Chapter 10:


Riddle Night

It was the next day, and I was ready to save the math teacher's life. Yesterday me and Kai figured out how to solve the riddle.  Bookmark here

You want riddle number Four, then here you go. 
My favorite dessert is pi, and you better try. 
To solve my problems and I am hard to eye.

If you don't want me to die, make sure I don't fly.
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Let me explain the answer to the riddle: 
1) My favorite dessert is pi: In this sentence, pi here doesn't mean the dessert. Instead, it means, "π" which is used in mathematics. When the sentence says, "My favorite dessert is pi." it hints that the victim will be the math teacher. 
2) You better try to solve my problems: Which means solve my math problems. (Again, hints to the math teacher.)
3) I am hard to eye: The math teacher was the supervisor at the time where Julie got killed. The math teacher called the ambulance and gave Julie CPR. And since all that happened, it is hard for me to attend her classes. So it is hard for me to face her. 
4) If you don't want me to die, make sure I don't fly: Hints that the cause of the math teacher's death will be falling from a high place. 

When I woke up, I got dressed, and then I went downstairs. However, I couldn't find mom anywhere. 
Lena was sitting there taking a sip of her coffee. 
"Lena, where is mom?" I sat beside her at the dining table. 
"Mom went to work," Lena said while she rested her head on her hand.
"She's been pretty busy lately." Lena continued. 
"Poor mom, she is trying very hard to support us as a single mom." I replied. 
"Katie, what do you think about us cooking dinner tonight? As a surprise for mom!" Lena suggested. 
"Sure! I think that's a great idea!" I said excitedly. Bookmark here

I left my house to go to school then I noticed Kai. I started tippy-toeing behind him, trying not to make him notice me. When I got closer to him, I grabbed his shoulder.
Kai screamed like a girl. "AHHHH!" He looked at me, "You scared me!!"
I giggled, "Sorry!" 
A woman started running towards us, "Boy, are you okay?! I heard you scream!" 
Kai was embarrassed, "I-I'm okay."
"Thank god." The woman said. 
When the woman left, I busted out laughing. Kai turned beet red, "W-what are you laughing about!"
 "Sorry that I embarrassed you, but." I couldn't stop laughing.
Kai looked really embarrassed. 
"But that was too funny!" My laughter became louder, and I couldn't stop it.  Bookmark here

We started walking to school together, and I was still laughing.
Kai looked at me, red. "Would you stop it? It's embarrassing." 
"I'll try! I'll try!" 
It took a while for me to stop laughing. But whenever I looked at his face, I start laughing again. 
"Katie, stop! we need to discuss what we should do."
I stopped laughing and was confused, "What?" 
"About the math teacher." Kai continued. 
I put my hand on my mouth in shock, "I totally forgot!" 
"When do you think it will happen?" He asked. 
"I don't know. It could be at recess or during classes."
"What do we do if it was during classes?" 
"I'll skip my classes," I said. "That way, I can easily keep my eyes on her." 
"I should too!"
I shook my head, "No, I can deal with it on my own. But if I have any difficulties, I'll text you."
"Got it." Bookmark here

When we made it to school, me and Kai went to the teachers' office. When we opened the door, we asked one of the teachers where the math teacher is. They said she doesn't arrive until her classes start. When we left the office, We found a corkboard that had the teachers' schedules on it. The corkboard is placed beside the door of the office. 
"What's the math teacher's name?" I asked Kai.
"Marie." He answered.
I traced the schedule with my finger, "Marie, Marie. I found it! On Fridays, we are her first class which starts after recess."
"So she will be here at recess. We should watch her by then." Kai said.
"Yes!"Bookmark here

It was recess, Kai and I started following the math teacher. Nothing was out of the ordinary;  she didn't go anywhere near a high place. Recess was over, and we had math class next. I attended the class, but thankfully, nothing happened to her. The math teacher has black hair, and she ties it into a ponytail. Her eyes are black, and she wears big glasses. Bookmark here

The class was over, and I let out a big sigh. 
"Well, it looks like I should get going," I told Kai. "If anyone asks about me, tell them I am in the nurse's office."
"Katie, be careful. Okay?" 
I looked back at Kai, then smiled, "Okay!" 
I followed her, but when she went into the teachers' office. I stood behind the door, eavesdropping. I couldn't really hear the teachers talking, but I could tell she wasn't in any danger.Bookmark here

Earlier, when me and Kai looked at the teachers' schedule, I took a photo of it with my phone. Whenever the teacher had a class, I attend my class. But whenever she was free, I skip class and follow her.Bookmark here

Time went by, and the classes were finally over, but something was bugging me. Me and Kai went outside to walk home. 
"You did it, Katie!" Kai said 
I stood there, quiet.
"Katie, what's wrong?"
"Something doesn't feel right." 
"What do you mean."
"The whole time when I was watching her, She wasn't in any danger." I started panicking, "What if we solved the riddle wrong." My hands started shaking. I tried to stop them by gripping them together. "What if someone else died because of me!" 
Kai grabbed my hand and started running, "Kai, what are you doing?" I asked.
 "I don't think we were wrong about the riddle, but maybe the teacher is still in danger. We should run to her now." 
"Kai." I said in a soft, quiet voice.
Kai looked at me, "Yes?"
"You are too slow!" 
Kai left my hand, "I forgot about that. You should go and run ahead."  

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I rushed to the school building, running up the stairs. 
I asked any teachers that were in my sight where the math teacher is. They told me she was still in the teachers' office. I ran up more stairs until I made it there, then I opened the door. 
"Teacher Marie!" 
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I saw the teacher in front of an open window, trying to grab something from the other side. And when she looked back at me, she tripped. 
"TEACHER!!" I yelled, but thankfully, I grabbed her hand. The teacher was outside of the building, almost to her death. The teacher was heavy, but I tried to hold on as much as I could. I started screaming for help. The people outside heard me, and they started panicking. "Call an ambulance!" I heard 
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"Hold on tight!" I told the teacher.
"Katie, is that you?" she said.
I noticed that she wasn't wearing her glasses. And when I looked to my side, I saw her glasses between the two windows. Our school has a shelf-like thing between every two windows. We use it to design the building with flowers and such. However, I saw her glasses there.
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Who put it there? I wondered.    Bookmark here

It was getting harder to hold on, and my body felt like it would fall at any moment. And as I tried to pull her up, I fell. I could hear everyone in shock. 
I screamed the loudest scream. Then Kai grabbed my arm.
"Katie!!" He yelled. Kai looked out of breath as if he ran a marathon.
"Kai, help!" I screamed. "I don't want to die yet!" I was still holding on to the teacher's hand. 
"I won't let you die!" He yelled. "I'm never letting go!"  
I started trembling; I was too scared. We then heard the sirens.   

We were saved, and they looked at our injuries. The math teacher's knee was injured, and my hand got scraped. The ambulance treaded us, and we got questioned by the police. The teacher explained that she couldn't see anything, and she tried to grab her glasses, then she fell. I told them that her glasses her outside of the window, but they didn't believe me. They found her glasses on her desk in the teachers' office. The police agreed that it was an accident and nothing more, but I knew the truth. The teacher's glasses were put there so that she would die, but the culprit somehow took them and returned them to her desk without anyone realizing it. Bookmark here

When my mom and sister heard the news, they came to pick me up. My mom cried from how worried she was. When I got back home, Me and my sister didn't make dinner.  Bookmark here


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