Chapter 12:

Interlude II

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

The Alliance Army returned from the battlefield, tired and beaten.  Of a headcount of almost twenty-four thousand at the start, only a quarter remain.Bookmark here

“How many men do we have left?" Valerie inquired to her soldiers.Bookmark here

“Around three thousand more or less, captain.”Bookmark here

“How many are injured?”Bookmark here

“Around a third.” Bookmark here

Valerie's forehead creased.  “Separate the count into those that can still fight and those who can’t.”Bookmark here

“Yes, Captain.” The soldier saluted, then solemnly left the tent. Bookmark here

Valerie turned her focus to another soldier in attendance, “What about our artillery?”Bookmark here

“Due to a massive loss of manpower, we’ve had to a leave a lot behind.”Bookmark here

“How many do we have left?”Bookmark here

“We’re still looking into it.”Bookmark here

Valerie restrained herself from sighing in front of her subordinates despite the frustration. She took note of how she will try to release the stress later. Something that will help lessen the visible effect of tiredness and uneasiness from her face. “Alright, I want a definite number in the next report.”Bookmark here

“Yes, Captain.” Once again, the soldier saluted, then headed out of the tent.Bookmark here

“The rest of you are dismissed. I need some time to think.”Bookmark here

The remaining soldiers saluted in unison before finally leaving their captain. Valerie slumped down the chair. It has been an exhausting week for her and her soldiers. She thought of how to also increase the moral of the army to get through this and finish their tasks.Bookmark here

“At least you still have more soldiers than us. Cheer up.”Bookmark here

A man flapped open the entrance of the tent and slipped in. It was Frederick.Bookmark here

“How many on your side?”Bookmark here

“We’re still doing a headcount, but it seems bleak. Probably twenty five hundred at most.”Bookmark here

Valerie closed her eyes for a moment. “Sorry for your loss.”Bookmark here

The mood inside the tent fell into solemnness.
Bookmark here

Frederick sat down the stool beside the captain's table. “It’s no problem. I already knew this outcome was going to happen. It’s what we signed up for.”Bookmark here

“Yup, totally signed up to be cannon fodder. Do you want anything to drink?” Valerie offered Frederick her canteen.Bookmark here

“It’s alright. I have my own.” Frederick pulled out a canteen from his satchel.Bookmark here

“Great. Well, here’s to the heroes defeating the demon lord.” Valerie raised her drink.Bookmark here

“Here’s to us surviving.” Frederick raised his.Bookmark here

“Heh, cheers to that.”Bookmark here

“Cheers.”Bookmark here

The two drank up.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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