Chapter 9:

Mysterious dream: Pointing to no past

Cellular Redo

I opened my eyes to see a smiling girl beside me to a house I think I know. We both stood up to run around the yard. Bookmark here

What is this feeling, why am I having so much fun like this? I just wish it never ends. Then suddenly, she runs in front of me I tried to follow but it looks like she's running towards the void of darkness in front of us now I she stops at the peak of it. No matter how much I shouted cannot even reach her. Bookmark here

Suddenly, I feel a bump on my head. I wake up to see that I'm in class for some reason. Bookmark here

"Aright Morita, since your a sleep why don't you read the next chapter." the teacher said. Bookmark here

"M-Morita?" I asked without even knowing who's she talking to. Bookmark here

"You must be still a sleep, perhaps another bonk in the head will wake you right back up? Now read where I've just ended. " she said and everyone laughed. Bookmark here

"Ah, right. eh let's see. 'at that moment the king had no choice but to call for a retreat.....' (Note:He is reading in English)" I read the part after I stood up. Bookmark here

The bell ringed for lunch time and all the students pared up with their friends. Bookmark here

"Ryu are you alright? It's pretty rare to see you sleep in class like that." Says one guy who was in front of my table. Bookmark here

"Yeah, it's pretty rear your always on your game on everything. What's wrong?"The other asks who besides my tablet. Bookmark here

"Ah, sorry to make you guys worry I've been studying around the clock that I have been pushing my self a bit too hard." I answered. Bookmark here

They are right I bearly sleep in class. I should stop taking too many all nighters to study. Bookmark here

"Morita-kun can you please help me with this problem. I couldn't quite get it when I was in class." one girl asks who approached me. Bookmark here

"Sure, oh this one. It'll be easier if you take out the common factor and divide it with this one and you'll get this solution." I explained a math problem to her. Bookmark here

"Ah, it all makes sence now. Thank you very much." she said so exited through the joy of helping her. Bookmark here

"Hey, Morita. If you have a minute. Can you help me with this problem." another girl asked. Bookmark here

"Not a problem. I see, the solution is to get rid of the punctuation and replace them with 'that' after 'said' and change the pronoun 'I' with 'he' and you're done." I corrected her English grammar. Bookmark here

"Oh, so that's how you do it. Thank you." she thanked me and left. Bookmark here

"Hey, Morita" another girl asked. Bookmark here

"Okay. I think Morita is done helping you girls out for today. I mean didn't you see how exhausted he was English class. I think it's best if we let him rest." says one of the boys earlier. All the girls left with nothing but guilt and apologies. Bookmark here

I think he saved me because if I'd helped even one person, I would have collapsed out of exhaustion. Bookmark here

It's now 5th period and It was time for P.E and today we're currently playing basketball with another class. I managed to get passed one player who was heavily marking me, I called for the ball and dribbled pasted two defenders passed the ball to a free player. As soon as I passed him, he got blocked. I went in to assist him and he passed it to me. I was free next to the hoop and I shot it beyond the field goal to get 3 points. The final point was 53 for us 38 for them. Bookmark here

"That's amazing man you got almost every basket for our team." says one boy in my team painting for air while I'm drinking water and wiping my face with a towel. Bookmark here

"Ah, thanks although the team did their share of work as well. I scored those baskets thanks to them." I said. Bookmark here

"You say that, but if it you haven't been there, we would have been destroyed without giving us a chance. I mean they already have guys from the basketball team and you're the only one who can match them." he further explained and I laughed awkwardly. Bookmark here

I went to sit next to my friends to go take a break from all of the running. I suddenly caught them on a conversation about me. Bookmark here

" I'm telling you Ryu, you basically destroyed the other team. I wiss you saw what you did in the court today." he says. Bookmark here

"C'mon. I don't know if I am THAT good. Just lucky I guess." I said. Bookmark here

"Are you hearing this guy. He said he's not THAT good. You may have not seen yourself murdering the court. All the girls in this court had their eyes on you. It's wired that you don't have a girlfriend by now." he continued. Bookmark here

"I'm not sure girls would have any reason to date me." I say that with a smile. Bookmark here

"Are you kidding. You're athletic, Smart and reliable perfect I say to me that's, pretty much, enough reason for girls to fall in love with. So now I'm asking how come you don't have a girlfriend hmmmm? " he persisted as he moved closer to my face . Bookmark here

"I just don't feel like dating anyone that's all. And also you're way too close." I dodged the question. Bookmark here

"What no way man, you're way too joung to get tired from dating. There must me something wrong with you." he says. Bookmark here

P.E class ended and we all headed back to the classroom for the next period. Classes continued as normal until school ended. Bookmark here

After school I joined my friends who were waiting for me so that we could walk home. I suddenly received a message from my grandmother asking me to pick up some ingredients from the store. Bookmark here

"Hey Ryu we're heading to town to have some fun. You wanna join us?" one of my friends asked. Bookmark here

"Sorry, I can't. My grandmother asked me to get some stuff from the store so I'd be leaving you guys here." I replied. Bookmark here

"Oh I see, then catch you later." he said while we separated from the stop sign and went in different directions. Bookmark here

I went to the store and picked up some eggs, milk and of course, some snacks and went straight home. My house looks to be one of the old traditional houses with tatami mats. Bookmark here

"I'm home." I said it while I was in front of the door. Bookmark here

"Oh Ryu. Welcome home." says my grandmother greeting me back. She's is wearing a traditional kimono. Bookmark here

"I brought the things you asked me to bring." I responded as I took of my shoes. Bookmark here

"Oh thank you so much for that. I really appreciate it." she thanked me with a warm smile as I gave her the plastic bag. Bookmark here

I live with my grandmother in this old traditional house with tatami mats. My mother and father both died when I was still young. Since my mother was orphaned as a child as well I was raised by my grandparents on my father's side. But shortly after, my grandfather passed away. My grandmother is the only person I'm left with in this world and with her health condition it only a matter of time until she's gone. Bookmark here

"I think I'll cook dinner today. Why don't I do the cooking for tonight? " I asked in concern for her health. Bookmark here

"Ryu my boy I know how hard you've been pushing yourself but I think it's best for me to do the cooking while you rest I'll be fine." Bookmark here

"But grandma I only want to help. " I sayBookmark here

"I know you are worried about me. I'll be alright. just focus on what where doing and I'll support you buy making you the best food you've ever had." she said that. Even though I wanted to help her, she was worried about me all this time. That's what makes her the best. Bookmark here

Today we are having oden. As always, my grandmother makes the best oden ever. I'm enjoying every single moment I spend with my grandmother because she's my only family member who here for me. Bookmark here

The next day after school I was walking with my friends going home and then suddenly, I blinked to only see a girl I have dreamed about in the distance crossing the corner far from us. I was petrified to think it her. Bookmark here

"Wait, Ryu where are you running off to." one of my friends screamed at me as I dropped my bag all of a sudden and started running towards the direction I saw her. Bookmark here

It can't be. Could it? I know I saw her but is that girl the same girl? Shina-Chan. It's been ages since I've saw her. Bookmark here

"SHINA-CHAN!!!" I screened her name while I ran towards her direction but it doesn't seem that she can hear me. It looks like I have lost her in front of the crowd. I seached the entire crowd until I finally reach her.Bookmark here

"Shana-chan I finally caught up to you." I said while painting for air from all the running I did. Bookmark here

"Hey, you've seem to know my name. Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked me like she did not recognize me. I looked pale from hearing her ask me like she doesn't remember me. Bookmark here

After she asked me that feel the ground starting shake until it finally cracked and broke. I fell in the deep hole where there was nothing but a void of darkness where the is no end to it. Bookmark here

I suddenly woke up from that dream and woke up as myself Ayato. Gasped for air from having that intense dream and I touched my check to find that tears are coming out from my eyes. In addition to the tears, my heart was aching for some reason so I clenched my fist on my chest.Bookmark here

Later in the afternoon I went to the music club as I was thinking of that dream I had. But clearly I don't remember what did I dream about. Bookmark here

"Ayato are you alright, you seem kinda down today. Did something happen to you? " Iwasaki asked out of curiosity I met her as I was walking along the way to the club room. Bookmark here

"Hm? Nothing happened. I was just thinking of something that's all." I responded to her question quickly. Bookmark here

"Also thank you for the other day. If it wasn't for you I would have arrived home with a cold." I continued to thank her for her hospitality. She smiled a little bit as I was thanking her. Bookmark here

"No problem. I mean, what are friends for." she replied. Bookmark here

"Anyway, I think that our club member is going to attend today. I haven't met her though. I think Miyazaki said she's a second year like her." I said. Bookmark here

"It makes sense. Even though we were doing fine somehow. We still needs a drummer to form some sort of rhythm and beat to our performance." Iwasaki added. Bookmark here

We both chatted about how important a drummer is to our club until we reached the club room where we heard Miyazaki Senpai was talking to someone apparently. We then entered the club room. Bookmark here

"Hayashi and Iwasaki together. That's a pretty rare sight. Every time the two of you are together you guys always find a way to mock each other or something." Miyazaki senpai says as she is surprised to see us get along. Bookmark here

"What? it's not that rare. " I said. Bookmark here

"Well anyway meet our newest members. She technically jointed club a while ago. She transferred to our school this week" Miyazaki says. Bookmark here

"Sup, I'm Fumito Imai, second year. Nice to meet you." she introduced herself. Bookmark here

"I'm Ayato Hayashi, first year. Nice to meet you." Bookmark here

"And I'm Tamako Iwasaki, first year as well. Nice to meet you." Bookmark here

"She's the girl Sensei was talking about you see." Miyazaki senpai says. Bookmark here

She has brown short hair blue eyes, looks to be as tall as I am and looks to be wild. Maybe that's why she's a drummer. Bookmark here

"Oh so she's the girl, she's Sensei's cousin." Iwasaki says and suddenly we all hear a box falling to the ground coming from the door. We all see who it is. And it was a woman. Bookmark here

"It can't be. This has got to be a dream is it. Ryu is that you?" the woman seems to be asking me and we all don't seem to be getting what's she talking about. Bookmark here

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