Chapter 5:

WHAT ???

Skipped a Beat

My third day of highschool life, 9th April Tuesday. Everything's going great! Fucked up a girl's life on my first day and almost got myself killed on the second. But the second didn't end bad. I got to meet Sachi. She's great… but she'll leave after a year… don't think too much about it, just enjoy the time you have with her. It's not like she'll go away forever, we can meet each other even after high school ends. Yeah, it's going to be ok. Bookmark here

It's 08: 10, I'm walking to school today. I wonder if I'll run into her on the way to school.Bookmark here

Did… but in the hallway to our classBookmark here

"Hi, Takahashi"Bookmark here

"Hey Sachi… how's your hand?"Bookmark here

"It's fine, just stings a little while Washing but other than that no problem"Bookmark here

"Great!"Bookmark here

"You tell me, how's your face?"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, about my face, what type of bandage did you use? Mom thinks I have a girlfriend Now"Bookmark here

"Haha, I just thought it looked cute"Bookmark here

"On you, maybe. But not on me. And I didn't even know about it, I walked home with that on my face… So embarrassing!"Bookmark here

"Nah, it's fine, come on let's go inside the class"Bookmark here

"Ughhh…"Bookmark here

Just as we entered the class, we were bombarded with two questionsBookmark here

"Hey Takahashi, Sachi… Are you two going out?" (Almost everyone wanted to know)Bookmark here

AndBookmark here

"Yo Takahashi, what happened between you and Shinichi? We heard he had a knife and stuff happened (Sachi hides her hand so that no one looks at it), also that Sachi saved your ass hahahaha, dude! Letting your girl handle that stuff... " (Mostly boys)Bookmark here

Huh… how did they find out… Did Sachi tell anyone? Did someone see us? For now, I Should just answer the first questionBookmark here

"No, we are not going out, we are just friends", we both answered in unison. At our answer, the whole class was like "PHEW! The spots still open"... I guess nothing can be done about that.Bookmark here

Me and Sachi sitting on our seatsBookmark here

"Hey, Takahashi, what do you think? How did they find out about what Shinichi did?"Bookmark here

So, she doesn't know either… I shouldn't have doubted herBookmark here

"I think Someone must have seen us, since students are practicing in the gym after school, or maybe Shinichi told them himself ??"Bookmark here

"Come to think of it… Where's Shinichi? I haven't seen him in the Class today"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, you are right, me neither..."Bookmark here

After hearing this, the guy on our right side saidBookmark here

"You guys didn't hear? He was expelled"Bookmark here

"EXPELLED ???" (Both Surprised)Bookmark here

"Yeah, yesterday, someone from the basketball club, A first year student, Saw the whole scene and reported it to teachers"Bookmark here

Both thought: and we didn't notice?? Damn he must be good at hidingBookmark here

"Then, Shinichi was called to the teacher's room and interrogated. You guys don't have to worry. He didn't say anything about you, just kept saying 'it's my fault...' "Bookmark here

"Where did you hear all this from?"Bookmark here

"That first year who reported, was eavesdropping on them from outside the teacher's room"Bookmark here

Both: Damn he's good at this stuffBookmark here

"Oh, thanks for telling us"Bookmark here

"No problem! Also, about how we know you guys are going out, you don't have to lie about it. That girl over there, she saw you guys in the park, hugging..."Bookmark here

Takahashi: Shit, I hope she didn't say anything else unnecessary…Bookmark here

"And Takahashi, you were crying…"Bookmark here

Sachi: haha, so they know now… wonder what's going through Takahashi's mind right now...Bookmark here

Takahashi: FUCKING DAMNIT! There goes my perfect high school life, now I'm going to be known as the weak ass crybabyBookmark here

"Man, it feels like you are the girl and Sachi is the man in your relationship, Hahaha"Bookmark here

"Shut up!"(Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Haha..."(Sachi). Bookmark here

"You too?"Bookmark here

"Isn't it funny?"Bookmark here

"NO! how can that be funny?"Bookmark here

"It is..."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Here's a picture too, she took it"Bookmark here

"'what the hell is wrong with her, spreading rumours and this embarrassing pic… DELETE IT!" (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Ok! But even if I do, what are you going to do about the whole class? Everyone has it"Bookmark here

"Don't tell me… did she…."Bookmark here

"Yes, uploaded it online"Bookmark here

That bitch!Bookmark here

"It's ok, who cares about that. We'll just say that we are really good friends" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Whatever, homerooms about to start"Bookmark here

The homeroom was just as usual, with the additional news of Shinichi being expelledBookmark here

After homeroomBookmark here

"(That guy on the right to Takahashi and Sachi) Guys… Kiss… Kiss..."Bookmark here

After a Second the whole class started saying "Kiss, Kiss", then Sachi stood upBookmark here

"Guys, it's enough, stop it. Can't you see Takahashi's troubled by it"Bookmark here

No, Sachi, you standing up, every time to help me, that just bothered me, why can't I do anything? Why do you have to help me every time? I'm just weak. And pathetic, being protected by a girl…Bookmark here

At this moment, I stood up, grabbed Sachi's hand, pulled her closer and… KISSED… Bookmark here

Oh FUCK!!! what did I just do, now she's going to get mad at me, man I screwed everything. Bookmark here

She pushes me away and sits back on her chair… face down… Bookmark here

Man, she's embarrassed, and the whole class is like "DAMNBookmark here

They all went back to their chairs and are completely silent now… just some whispering...Bookmark here

Sachi: What… What… What… He just Kissed me. Weren't we friends? Dammit… it felt good though… haha I'm happy for some reason… even though he's so dense to do this in front of everyone… and I'm embarrassed… But he Kissed me… yay! I know why he did it, it wasn't because the class said to… he must have felt guilty for not doing anything at all, since I'm always jumping forward to help him. But what am I going to do now?Bookmark here

"I… I'm sorry, Sachi… I'm sorry… I___" Bookmark here

"No… it's fine..." (in a trembling voice)Bookmark here

Fine? She's angry at me, she's definitely angry at me. What should I do now… for now I'll give her some space, she must be really embarrassed right now, because stupid me kissed her in public…Bookmark here

It's recess now, I asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me but she's still madBookmark here

"Hey Sachi… want to have lunch together?"
"Oh… it seems that I have forgotten my lunch at home..."
"But it's in your hands..."
"NO!... just go away…"Bookmark here

I guess I'll just go and eat lunch, alone... just like always… Oh it's that guy… he looks like he forgot his wallet, Bookmark here

"Yo"Bookmark here

"Oh Takahashi, I forgot my wallet at home, would you be so kind___"Bookmark here

"Here, 100 yen. And why so formal?"Bookmark here

"Thank you! (Inserts that coin into the vending machine to get something to drink) You know, what you pulled this morning… that was insane. None of us boys can do that, you are our senpai!"Bookmark here

"DON'T, don’t say that, ‘senpai’. And I was stupid to do that"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry"Bookmark here

"Huh…? Why are you apologizing?"Bookmark here

"I told you to kiss but I didn't think you would be that stupid, and now Sachi's mad at you"Bookmark here

"No, it's my fault, you were just joking around, I just took it too seriously"Bookmark here

"You felt guilty, didn't you?"Bookmark here

"Huh…"Bookmark here

"You don't have to lie"Bookmark here

"Yes… it's just that, it's Sachi, who always stands up for me, I can't do anything. But that didn't mean to kiss her, it was totally stupid. She'll never talk to me"Bookmark here

"That's not true..."Bookmark here

"Huh…?"Bookmark here

"Takahashi, there's something going on with you that you aren't telling us. Look, last week, the first day Sachi came to our class, instead of introducing herself to the class in the homeroom, the first thing she said was 'Is Takahashi Tanjiro in this class?' She was looking for you the first time she came here. And you don't remember her, do you?"Bookmark here

"She asked about me the first day she came to this school??? Why? And no, I don't remember her..."Bookmark here

"Takahashi, it's just not her, you don't remember anyone from our last year class, you act like total strangers with us. That day, you dumped Aoi, you were acting like your middle school self "Bookmark here

"How do you know about the middle school me?"Bookmark here

"When Sachi asked about you, we all wondered how she knew you. So, the time you were at home last week, she told us a lot about the middle school you."Bookmark here

"Oh… she did that?"Bookmark here

"Tell me, what's happening with you, what are you hiding?"Bookmark here

"Yes!... It's true that I'm hiding something, and I have been thinking about telling it to someone"Bookmark here

"So, tell me"Bookmark here

"I want to tell Sachi too, but she's mad right now so maybe sometime later"Bookmark here

"Ok, but it's a promise now, you have to tell me, ok? Even if you don't want to tell it to anyone else"Bookmark here

"Why do you want to hear it so bad?"Bookmark here

"Because Takahashi, you were a really close friend to me in first year, and you have totally forgotten about me… it hurts to lose a friend you know, so I'm trying to be friends with the new Takahashi"Bookmark here

"Oh… I'm sorry… I promise, I'll tell you when I get the chance"Bookmark here

"You better do"Bookmark here

"What's your name?"Bookmark here

"Eiji Kintaro"Bookmark here

So, I did have friends before. Eiji looks like a nice guy. Bookmark here

Guess I'll head to my secret spot… which isn't that secret anymore, because after some minutes of sitting here, that girl came, the one who spread the rumors that Sachi and I are a couple. She tapped me from behind and spokeBookmark here

"Yo Senpai!"Bookmark here

"Senpai? (*pissed) What do you want?"Bookmark here

"Eiji told me about you"Bookmark here

"... So, you were my friend too last year?"Bookmark here

"Bingo! What you did this morning, I think it was amazing!"Bookmark here

"It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't spread those rumors"Bookmark here

"What rumours? Ask yourself, do you REALLY think those are rumours?"Bookmark here

"Of course, those are 100% rumours, Me and Sachi aren't like that"Bookmark here

"Then why did you kiss her?"Bookmark here

"...I"Bookmark here

"Eiji thinks it was guilt, but I think it happened because you like her"Bookmark here

"No, I don't actually like her, it's just that we have become close friends so fast..."Bookmark here

"She's been bearing the pain, you know, being the forgotten one. Eiji too"Bookmark here

"You?"Bookmark here

"Me? I don't know. For now, I’m just going along with what’s happening"Bookmark here

"Huh… I see. Also, how did Sachi know you guys were my friends?"Bookmark here

"she said she wanted to hear about what type of a person you are from your friends, so we told her. And the first year you weren’t a mean bastard, rather a quiet, sad, depressed kid in despair. You were always sitting on your desk, head down. Aoi was the first person to persuade you to go for a walk with her around school. That's why she was your girlfriend, and that's why she's so hurt right now, when you dumped her."Bookmark here

"I need to apologise..."Bookmark here

"She knows that there's something wrong with you, but she still can't face you because she's afraid you'll hurt her again"Bookmark here

"I won't, I changed..."Bookmark here

"Yeah, I know. Sachi changed you, a lot."Bookmark here

"What do I do now...I mean, this much information at once… Sachi knows me from before? Aoi was the first person I liked? Which one should I deal with first? I want to talk to Sachi, ask her how she knows me, but I want to apologise to Aoi more...Hey, you must know where Aoi is right?"Bookmark here

"No… she only returns my phone calls, not even Eiji's. She never tells me where she is right now. What I'm sure is that she isn't in Tokyo anymore."Bookmark here

"She went to a different city because of me?"Bookmark here

"We don't know… but don't blame yourself, it was just a misunderstanding. It isn't your fault. What's happening to you, I don't know but I know it's not your fault"Bookmark here

"Yeah..."Bookmark here

"Be sure to tell us your secret"Bookmark here

"I will, when the time is right"Bookmark here

"Good… by the way, I'm Hina Ito"Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you, Hina"Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you too, New Takahashi"Bookmark here

"New..."Bookmark here

"Yeah, because you are not the first year Takahashi we remember… I guess middle school Takahashi would be a better name"Bookmark here

"Just call me Takahashi"Bookmark here

"Ok, Takahashi Senpai!"Bookmark here

"… (*pissed)"Bookmark here

(Earlier)Bookmark here

(Eiji and Hina talking near the vending machine after Eiji had talked with Takahashi)Bookmark here

"I talked to Takahashi. Our hunch was right, he said that he's hiding something" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"So, something did happen. I knew it, it wasn't just an accident that caused memory loss, he lied to Aoi. Because memory loss doesn't make you a different person"Bookmark here

"Yeah, so now what? Sachi's mad at Takahashi right now, what are we going to do, they will not talk to each other"Bookmark here

"I'll go talk to Takahashi; you go talk to Sachi. We'll make them curious about each other so that they want to talk to each other"Bookmark here

"How?"Bookmark here

"I'll tell Takahashi that Sachi was really curious about you when she first came to class"Bookmark here

"I have told him that already"Bookmark here

"I'll just figure something out; you have to tell Sachi that there's definitely something wrong with Takahashi and that he wants to talk about it"Bookmark here

"Ok, I'll do that"Bookmark here

"Good. And where's Takahashi right now?"Bookmark here

"He went up to the roof to eat lunch"Bookmark here

"Thanks!"Bookmark here

Ok, Hina's going to the roof to talk to him. I'll go back to the class to talk to Sachi… Hope she's not mad at me too since I did tell him to kiss her… There she is, alone…Bookmark here

"Hey! Sachi..."Bookmark here

"Hmph…"Bookmark here

"You are mad at me too? ha… "Bookmark here

"It's your fault..."Bookmark here

"It was a joke, who takes it seriously?"Bookmark here

"Well, he did..."Bookmark here

"But you aren't actually mad, are you?"Bookmark here

"Huh…? Of course I'm, IDIOT! I can't talk to him to him now… it's your fault"Bookmark here

"You're blushing right now, haha"Bookmark here

"Fuck you! (Slightly hits him) ... Fine, yeah, I'm not mad. But what do I do now…? I'm embarrassed, I can't talk to him, even though he tried, I just can't show my face"Bookmark here

"Well, you remember how we talked that the Takahashi of the first year is a lot different than the second? And that you have talked to him in first year, but he doesn't remember?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, what about it?"Bookmark here

"I talked to Takahashi about it, He said that something did happen, and that he wants to talk about it with everyone. So, I was hoping that you make up with Takahashi"Bookmark here

"I want to but how?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm... Yeah! I have an idea, you don't have to worry about it, I'll take care of that..."Bookmark here

"Hmm?"Bookmark here

"Just be ready to talk to Takahashi"Bookmark here

I hope Hina's also done talking with Takahashi. Now the only thing left is to bring them together with us and I have the perfect plan.Bookmark here

(Eiji walks outside the class) Oh, here's HinaBookmark here

"Hinaaa!"Bookmark here

"How did it go?"Bookmark here

"Ok..."Bookmark here

"Ok?"Bookmark here

"Well, she didn't say anything about meeting him after I told her that he wants to share his secret"Bookmark here

"Great…"Bookmark here

"But she did say she wants to make up with him, and I told her that I can take care of that"Bookmark here

"Can you?"Bookmark here

"I have a plan. After school, I'll go to the gym, it's going to be empty today, we don't have practice, nor any other class would be using it. I'll take Sachi with me, asking her to help me with something in the gym, cleaning or something, and you'll bring Takahashi with you after that, you just have to bring him there, you know how to"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'll think of something"Bookmark here

"Ok, let's go with this"Bookmark here

"But what if when they see each other, they refuse to talk or something?"Bookmark here

"Takahashi won't, I know that, but Sachi's really embarrassed, so she might try to walk away or something, but I did tell her to prepare herself for talking to Takahashi"Bookmark here

"Ok, I hope this works..."Bookmark here

"It Will!"Bookmark here

(After school)Bookmark here

Oh, she signalled me to talk to Sachi… hope this goes wellBookmark here

"Hey, Sachi. I have a lot of work to do in the gym, I was hoping you could help me out?"Bookmark here

"Ok… what is it?"Bookmark here

"Nothing, just cleaning and stuff..."Bookmark here

"Sachi… Listen to me" (Takahashi)Bookmark here

Eiji: Oh shit, what are you doing Hina, you were supposed to keep him occupied… wait I never told her that… my bad...Bookmark here

"... aa… ammm… L..Let's go Eiji" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Look… I'm sorry… Ok? What I did this morning. It was stupid. I won't try to pull anything like that ever again, Ok? So please don't ignore me… it hurts you know… I have forgotten about you…and I'm sorry. I know it must be killing you. So, I'm here to tell you everything. So please… stop ignoring me… Also, it wasn't completely my fault, Eiji was the one who told me to..."Bookmark here

As I said that to make Sachi laugh, Eiji was like "EHHH…?". I Hope she's not angrier at me now… Bookmark here

"...It wasn't bad..." Is what Sachi just said…Bookmark here

"Huh…?" (Takahashi, Hina, Eiji)Bookmark here

"My first kiss… it wasn't bad"Bookmark here

"Ha…? So, you aren't mad?" (Takahashi) Bookmark here

"I was never mad at you; I just couldn't face you because I was embarrassed. I know that you didn't mean it. So, I'm sorry, for trying to avoid you today"Bookmark here

"Haha… Thank God, I thought you would get madder at me, and it will make the situation even worse"Bookmark here

"Oh… and you know, I don't even think of it as a lovers kiss, I think it was just an accidental kiss"Bookmark here

Sachi: what the fuck am I saying… I hope he doesn't get me wrong...Bookmark here

"Like Toshi's and Arata's?"Bookmark here

Takahashi: HUUUUH….. What am I saying… she's definitely going to get the wrong idea… because Toshi and Arata were both dudes… I fucked up...Bookmark here

"Hahaha, yeah, something like that"Bookmark here

Takahashi: WHAAAT? What just happened?... Whatever… she's not angry anymore. I guess it worked? Just don't think about today ever again…Bookmark here

Sachi: huh…? Why did I just agree? Stupid me… now he's going to think I'm a weirdo. Whatever, I think the situation's back to normal, don't ever think about this day ever againBookmark here

(Eiji and Hina talking to each other in low voice)Bookmark here

"What the fuck just happened?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, but it worked"Bookmark here

"Ok. Let's talk about my secret… But not here. Somewhere with no one around" Bookmark here

"The gym, it's free today" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Ok, let's go there" Bookmark here

We are all walking towards the gym…Bookmark here

Takahashi: PHEW! Sachi didn't get mad at me, I was scared for nothing, but damn, thing's became a lot weirder than I thought… But now's not the time to think about that. After today, I hope everything goes back to normal...Bookmark here

Sachi: what the hell did I say!!! It wasn't bad... WASN'T BAD?! True, it wasn't bad but damn I got courage to talk about that stuff. Normally, it's hard for girls to say stuff like that… I wonder what his secret is, how did he forget everyone, everything… aaahh... I'm so excited, I'm shakingBookmark here

Hina: Well that went well, although it didn't go as planned but, she mustered up courage to talk to him. Now just the secret remains, I hope it's not something deadly… or something dangerous…Bookmark here

Eiji: Thank God I told Sachi to be prepared to talk to Takahashi, she must have given it a lot of thought before saying that… wait… did she?... It was more like she just said what came to her mind… Huh… I'm nervous, what will his secret be? I hope he doesn't lie again…Bookmark here

We are here, at the gym… it's actually empty, it's my first time here like this… ok, have to start...Bookmark here

"You guys have been noticing it lately that I have been acting strange. Like I don't know you guys right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah"Bookmark here

"And I met all of you last year, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, first year of high school"Bookmark here

"Well, it seems that After I completed middle school, I leaped a whole year and started as a second year highschool student. I didn't go through first year of highschool at all"Bookmark here

"WHAT ???" (Everyone)Bookmark here

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