Chapter 8:

A heavy rain: With painful past

Cellular Redo

A dull golden week has passed of doing practically nothing. At least, I took a break from the crazy stuff that has been happening lately. Like Sakai senpai, who's clearly on a mission to expose me for something I didn't even do. But on the plus side our suggestion was approved and we got the fundings we need to buy the equipment we need in addition to a faculty advisor and a new club member. I don't know who that person is but all I know is this person is a drummer or something. Bookmark here

Today is sports day. No not that sports day. Apparently, the first years have the last 4 periods to participate in spots. It's one of the things that this schools first years have to do. They say it's a great opportunity to test our strengths in P.E. Bookmark here

It's now lunch time and this time I didn't go to the club room to eat and neither did Nakano. Now I'm eating with them. Bookmark here

"Aren't you excited about this sports thingie we have after this. I'm gonna show my athletic abilities to all of you. And reach the top. " Taki says with enthusiasm. Bookmark here

"Take it easy man it's just P.E, it's not like it's something like a sport festival or anything." I say. Bookmark here

"Yeah I don't even know what the big deal is too. I mean they're just testing us on our performance not our sports spirit or something like that." says Nakano. Bookmark here

"Tisk, Tisk, Tisk. I'm pretty sure all of you don't understand that showing off has no boundaries to where you need to be. Be it a measly sports test, P.E lessons  or even Sports festivals you need to show off anywhere wherever possible." Taki says. Bookmark here

"For some reason I can only predict that you'll make a fool out of yourself." I say.Bookmark here

"Yeah he tends to do that." she said that and we both laughed. Bookmark here

Lunch break is over and all the first year students had to report to the designated changing room. I didn't want to change with the other so I'm currently going to a different classroom because I'm self conscious about my body more than anything else. Bookmark here

Even though the Cellular Reprogam may have saved my life but it only restored 95 percent of my cells. Of which, the other 5 percent cells cannot be restored ever again. Luckily for my case my inner cells where fully restored. And those cells are on my back. You could see survier scar like trails on my back, which I feel uncomfortable for anyone see. Bookmark here

Luckily most Students are using class C and D to change. Which leaves classes A, B and E empty. So I think I'll choose class A since it's closer. Bookmark here

I ran towards Class A door holding my gym clothes. The door seems to be unlocked. It seems someone forgot to close the door before they got out. Looks to be my lucky day. The moment I opened the classroom door, all I saw was a Iwasaki with nothing but her underwear and bra on. We both froze of for a brief moment following silence in the room.  We both blushed afterwards. Bookmark here

"Y-YOU PERVERTED!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!" she screamed out the loudest as she could and with one hand throwing the first thing she could find and the other covering her bra. Bookmark here

"Eh I'm soo sorry. I thought that no one is using this room since it's unlocked. I just wanted to change in all." I said that while getting out of the room and talking cover behind the door. Seriously, why does it have to be her of all people. You'd think the smartest and talented girl in school know how to lock the door. Damn it. Now her standards for me has decreased almost entirely. sigh whatever, I'll just change in the bathroom. Bookmark here

After I got changed I went to the track field  where everyone had to wait. Bookmark here

"Oh there you are dude, where were you. You dissappeared after we had to change. Where did you go." said Taki. Bookmark here

"Sorry but I felt comfortable changing on my own." I answered without telling them the real reason. Bookmark here

When I was talking to Taki and Nakano, I looked the other way and saw Iwasaki staring at me really hard. She then realized that I saw her and she looked away really fast. Bookmark here

"Hey is it just me, or was that Honnor student staring at you, Ayato." says Taki. Bookmark here

"I'm pretty sure that was a glere than a stare. My my aren't you famus." Says Nakano. Bookmark here

"And for some reason I feel the urge of punching Ayato in the face." Taki says while irritated. Bookmark here

"It's best if the two of you don't know because I don't want to talk about it." I shut down the conversation fast while laughing awkwardly. Bookmark here

On to the Tests. Boys and Girls had two different tests the boys where tested by the basketball coach Jiro Nakamura Sensei . While the girls was with Suzuki Sensei. Bookmark here

Like Suzuki Sensei he's wearing same track suit. His build is a bit muscular and he has black eyes and black hair. He doesn't look that tough at all nor nice he's kinda blan in my opinion. Bookmark here

They where various tests like checking our grip strength, ball throwing and others. Of course sprint races where even included. Bookmark here

In the sprint race we were grouped into six runners. I was grouped with Taki. Bookmark here

"This is it now I'm gonna show you all what I'm made off. I'll totally leave you in the dust just wait and see." Taki tries to provoke me. Bookmark here

"Look I just want all of this to end. I could care less who's on top or not. I just want to get this over with." I whined. Bookmark here

Taki would surely win this because he has more stamina and better build than I do since he's in the soccer club. And not to mention, he always take his training to the extreme almost everyday. Bookmark here

The Race started and for a brief moment Taki took the lead because of his amazing start. He ran like he had already won this race. Meanwhile, I started last and was pushing to finish. But I wasn't always good at sports so I already know I'd loose. Bookmark here

For some reason, for the stretch of the halfway point of the track I didn't feel like tired instead I was running faster than I'd imagine. I passed the other three players in the matter of seconds and passed the other two seconds later. Almost to the finish line I passed Taki with full speed and one the race. I couldn't even believe it, in the past I'd never ever won a racing contest. Nah I'm pretty sure it was just a fluke. Bookmark here

"Wow dude that's incredible. I never thought that you'd beat me. I see you where holding back on me. I'm disappointed." says Taki while he was painting for air. Bookmark here

"Believe me, I'm more surprised as you." I said while painting for air as well. Bookmark here

From the sprint I scored 11 seconds that was 4 seconds faster than Taki's time. And it turns out from the results, my scores are better than Taki's. Bookmark here

In the conclusion of our P.E thing a heavy rain followed up unexpectedly. Outside club activities where canceled because of it. Since Miyazaki senpai had to do something urgent this afternoon, the only club members left where Iwasaki and I so we decided to leave. I'm now stuck. I don't have an umbrella because today's forecast said I'd be clear today. Damn weather it let me down. And it looks like the rain is not going to led up anytime soon. I don't have much of a choice Do I. Bookmark here

I ran outside the school gate, If I could get to the train station, I think I'd be able to catch a break. My clothes became even wetter but I kept running until I got to the stop sign of the first corner and then a familiar black car passed me for a couple of meters, it suddenly stopped to reverse towards my direction and finally came to a stop next to me. The passanger window opened. Iwasaki looked at me with a mean look after as usual. Bookmark here

"Aren't you going to catch a cold in this rain?" she asked. Bookmark here

"It's not like I have much of a choice since I didn't bring an umbrella." I responded. Bookmark here

"How about I give you a ride before you collapse in the streets." Bookmark here

Who knew miss ice queen cared. Since this is a rare occasion, let me take her off on her offer before she quickly changes her mind. Bookmark here

"So where do you live exactly?" she asked. Bookmark here

"I live the next town over actually." I replied. Bookmark here

"I see. Then I think it's best if we stop by at my place to get you out of those clothes before you catch a cold." she pointed out. Bookmark here

The entire ride was kinda quiet not to mention awkward. Not awkward as in what happened earlier, as in awkward we never met up outside the club room before. We finally reached the Iwasaki's home. Bookmark here

DAAAAAAAAAMN that Yard is HUGE. I think someone can get lost in it once they step foot in it. Not to mention the house is in the middle of it all. That's not a house that's a palace. Bookmark here

We got out of the car and I think I can count five, no six maids waiting for her in the door. Bookmark here

"Welcome home m'lady and we hope you have enjoyed your day." the maids say together. Bookmark here

"Kinoshita can you please prepare a bath for my friend and some pair of clothes as well. And if it's not too much trouble please dry his clothes for him." she ordered one of the maids. Bookmark here

"Yes M'lady. Come along young master. Right this way." The maid called for me. Bookmark here

"Ah, Y-Yes." I said and followed her to where she was leading me. Bookmark here

Now that I look around the house inside it's way more incredible than on the outside. Everything in this house is looking so fancy and quiet expensive. Bookmark here

The maid prepered me a bath and gave me some towels. MAN this bath looks so fancy and the water feels so nice that it feels like I'm in one of those expensive spars or baths, no even those don't cut it. Bookmark here

The moment I was done with my bath, I got out to go put on some change of clothes and surprise Iwasaki was the one who brought me some change of clothes. Luckily I was wearing a towel when I got out of the bath. Bookmark here

"What are you doing here?" I asked. Bookmark here

"I thought I might bring you some pair of clothes, t-that's all." she says that like she was shy and I gave her a smile after. Bookmark here

I started wearing a T-shirt she brought me. Out of habit, slightly turned my back toward her and she saw my scar. She went closer to exemine it. Bookmark here

"What happened to your back." she asked out of curiosity which spoked me a little so I jumped to hide it. Bookmark here

"Oh that, hehe. It's kind of a long story." I said and she looks to be said after I said it. And she got out. Bookmark here

After I got dressed one of the maids escorted me to Iwasaki's room. I am now feeling a bit unedged right now. Not only it's my first time in a girls room, I'm in Iwasaki's of all people. I could have relaxed a bit if it was Nakano's. But though the scent of the room smells a lot like hers. While I was debating whether the room smells like her or not she came in. And my God, she's looking amazing wearing something outside her school uniform. That's what you'd expect for our school beauty of our year. She was wearing like a noble. I'd expect no less from her even when she's home she's still this flashy. She also brought some snacks for us to enjoy. Bookmark here

"So what really did happen to your back?" she bluntly asked me again from out of the blue. The tactic she's using sounds familiar. Bookmark here

"Well, a year ago, on my last year in middle school, I got into a pretty bad accident from a high speeding truck. I got admitted to the hospital but it didn't even help even for one bit at all, because my bones where shattered and the pieces where pearcing my inner organs bit by bit, I was already baldy bleeding before I got to the hospital so I lost a lot of blood from then. The doctors where delaying the inevitable because It was already over for me. Until my mother admitted me to the NewOrgTec facilities in Chiba. It took 5 months for the process and 4 months to recover. However the cells from my scar died out and can never be restored even with the Cellular Reprogam. The scar on my back is a reminder of that day. "I explained. Her expression became envious. That's the first time seeing that expression. Bookmark here

"I didn't know, so earlier when you... And here I thought that you where nothing but a pervert. I'm sorry." she apologizes while she bows bows. Bookmark here

"No, no, no part of it is all my fault. I could have knocked before I opened the door. I'm the one who's at fault. Please raise your head." I got surprised that she apologized and even bowed. Bookmark here

"No I must apologize. I'm too quick to judge a person by character and always get the wrong idea about almost every thing. I'm the worst." she points out her flaws like that. Bookmark here

"Please get up. I've forgive you." I asked her and she got up. The was a brief second of silence and after we both laughed. Bookmark here

The conversation went on and I got to the point where she was smiling. That's another expression I've never seen from her. Bookmark here

"By the way Iwasaki, I haven't seen your parents around ever since I got here. Are they at work or something?" I asked but for some reason she was quiet for a little bit of a while and I think I shouldn't have asked that question. Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm sorry if I stepped on to boundaries I shouldn't have." I apologized and she smiled. Bookmark here

"My father is in the main house in Kyoto while my mother died when I was much younger." she says and she looks to be smiling but she's clinching her fists. Bookmark here

"Oh I'm sorry to make you say that." I said. Bookmark here

Okay I may have misjudged Iwasaki a little bit. I wonder why did she decide to tell me her faults like that? Does it have to do with sympathizing with my story or something else. Either way I got to know a bit more of Iwasaki than I've imagined. Bookmark here

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