everything, and I have nothing.

Why can't you give what I don't have?

You already have both! You already have enough!

You are better, and I'm the worse.

Why don't I get to show who I really am?

You have shown more than enough! You have gained both!

I'll love you, because I'm harmless

I'll kill you, because I'm heartless.

I'll save you because I'm hopeless.

And I'll be in an overclock.

Joe Gold
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