Chapter 6:


Skipped a Beat

9th April 2019. I'm at school, it's 15: 35 right now. I'm in the gym with Sachi, Eiji and Hina. I promised them that I will tell my secret. So here I'm about to share my situation with everyone…Bookmark here

"Well, it seems that After I completed middle school, I leaped a whole year and started as a second year high school student. I didn't go through first year of high school at all"Bookmark here

"WHAT ???" (Everyone)Bookmark here

"And it's not like I forgot, or I have lost my memories. I am Definitely sure that I skipped a whole year because that night, I just went to sleep as normal, didn't hit my head or anything, but when I woke up, I noticed that it was 2019 instead of 2018 when I went to ask the teacher that why my name was in the second-year list. But___Bookmark here

"But we have memories of you from first year..."Bookmark here

"Exactly. Now, I don't know how's that even possible, so my only guess is I did complete my first year, But when? I don't know"Bookmark here

"That does not make sense at all… But what other explanation do we have, this is just what happened to Takahashi, we don't even know How's that possible" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Yeah… and Sachi, I wanted to ask you, why did you want to see me so badly when I have never even talked to you before?"Bookmark here

"You have, last year. You came with Aoi to see me. At that time, I only knew you as a smart-ass intelligent kid from middle school, nothing more. But you told me to go to this particular school and find me"Bookmark here

"Where were you at that time? "Bookmark here

"In Kyoto. And there's no one except my family that would know where we are. But still, you found me and told me to study second year of high school in Tokyo"Bookmark here

"But you just told me, that you were in Kyoto for first year"Bookmark here

"But that doesn't mean that the first year you would know too"Bookmark here

"No, maybe it does. Think of it this way. I started as a second-year student, got to meet you, you told me about where you were in first year. I complete second year, then third and then..."Bookmark here

"You go back to the first year, memories intact..." (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Yes! But it's just a theory since I still am in second year. But we'll find out as time passes by"Bookmark here

"Yeah. For now, all we can do is to enjoy our second-year life to the fullest!"Bookmark here

"But I don't understand, why were you so depressed in the first year? Did something happen in the second or third? considering your theory is true..." (Hina)Bookmark here

"I'm sure he was just sad because Sachi wasn't there in first year" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Sachi, you haven't told them?"Bookmark here

"No, but it's ok, you can tell them now"Bookmark here

"Sachi just came to Tokyo for second year only, she'll leave after this year ends"Bookmark here

"What?? Why?" (Hina)Bookmark here

"It's because of my dad, he changes jobs a lot, in middle school it was in Tokyo, first year of highschool, it was in Kyoto, second year, it's in Tokyo and it will be Kyoto again in third" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"But you can come back after you have complete highschool right?" (Hina)Bookmark here

"No, Dad said it was the last time he'll Change jobs, we'll permanently move to Kyoto after this year"Bookmark here

"What does your dad do anyway?" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"I don't know, he never told me when I asked when I was younger and now, I have lost interest. He's almost always in his room, and it's locked."Bookmark here

"Why don't you ask your mom?" (Hina)Bookmark here

"My mom… she passed away when I was young”Bookmark here

"Oh… I'm sorry..."Bookmark here

"No… it's ok"Bookmark here

"Hey… a thought just passed my mind, and I don't want to believe it but… what if something happens to you which made me into that sad quiet depressed kid? Because think about it. Why would I be so sad if I could meet you after my high school life ended? Something must have happened..."Bookmark here

Sachi: you are too smart, Takahashi, too smart… Bookmark here

"No, I think nothing happened, but our relationship progressed from friends to lovers, and you just missed me" (Said Sachi with a gentle smile)Bookmark here

"Nope, I don't see that happening..."Bookmark here

"Haha..."Bookmark here

"But now what? We have only a year until you move to Kyoto. I wanted to be friends with you more" (Hina)Bookmark here

"It's ok, after highschool ends, I'll ask my dad to allow me to live alone in Tokyo, that way I can attend college with all of you"Bookmark here

"Yeah, we can wait a year. It won't be that bad" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Yeah." (Hina)Bookmark here

"Yeah.." (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Yeah..." (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Yeah…." (Eiji)Bookmark here

"..............(Awkward Silence)"Bookmark here

"Now what?" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Guess I'll just go home then, now that there's nothing to talk about" (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Yeah, we should too" (Eiji)Bookmark here

Man, that was easy… but the thought of something happening to Sachi puts me at unease… AAAAA… just don't think about it. But I wonder, how others feel about this… maybe I should ask… No, don't want to ruin the calm mood. Maybe sometime later. Oh yeah, now that we are together, I should ask to walk home togetherBookmark here

"Hey, you guys don't have anything to do right now, right? want to walk home together"Bookmark here

"My house is in the opposite direction, I can't join you guys" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"So Hina and Sachi?"Bookmark here

"Yes, my house is in the same direction as yours" (Hina)Bookmark here

“Mine too!” (Sachi)Bookmark here

"I know that already!"Bookmark here

"Ok, I guess it's goodbye here then, at the school gate..." (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Yeah, Goodbye..." (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Thanks, for telling us, Takahashi. Now almost everything is clear, and we don't have to pretend strangers around each other"Bookmark here

"Yeah, and I'm sorry I made you worry..."Bookmark here

"It's ok… it doesn't matter now..."Bookmark here

"Are you guys going to keep saying goodbye forever? Let's Go!" (Hina)Bookmark here

"Haha… ok!"Bookmark here

After this, Eiji turned right outside the school Gate, and we turned left. It's 16: 00 right now, I'm walking with Hina and Sachi. It's Great! I have got my own little harem here... Wait, what am I thinking… Bookmark here

Sigh… now only one left is Aoi, I want to tell her as soon as possible… I should ask Hina to let me talk to her… but what if she doesn't want to? I won't know until I tryBookmark here

"Hey, Hina… I was wondering if I could talk to Aoi, I want to tell her too, want to clear the misunderstanding"Bookmark here

"I did, I called her when you were telling us your secret, she listened to the whole conversation"Bookmark here

"Wow… so she knows? Great… So… what did she say?"Bookmark here

"She said that she understands and wants to talk to you too"Bookmark here

Hina: And also, that Sachi didn't tell the whole thing, she's hiding something. What could she be hiding? Aoi didn't tell me because she said if Sachi doesn't want to, she can't eitherBookmark here

"But she can't, she's in Ichikawa right now"Bookmark here

"Oh… So, I can’t? But I'll take a train to Ichikawa in summer vacation, we'll all go there to meet Aoi"Bookmark here

"Yeah, we can do that!" (Sachi)Bookmark here

“I’ll tell that to Eiji too” (Hina)Bookmark here

"Oh… So that's how you found out about us hugging and…." (Takahashi, passing in front of the park)Bookmark here

"Yeah, I pass through this park every day on my way home… and don't forget the crying part hehe…"(Hina) Bookmark here

" Hey! Don't talk about that… it's embarrassing..."Bookmark here

"Haha" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Oh so you have to enjoy this every time someone mentions me…"Bookmark here

"Crying? hahahaha"Bookmark here

“Ughhhhh….” Bookmark here

"Hahaha" (Sachi and Hina)Bookmark here

After this Sachi and Hina took a turn so i just walked home aloneBookmark here

(Hina and Sachi talking)Bookmark here

"What is it?" (Hina)Bookmark here

"Huh…? What?"Bookmark here

"You are hiding something aren't you? Aoi said that you didn't tell the whole thing"Bookmark here

"Ah… Aoi had to say that..."Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"I didn't because I care about Takahashi, I don't want him to break again"Bookmark here

"But you can tell me. Tell me, what is it?"Bookmark here

"Ok…"Bookmark here

Sachi told me… everything… Bookmark here

"Oh… I get it. Yeah, it's better to keep it a secret from Takahashi..."Bookmark here

"Yeah, that's why I didn't speak about it when I told him about how we met last year..."Bookmark here

"What about you, are you okay with it?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm fine, I have accepted it a long time ago"Bookmark here

"I see… So, what about Eiji? We can tell him, right?"Bookmark here

"You know more about Eiji than I do, you know how he'll feel about it"Bookmark here

"Well, he's the oldest of us all so he'll understand better, and he's mature too so I don't think he'll tell Takahashi about it"Bookmark here

"He's the oldest? How old is he?"Bookmark here

"He's just turned 17 in February"Bookmark here

"Wow, he doesn't look like 17"Bookmark here

"Yeah, but acts like 17, that's what I like about him"Bookmark here

"You like him? "Bookmark here

"...Yeah" Bookmark here

"Why don't you tell him?"Bookmark here

"Hey! It's not that easy. And not every girl’s like you 'It wasn't bad' "Bookmark here

"Aaah… you don't have to mention that. It was embarrassing..."Bookmark here

"It is, for everyone. So not now, maybe sometime later, when the time's right. What about you, what do you think about Takahashi?"Bookmark here

"I… well, nothing actually. I know he doesn't want a relationship, so I'm not going to say anything. Being friends is ok for now"Bookmark here

"But you like him, don't you? You care about him so much… by the way, why and when did you fall for him?"Bookmark here

"When I was in middle school… I never got my chance to confess and I'm glad I didn't"Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Because he rejected two of my friends. Takahashi in those days hated relationships, he just straight, without even thinking anything, rejected any girl who would confess her feelings for him. So, I tried not to, because I didn't want to become heartbroken"Bookmark here

"Ok… but why? What's so special about him?"Bookmark here

"You don't see it do you? His elegant body, shining silky black hair, his bangs covering his right eye. Doesn't he just look cool? And he's Smart and tall too, I like tall guys"Bookmark here

"Oh… you see him that way, but he just looks like a senpai to me"Bookmark here

"Senpai?"Bookmark here

"You know, since I'm Short, he's too tall for me, like a senpai"Bookmark here

"Oh, right..."Bookmark here

Our conversation ended just like that and after some time, we bid farewell and turned our own ways.
Bookmark here

Hina: I think I should call Eiji and ask what he thinks about thatBookmark here

"Hey, Eiji. What's up..."Bookmark here

"Nothing. Just got home, why are you calling me Hina?"Bookmark here

"There's something I want to tell you, something that Sachi hid from Takahashi"Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

I told him everything, and he was surprisingly calmBookmark here

"I see, I understand why she didn't want to tell Takahashi. It will be a problem if he finds out about this"Bookmark here

"How do you feel about this?"Bookmark here

"Me? I… I don't like it actually. But what can I do, no one can change the future, if something has to happen, it will happen"Bookmark here

"But if we warn Sachi, tell her to don't___"Bookmark here

"Think about it, how does Sachi know that? Because Takahashi told her last year, because it has already happened. There's nothing we can do… this year, it will happen, Takahashi sees it. And when he goes back to first year. He finds Sachi and tells her… where does it get to? Right here. It's a loop, there's nothing we can do about it, just enjoy the time we have with Sachi, and be sure not to show this on your face. Takahashi will find out if you show it with your facial expressions"Bookmark here

"I know… guess there's nothing we can do about it"Bookmark here

"Yeah, just be happy for the memories you'll make with her"Bookmark here

"Yeah"Bookmark here

(At Takahashi's home)Bookmark here

"Mom, I'm back!"Bookmark here

"Welcome back! What's with that smile?"Bookmark here

"Huh…?"Bookmark here

"It's the same as that day when you told me that you have a girlfriend now"Bookmark here

"When was that?"Bookmark here

"You know, around the end of last year, you were always locked up in your room for some reason, but Aoi changed you. You started going out again. She was a lovely girl and you dumped her; I don't understand why" Bookmark here

Oh. Yeah mom also knows about the first year me, but asking her would be stupid. So, she's not an option, and besides, I have friends now, they can tell me everything I want to knowBookmark here

"Mom, it was nothing. Just forget about her"Bookmark here

"So, who's the new girl?? When are you going to invite her here?"Bookmark here

"Mom, I have already told you already, she's just a friend, and I can't even be in a relationship with her"Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Because she'll be gone by next year. This is her last year year"Bookmark here

"Oh… so you better hurry to confess your feelings to her"Bookmark here

"No, I have told you, it's not like that___"Bookmark here

"Takahashi"Bookmark here

"Yes…?"Bookmark here

"Don't lie to yourself, ok?"Bookmark here

"...Ok..."Bookmark here

After taking a bath, I'm laying here on my bed, pondering about the words mom just said 
Bookmark here

"Just don't lie to yourself, ok?"Bookmark here

Am I lying to myself? I mean, I don't feel anything about Sachi at all. But when I think about her leaving… I get sad. Do I like her … or not? Of course, I don't hate her. But the question is about liking… that day, during the fight with Shinichi, Sachi came into my mind twice, she's on my mind a lot, does that mean I like her… Should I ask her? No, that's stupid. Ahhh, I'm reaching nowhere like this. Maybe I should ask Eiji sometime. He looks mature, I think that he'll give me some good advice. It's 16: 40 right now. I should start studying now.Bookmark here

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