Chapter 7:

A Struggle : Are the Student Council really this Intense, or not.

Cellular Redo

Yesterday we decided to sell all the unused instruments in the club while finding a Faculty advisor. We split the work into to where Iwasaki and Miyazaki senpai went for the faculty advisor while I went to find information about the instruments in the library. Alright I got the information about the instruments that needs selling and the gear we need to buy thanks to Miyura. All that is left is to hear what the student council has to say. 
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I ran towards the student council room and the moment I was about to pass a corner I suddenly bumped onto a girl. She was holding stacks of papersheets and the tumbled all over the place. Bookmark here

"Ow that huts. Hey are you alright, you're not hurt are you?"I  asked while getting up and reached my hand to lift her up. Bookmark here

" Y-Yeah I think I'll be fine. "She says and reached to grab my hand and I pulled her to lift her up. Bookmark here

"I'll help you pick this up." I offered my assistant. Bookmark here

"Thank you very much. With your help I can avoid being late." she answered. Bookmark here

Wow I don't believe it. This girl is so tiny that I think she gives petite a new meaning. This girl must be the same height as Iroha, no she's probably shorter. Like 4.7 inches shorter. On top of that she's got hair that's as bigger than Iwasaki's. Her eyes are brown but almost as close as going to yellow. I gotta say she's got a charm in her own way. Bookmark here

"S-So where are you taking all of these piles of papersheets anyway." I asked. Bookmark here

"I'm just taking them to the student council room." She answered. Bookmark here

"Oh. Well then in that case may I help you carry them?" I asked again. Bookmark here

"Oh no no, you've done more than enough on helping me pick these up." she says. Bookmark here

"It's fine, it's thanks to me that that you dropped them anyway. Besides, I'm on my way to the council room anyway." I ensisted. Bookmark here

"Okay then I'll take you up on that." she says. Bookmark here

On my way to the student council room. I felt a bad feeling that somethings bad is going to happen. I chose to ignore it because it's just a student council room, what's the worst thing that could ever happen? Bookmark here

We finally reached the student council room. For some reason the petite girl looks to be unedged. Bookmark here

"Well here we are. See it wasn't that bad now to get my bu...." she interrupted me while I was about to reach the door. Bookmark here

"Wait! I think you should stand back while I open the door. Trust me. " she seemes serious when she says that. Obeying her with out knowing a reason I stood back. Bookmark here

"Yukiko-Chaaaaan, WELCOME BAAACK!" all of the sudden when she opened the door, a girl flew out the door and screamed that. The petite girl dodged her and she crashed onto the nearest wall in front of the council room. She literally passed me and it surprised that I was petrified out of shock. Bookmark here

"Owie, that huuurt. Yukiko-Chan that's mean dodging me like that. I put my undying love on that flying heart. It's almost as if you're dodging my true feelings." the flying girl says that to the petite girl. Bookmark here

"What do you want me to do, stand there like an idiot and get hurt." says the petite girl. Bookmark here

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing." says the flying girl while she pouts. Bookmark here

"That's because it is bad thing. How many times did I tell you, don't fly of the door like that when I'm about to enter the classroom. You're gonna get yourself or someone hurt. What if it wasn't me opening the door?" the petite girl scolds the flying girl. Bookmark here

"Nah I can it's never gonna happen because I can only sense my beloved Yukiko-chan." the flying girl says. Bookmark here

"Must you always make a fuss when she's around like that? You're idiotic is beyond compassion." says the guy in glasses while Bookmark here

"Yeah, who asked you four eyes." she pouts. Bookmark here

The girl who just flew like a missile and nearly hit me looked roughly around the same height as Nakano. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. And the guy with the glasses has blonde short hair with square glasees. And slightly taller than me. Bookmark here

"Look if it hadn't for me, you could have hit this guy and hurt him." the petite continues scolding the flying girl while pointing at me. I'm still in shock that she flew out of the door and almost hit me. Bookmark here

"My bad I didn't mean.... to.... Eh..... Guy W-WITH MY  YUKIKO-CHAN!!!!!" she's now loosing it. While the petite girl tries to check on me. I feel a familiar sense of bloodlist. Yup I know this feeling this is the same feeling that I get from Taki when I'm just casually talking to Nakano. Bookmark here

"You there. How do you know My Yukiko-chan." She interrogates me with the sudden kill aura. I feel if I answer this question wrong I might die. Bookmark here

"Ah, well we sorda bumped in to each other in the hallway earlier." I say with fearing for my life voice. Bookmark here

"BUMPED. " she shouts while she repeats. Bookmark here

"I helped her pick up some papersheets." I continued. Bookmark here

"PAPERS." she still repeats. Bookmark here

"And walked here." I still continued. Bookmark here

"WALKED HEEEERE." this time she shouted that continuously.Bookmark here

"Are you gonna always repeat what I have to say?" I retorted. Bookmark here

"Enough already, he helped me pick these important documents. And he has business with the student council now could you please let him in." the petite girl says.Bookmark here

Apparently, the girl petite girl is Yukiko Uchida. A second year regardless of her height and she's currently the vice president of the student council president. The dude with the glasses is Kaori Sugiyama. A first year and the treasure. And finally the flying girl who is currently setting me on fire with her eyes is Kaiya Sakai and, even though it's hard to believe and hell even I have a hard time to believe from what I've seen, is the Shinjozo Private High School 74th Student council President. Bookmark here

"S-So whith what I've explained, we'd like Student council and the school's permission to sell the unused instruments." I've explained everything to them. And after that sentence she sinked into a intimidating silence. Bookmark here

"I disagree." she shut me down. And apparently everyone in the entire room where surprised. Bookmark here

"But the limited budget you guys gave us does not cover the cost of the equipment we need?" I persisted. Bookmark here

"You heard what I said now beat it." She said it so cool heartedly. Bookmark here

"Alright then, but can you please tell us what are we supposed to do with the instruments that are still in our club room." I said and again she sinked in a intimidating silence. Bookmark here

"Instruments? What the hell are you talking about?" she asked like she's confused.Bookmark here

"Erm, the instruments in our club room." I tried to get her back to reality. Bookmark here

"Wait, you aren't here to ask for my blessings for you to marry Yukiko-chan?" she asked that with a straight face. Bookmark here

"Why the hell would I ask for that? And what are you, her father?" I lashed out and straight out retorted out of anger. Bookmark here

"To be honest with you, I didn't listen to anything you've said because I thought you're here to take my Yukiko-chan away from me." she spouted more nonsense. Bookmark here

"Please take your job seriously." I said. Bookmark here

"You're a true idiot." says Sugiyama. Bookmark here

"Kaiya-chan take things seriously already." says Uchida senpai. Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for this, Kaiya-chan is not always like this. I think we'll take you're offer into consideration." she continues. But you could hear Sakai senpai complaining in the background. Bookmark here

"From my point of view I think we should sell them. The calculations you've just submitted, reflect on what the school and what your club will gain. However, from the other statement, regarding the grand piano, I'm afraid it cannot be sold. Since most of the instruments that are in that club room where bought by other past clubs with their club budgets, the  grand piano is a property of the school." Sugiyama explained. Bookmark here

"I thought as much about the piano. Since it can't be sold, then we could use it. One of the club members pointed out the problems with the piano that it needs maintenance." I explained. Bookmark here

"Very well give us a report on what needs to be fixed and we'd get back to you. And regarding the instruments we'll ask the Head Master for his permission and give you the extra funds to your club." he inputted. Bookmark here

That's the Treasure for you, All wise with the numbers and analysis. I think he's more reliable than in this entire council room. Though I can't say anything about their president, but since she chose Sugiyama for Treasure then I can't complain. Bookmark here

"Anything else you'd like us to help?" asked Uchida senpai. Bookmark here

"No I think it'll be all. Thank you for your help." I replied, bowed and then got out. Bookmark here

The next day I explained everything, but leaving the part about Sakai senpai's flying act to the others. Bookmark here

"As I thought about the Piano. It looks like other club members will have to use it fairly, since it's school property." Says Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"By the way, how's faculty advisor hunting going?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Well we found our new advisor but she's too busy to come and meet us today. Er.... Hayashi I think we have a visitor." Miyazaki senpai pointed out to the door. Sakai senpai was giving me a huge intense stare. I gave out a big sigh, opened the door and She fell over. Bookmark here

" What the hell are you doing here, senpai? "I asked her. Bookmark here

"Well I came hear to spy on you." she bluntly said it. Bookmark here

"At least try to hide your intentions." I retorted. Bookmark here

"As I thought, you are cheating on my poor Yukiko-chan with these girls." she says. Bookmark here

"You're being delusional again, this is my club room and these are my club mates. And also since when did I date Uchida Senpai?" I retorted again. Bookmark here

"I've been tailing you since the school starts and you're hanging around girls a lot are you a man-whore?" Bookmark here

"Excuse me for half of my friends being girls. Also get a life instead of stalking me for the entire day." I still continued retorting on her ridiculous delusions about me.  Every one, who is not me and Sakai senpai looks to be confused on what's happening. Bookmark here

"I bumped on to the vice president yesterday while on my way to the Student council room. I helped her and now she thinks I'm dating her so she's confronting me I guess." I explained to them. Bookmark here

"Looks to me that your life got more worse." says Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"I know right." I replied. Bookmark here

"I'm going to prove that you're not good for my dear Yukiko-chan, once and for all." Sakai senpai says with confidence. Bookmark here

"I'm not. We're not dating. Now could you please go back to the coucil room." I replied. Bookmark here

This is just great. All I did was pick up some damn papersheets and now I got a crazy stocker who thinks her friend just married the worst guy on the planet and that worst guy is me. Bookmark here

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