Chapter 11:

I Scream

Riddle Night

At night, I noticed my mom check on me every three to four minutes. But I pretended to be asleep. My mom seems really worried about me. I heard my mom whisper to my sister, "Will she be okay?"
"Mom, don't worry. It was just an accident." Lena responded.
"Katie is always in danger! First, her friend died because something fell on her head. What if it hit Katie's head instead. And now this! Is it really just a coincidence?!" Mom said in fear.
"Mom..." Lena said in a quiet voice. "Don't worry about her. I'll make sure that she is safe."

It was the next day, and I realized I didn't get a phone call that night. Is it finally over? I got a notification on my phone, "Text message from Kai." I opened my phone and saw Kai's message.
"You want to go grab some ice cream later today?"  
"Sure!" I replied. "When?" 
"Does 3:00 pm sound good to you? :)" 
"Yes! Meet you then!" 

I went downstairs to let my mom know.
"Good morning, mom."
"Good morning, sweetie. How are you feeling?" 
"I'm feeling good. Mom, I'm going out with Kai this afternoon." I said as I grabbed a bowl for my cereal.
My mom's facial expression changed, " Are you fine with leaving this early? Are you over what happened already?" 
"Mom, I'm fine, really. I'm not traumatized or anything." 
Lena went downstairs. "Lena, do you think it's okay for your sister to leave this early on after what she went through yesterday?" Mom asked Lena.
"If she's okay with it, Why not?" She said as she took her seat beside me. 
I saw my mom give Lena an "I'll kill you!" look. 
Lena shivered, "Anyway, where are you going, Katie?" 
"I'll eat some ice cream with Kai." 
My sister gave me a teasing smile, "With Kai? Ha? Very interesting!" 
"It's not like that! Stop it!" I hit my sister on her shoulder.

It was 3:00 pm, and there was a knock on my door. 
"That must be Kai!" I yelled.
I opened the door and saw Kai. He was wearing a jean collared jacket. And Under it was a plain white t-shirt, and he was wearing navy blue pants. 
"Let's get going." Kai said as he turned his face to the side. 
"Mom, I'm leaving!" 
"Have a safe trip, sweetie!" Mom replied. 

The first few minutes were quite awkward; it was dead silent. Kai was staring at the floor for some reason, not making any eye contact with me. Suddenly, I felt chills behind my back. I felt like I wasn't safe. I stopped walking and looked behind me. Is someone watching me?  
"Are you okay, Katie?" Kai asked.
"Yes! I'm fine." I walked towards Kai. 
Kai looked down at my hand, "How is your hand? Is it healing?"
"Yes, my hand is getting better. It doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday." 
"It still hurts?" 
"Just a little bit." 
"Let me see it!" Kai insisted.
Kai grabbed my hand and peeled off the bandage. He took a closer look then said, "It does look better than yesterday. But, it's still deep and painful to look at!" Kai Then turned his head and put the bandage back on. 

"Do you want to go to the hospital?"
"No, I'm fine! It doesn't hurt that bad."  
"Okay." Kai responded.

"Do you like Baskin Ribbons?"
My eyes started sparkling, "I LOVE BASKIN RIBBONS."
"Thank god! I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to choose. I didn't know if you liked it or not." 
I jumped from excitement, "Yipee!" I looked back at Kai,  "Oh! Sorry! I got too carried away!" 
Kai started laughing, "No, it's okay. I didn't think you would get this excited." Kai then smiled at me, "I'm glad!"
Looking at Kai's smile like that made me feel at ease. My heart started pounding, but I didn't understand why. What is this feeling? It's happening again. I was lost in thought.

"Can you not hear me? Oi!"
I went back to my senses. "Oh! Sorry, Kai! What were you saying?."
Kai tilted his head in confusion, "You okay?"
Kai then opened the glass door for me, "I said we are here. We should go and take a seat," 

"What flavor of ice cream would you like?" Kai offered. 
"I want the mint chocolate chip!" I yelled in excitement. 
Kai then talked to the coworker, "I'd like one mint chocolate chip ice cream and one strawberry ice cream, please."
"On a cone or bowl?"
  Kai then looked at me.
"Cone." I told Kai.
"Both on a cone." Kai answered. 
Kai and I then took our seats. I then felt someone's eyes watching me. I turned to the window, scared. "What's wrong?" Kai asked.
"It's nothing!" I answered. It must be all in my head.
 "Is strawberry your favorite flavor in everything?"I asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Like, do you prefer strawberry milk over normal milk? Or strawberry yogurt over normal yogurt?" 
 "I guess." 
"You are just like those anime guys who are obsessed with strawberries! If only you were blond! It would've been perfect!" 
"You watch anime?"
I then covered my mouth. "I talked too much." 
Kai then smiled, "It's fine! I want to learn more about you!" 

We then spent hours talking about our hobbies and such. 

I looked outside the window, "It looks like it's getting late. We should get going." I suggested. 
"Okay." he said as he got up from his seat.
We then started heading to our homes. 
"Katie, can I ask you something?" 
Kai looked like he was struggling, "Um, no, or, hmm, never mind." 
"I changed my mind."
"It's fine! Just ask me! You're making me curious now."
"It's insensitive!" 
"That's fine!" 
kai took a deep sigh, "Okay! I realized that when I visited your house before, I didn't see your father. So..."
I stared at the floor, "I don't know who my father is. All I know is that Lena's father died, and mine left us when I was little. My mom doesn't tell me much about him, though." 
"Sorry, I shouldn't have opened this topic-"
"No, It's fine. But you are the only person I opened up to about my dad." I faced my head in his direction. I looked into his nature-like green eyes. A few minutes have passed then I came back to reality,  "W-we should continue walking."  I said as I turned my head, feeling hot.

I suddenly had the urge to look behind me. No, I'm feeling it again! I don't think I'm acting paranoid; I think someone is actually following me.   
Kai stooped beside me, "What's wrong, Katie?" 
I tugged his shirt, "I don't feel safe!"
I stared at the ground, "Someone is watching me." 
Kai started to look around him, moving his head from side to side. He then started running towards a person hiding behind a street light wearing black glasses, a mask, and a hat.
When that person noticed they got caught, they started running away. 
"Wait!" Kai yelled as he ran behind that person. 
All the people on the street were looking at him. I then ran behind Kai. Kai paused for a brief moment; to catch his breath, then started sprinting again. 
"Don't fail me now, legs!" He yelled. 

I then found Kai lying down on the floor, breathless. 
"Katie hu, sorry, I lost them huff."
"No worries!" I gave him a huge smile. "It was just my sister."
He was silent for a moment, then he  jumped up, "YOUR SISTER?!" 
"Yeah! But I don't know why she was following me. Maybe so she could tease me later." I let out a sigh.
 "I'm just glad it wasn't a stalker or something."  He replied. 

Kai and I made it back to our houses safely. I rushed through the door to speak to my sister; I needed some questions to be answered. 
I slammed her door open, "LENA!"
Lena dropped from her seat, "Y-yes?"
"What were you doing, spying on me like that." 
"I-I don't know w-what you are talking about."
"Lena! I know that was you!" 
"I w-was who?"
I can see right through her lies; she is bad at lying like I am. I guess it runs in the family. 
"Why were you watching me like a creep?" 
"I am not to blame! Mom forced me to keep my eyes on you!"
"HA! So you admit it!"
"AHH. Mom was worried about you, so she made me stalk you!"
"Why was she worried?" 
"Because of what happened yesterday."
I stopped talking. Mom is still worried about that?

I shockingly had a good night's sleep that day. I guess it was because I didn't get a phone call like I usually do. Is it over now? Or is the culprit waiting for the right moment?

-End of Chapter-