Chapter 2:

My Flat Mates

John and Yoko

It was over a month since I arrived here in Tokyo. It’s almost December. I live in a share house for foreigners. It’s incredible. I only hear about communal living from my friends in London. A lot of them has done it when they travel. It’s a writer’s worst nightmare. That’s why as early as fifteen I bought my own flat. It’s a three-bedroom flat. Mum said it’s preposterous since I spent most of my time writing outdoors. But even when I am not writing, I need to always be on the move. Even if I’m just walking around the living room. I was making enough to support myself at fifteen. I know, it’s preposterous.Bookmark here

That said, I don’t intend to write here in Japan at all. Well, I planned to. I’ll wake up before sunrise. Write for four hours. Not write for the rest of the day. Go out at night. My writing schedule was obliterated when I started hanging out with my flat mates. I haven’t written a single line since then.Bookmark here

The share house has four rooms. All rooms are in a one floor. We have two bathrooms. The kitchen and the living room are all communal spaces. Apparently, if you’re paying for a room you can invite anyone you like. Sometimes there are seven people who are passed out in the living room. It’s crazy. Bookmark here

My flat mates are Anya, Yoko, Jacob and Felix. We’re all about the same age. Anya is from Miami. She is a waitress at a tea house. Felix is from Melbourne. He’s a model. Jacob is from Brisbane. He was child actor in Australia. Now, he’s pursuing theater here in Tokyo. They are residents here and not a tourist like me. When I asked what Yoko does. They all laughed and said that I’m in for a big surprise. According to Anya, she’s been here the longest. She’s from Ireland. I was overjoyed. She’s Irish and I am British. I want to get to know her. But It’s hard to get a hold of Yoko. She’s never at home. She’s gone even on weekends. She said hi to me once. An expressionless greeting. She bowed a little and that’s it.Bookmark here

Tonight, was different. I was getting ready to go out with the boys and have tea where Anya works.Bookmark here

“John, can I talk to you?”Bookmark here

I was sitting at the couch, putting on shoes. Yoko stood before me. She just got home. She’s wearing a white dress and she has makeup on. Felix and Jacob grinned. They both knew how I was dying to have a conversation with her.Bookmark here

“John, we’ll take you to the tea house some other time.” Felix said.Bookmark here

I think he and Jacob knew that this conversation is bound to happen, and it will not be short one.Bookmark here

“Alright, Felix let’s go. Anya saved us seats.” Jacob said.Bookmark here

I asked Yoko to sit down. I clasped my hands the way I do before I start writing anything. My sister Ella said that I’m praying whenever I do this. It’s not true, of course. But right now, I feel like saying a little prayer that this goes well.Bookmark here

I can’t believe this.Bookmark here

I’ve never been nervous about anything.Bookmark here

Never.Bookmark here

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