Chapter 13:

City of Durahl - Our First Stop

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Iris is sitting right next to me.Bookmark here

“Aelius.”Bookmark here

Elizabeth is driving. Bookmark here

“Aelius?”Bookmark here

“Yes?” I replied.Bookmark here

“Is something on your mind? You’re spacing out? She looked at me with concern.Bookmark here

It is because of your behavior Iris. It has only been a week at most.Bookmark here

You were so shy when we first met, but now you seem completely different. It is a little too fast- Is what I wanted to say, but it would be awkward to say it right now.Bookmark here

“I am just contemplating better ways to make our teamwork more efficient”Bookmark here

“That’s just like you Aelius.”Bookmark here

She smiled. What do you mean that is just like me? You barely know me.Bookmark here

Iris shuffled a little closer. “Aelius, you should rest. You must be tired.”Bookmark here

She patted her lap. She likes me, I know that. I am not dense unlike all those otherworlders.Bookmark here

But I am a God, she is human. That already is enough reason for me to reject her advances.Bookmark here

“I am not tired at all, that much work was to be expected.”Bookmark here

“You say that, but you’re enjoying this.”Bookmark here

Wait. Bookmark here

I am already lying down on her lap. Fine, you win Iris. I will let this slide.Bookmark here

She let out a little laugh. “Does your silence mean that I have a chance?”Bookmark here

I looked up at her face. “What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Don’t make me say it twice, you meanie.”Bookmark here

“I am not sure. You do know who I really am right?”Bookmark here

“Of course, I’ve talked about it with Shaun a couple of times.”Bookmark here

So that is what you guys were talking about.Bookmark here

Iris rubbed my hair. I really should not let her keep doing this.Bookmark here

“It’s alright Aelius, I may not be of much help… but I will do what I can to help you.”Bookmark here

I kept silent. She was smiling again. Bookmark here

“Sorry to interrupt your bonding time, we’re arriving at Durahl’s gates soon.”Bookmark here

Elizabeth pointed forward. Iris and I went to the front of the carriage.Bookmark here

Currently, we are on one of the mountain roads that go around the mountain ranges. Across the valley opposite to us, there is a city built deep within the mountain.Bookmark here

The city itself was not visible, and a huge gate can be seen on the side of the mountain. Bookmark here

Several huge stone bridges span from the entrance to the various mountain roads, and such a bridge is right up ahead of us.Bookmark here

I look below us. “That is… quite the fall.”Bookmark here

It seems to be at least a thousand feet deep. Not that it should matter since I can use Levitate.Bookmark here

We reach the gates. The walls do not cover the base of the mountain altogether, instead, there is a gap up the top of the walls.Bookmark here

As we went near the gate, a guard called out to us. “Stop the carriage! we’ll need to inspect you for security reasons.”Bookmark here

We stopped. The guards at the gate checked the insides of every carriage in our unit.Bookmark here

Looking at the gate itself, its heavily decorated with gold and silver. Enticing, but attackers would think twice the moment they see the huge turrets atop the walls.Bookmark here

The turrets which line the walls are the same kind as those L-shaped weapons those otherworlders are fond of. But way, way bigger.Bookmark here

“Alright, you’re free to come inside”Bookmark here

The guards let us in. Bookmark here

“Welcome to Durahl”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Currently, inside the city of Durahl.Bookmark here

Hannah and Head Knight Grayson went inside an establishment to acquire some rooms to stay in for the night. The rest wait outside.Bookmark here

“Ahhh, finally! We’ve been traveling for so long!” Jace exclaimed.Bookmark here

“Hold your horses Jace, we still need to book a place to stay for the night.” Renz said to him as he looked at the building.Bookmark here

“What! Seriously? We’re even sleeping here tonight? Yessss!!” Jace raised both his hands in excitement.Bookmark here

We have gotten off the carriages and are currently looking for a place to stay.Bookmark here

Renz snapped at him. “Jace! The horses!”Bookmark here

“Oh shoot, my bad Renz.”Bookmark here

“Don’t just stand there! Let’s go get them!”Bookmark here

Jace and Renz ran off after the horses. It is worth to note that they are like Nadia and Aidan.Bookmark here

Hannah and Head Knight Grayson exited the building.Bookmark here

“Alright! Captain Hannah and I found a place for us to stay the night… uh where’s Jace and Renz?Bookmark here

Elen walked over to them. “Don’t mind them, how many rooms did you get?”Bookmark here

“We got 3 rooms which hold 4 people each and 1 room which accommodates 2” Hannah handed her a key. “And don’t go arguing with Julie about who gets to sleep with Toshikasu in the two-person room, we’ve already decided who sleeps together and stuff. It’s you and Julie in that room.”Bookmark here

Elen looked down. Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson chuckled. “Don’t make it sound so weird, it’s just people sharing a room. Shaun, Renz – who’s not here at the moment, Toshikasu, you guys are with me.”Bookmark here

He gave Shaun the key. Bookmark here

“Who decided on the arrangements?” Julie, still clinging to Toshikasu’s back, sounded disappointed. Bookmark here

Hannah handed me a key. “Both of us captains. It’s our job to look after you guys since we have experience with the outside, so just listen for now. Al, you’re with Aidan, Nadia, and Jace. Don’t forget to tell him when he comes back.”Bookmark here

So Hannah is a Captain as well. I looked at the key in my hand. The inscription says 2nd floor, 3rd room. The others have different floor numbers.Bookmark here

“We are not on the same floor at least?” I inquired, looking down on her. Bookmark here

It is hard to take her seriously with her small height.Bookmark here

“We don’t have a choice, most of the rooms are booked. At least we’re all in the same building. Mercedes, Iris, Elizabeth will be with me.” Captain Hannah replied.Bookmark here

“Yes Ma’am.” Mercedes said, walking over to us.Bookmark here

“Mercedes, you can just call me Hannah.” She looked up at Mercedes, handing her the key.Bookmark here

I guess we will just have to make do with what we get. Bookmark here

Iris and Elizabeth continued to unload the carriages. Aidan and Nadia are still sleeping in theirs.Bookmark here

“Yo Al.” Toshikasu called out, walking over to me.Bookmark here

“What is it Toshikasu?”Bookmark here

“I already told you, you can just call me Toshi. Let’s go get Jace and Renz, they’ve got my stuff, also I’m worried about them.”Bookmark here

“You’re so thoughtful.”Bookmark here

I was going to help Iris, but this is also a good chance to explore the city.Bookmark here

“Hahaha, I do look out for my teammates” He looked at Julie.Bookmark here

She nodded, then disappeared.Bookmark here

Shadow arts, she is quite skilled.” I acknowledged them.Bookmark here

“Oh? You know she can conceal herself with Martial Arts?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, she is hiding in your shadow all the time. It gets obvious. Let us make haste.”Bookmark here

I lead the way. He followed behind me. Julie climbed up the nearby buildings, a shadowy link connecting her to Toshikasu. As long as Toshikasu has Mana, she can conceal herself indefinitely within a couple of meters away.Bookmark here

“You can see her too?” He asked.Bookmark here

Uh-oh, I was caught staring again. Bookmark here

“I have Enhanced Detection up most of the time.”Bookmark here

“Isn’t that a rank 7 spell? You’ve got so much mana bro!”Bookmark here

That was a lie. I cannot use Enhance Detection multiple times. In fact, just using it once drains half my innate mana. Bookmark here

I can see Julie because – nevermind, I do not really know why. As a God, seeing through concealments like that is child’s play, but right now I am just a human.Bookmark here

We continued to walk around the city. The streets are lined with stalls selling weapons, armor, and accessories. The constant smell of smoke from the constant forging within the city is a little annoying.Bookmark here

Durahl is one of the smaller dwarven cities on this continent. It is around a third of the size of Sol. The only source of sunlight is the gap between this city’s walls and the mountainside.Bookmark here

Instead, artificial light from magic stones light the city streets. Dwarves are very passionate about forging, which explains why vendors are mostly selling metalwork to visitors.Bookmark here

Takashiro rubbed his nose. Looks like the smoke is getting to him as well.Bookmark here

“Jeez, where the heck did those two go? We’ve been searching for a couple of minutes now.”Bookmark here

“Maybe they’re already back at the inn.”Bookmark here

“Maybe, maybe not. Julie.”Bookmark here

Julie disappeared from the rooftops and materializes behind him.Bookmark here

“Yes Toshi?” She asked.Bookmark here

“Go back to the inn, check if the two are already back”Bookmark here

“Okay!” She turned around, heading back. Bookmark here

We keep looking as we headed in a random direction. It seems that this part of the city is under development. Multiple old buildings are up for demolition, having long since been abandoned.Bookmark here

“Al, what are your Unique skills by the way? Bookmark here

“I only have one, Blessing of the Archmage. What is yours?”Bookmark here

Toshikasu grinned. “I’ve got three, Vow of Holiness, Demon’s Bane, and the Leveling System.”Bookmark here

“Wow that is a lot. But for now let us continue this talk once we are back at the inn.”Bookmark here

“Ah! haha of course of course, we can’t have people eavesdropping on us”Bookmark here

We turned on an empty street. Not exactly empty because there are still some people, but they seem to have nothing better to do than stare at us.Bookmark here

It is surprising that other than dwarves, there are also humans and beastmen in this city. I look beside me. The otherworlder is not there anymoreBookmark here

Toshikasu suddenly ran off.Bookmark here

“Hey wait!” I ran after him, but I’m losing sight of him. Bookmark here

Damn he is fast. He turned left, running into an alleyway.Bookmark here

“Damn it otherwor- Toshikasu, where are you going?!”Bookmark here

Turn after turn, we went deeper into the maze that is this city. And I have finally lost sight of him.Bookmark here

“Ugh- out of… breath” I gasped for air.Bookmark here

My lower abdomen hurts. I am once reminded how unathletic this body is.Bookmark here

Clutching my stomach, I speed walked around a random corner.Bookmark here

ThudBookmark here

I saw Toshikasu fighti- beating up five beastmen. Looks like I am late. He seemed to have heard the pleas of a young girl; she seems to be protecting her little sister. Both are heavily injured.Bookmark here

He punched one in the gut, sending him flying a couple of feet. Bookmark here

“Oof!!” Bookmark here

“You’re dead human!!”Bookmark here

Two of them charged Toshikasu, each holding one of his arms.Bookmark here

Both are using Fighting Aura, a Martial Art similar to Battle Aura which increases the physical capabilities of the user, albeit being slightly weaker. But with Beastmen naturally being stronger than most humans, it is a decent buff nonetheless. Bookmark here

The two pinned him to the wall. Or at least they thought they did. He took a step forward, then another despite the two still trying to push him towards the wall.Bookmark here

“Shit, he’s strong!”Bookmark here

Another one snuck up behind him, hitting his head with a shovel. It snapped under the force of the blow.Bookmark here

“W-what the heck!?” He gulped.Bookmark here

Toshikasu fumed. “You people. Stooping so low that you’d attack your own kind. You disgust me.”Bookmark here

He spread his legs a little. He then grabbed the two beastmen who are holding his arms, flipping them to the ground- their limbs broken.Bookmark here

The one with the now-broken shovel dropped his weapon and tried to run away in my direction. Bookmark here

I blocked his path.Bookmark here

“Get out of my way!” The agitated beastman growled as he tried to swipe at me with his claws.Bookmark here

Big mistake. He fell into a hole in the ground. Bookmark here

He landed on one of his buddies, who already fell earlier when they tried to stab me from behind.Bookmark here

“Hah! Nice trick man, an illusion over a pit.” Toshikasu ran over to me.Bookmark here

I grinned at him. “Don’t forget I’m levitating on top of it.”Bookmark here

He laughed. “Hahaha to make it seem like you’re standing on solid ground, genius!”Bookmark here

“Aren’t you going to check on those girls?”Bookmark here

“Ah! Right!”Bookmark here

He rushed over to the girls. As for these guys. Bookmark here

I aimed my finger at them. “Nature’s Bind.”Bookmark here

A magic circle appeared on the sides of one of the abandoned buildings overlooking the alleyway.Bookmark here

Lianas immediately materialized, wrapping around the unconscious thugs. The resulting flora proceeded to tie them up and attach them to the building.Bookmark here

“You are lucky I will not kill you guys. Good luck trying to break free.”Bookmark here

Killing them would be the most effective way to make sure they don’t commit crimes in the future, but I knew Toshikasu would not agree to that. So I will just let them hang in there.Bookmark here

I strolled over to Toshikasu and the girls. Their injuries have already been healed. Looks like he also already said his heroic speech/vow- they are already attached to the otherworlder like there is no tomorrow. Bookmark here

“This guy behind me is Al. He’s a friend, he helped me save you.” he pointed at me.Bookmark here

The older one looked at me. She looks around 15, her sister even younger. Which reminds me, is Toshikasu also around this body’s age?Bookmark here

“U-um… thank you. Thank you for protecting me and my sister. I’m Uriel, this is my sister Una.” she mumbled, holding her little sister.Bookmark here

I look at the girl. What she is wearing can hardly be described as clothing. She and Una had metal cuffs on her neck and arms earlier. Now they are free thanks to Toshikasu.Bookmark here

And one last detail.Bookmark here

Cat ears. It is exactly the kind of beastman variant that those otherworlders are always wanting to meet. Wait, why would I pay attention to that?Bookmark here

“Well then, let’s go. You can come with us if you want.” I shook my head, turning around.Bookmark here

Toshikasu seems to be more overjoyed by what I said than the girls themselves.Bookmark here

“They can come with us?” His eyes sparkled.Bookmark here

“Of course, you’ll bring them along either way whether or not I say it.”Bookmark here

Toshikasu smiled again. It was expected. Otherworlders have a habit of picking up strays on their journey which end up to be one of their greatest companions.Bookmark here

“You hear that Uriel, Una? Do you want to come with us?” He extended his hand to them with a smile.Bookmark here

“Y-yes! T-take us with you” Uriel took his hand.Bookmark here

“Well then, let’s get out of this place”Bookmark here

Toshikasu carried Una on his back, and while holding Uriel’s hand, we made our way back to the inn.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A couple of hundred meters away from the scene.Bookmark here

On top of a building. A short figure observed the two humans leaving the alleyway with their new companions. He's looking at them through a telescope attached to a long, barrel-like weapon.Bookmark here

“Found you.”Bookmark here

He picked up his weapon, strapping it on his back. Bookmark here

He then quietly leaves the area.Bookmark here

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