Chapter 3:


John and Yoko

“I am Yoko. It’s not my real name but it’s not important. I heard that you would like to get to know me. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I don’t want to be rude.”Bookmark here

She said this in the sweetest manner possible. She was smiling apologetically. Not looking at me in the eyes.Bookmark here

I am disappointed. I have spent thousands of hours observing people. Even if I don’t know her yet, I instantly knew she’s acting. She’s a great actress.Bookmark here

But I played along.Bookmark here

“Magic happens when you talk to people. I am addicted to that kind of magic.” I said. My hands are still clasped. I’m not sure why.Bookmark here

She looked up. Bookmark here

“Haven’t you accumulated enough magic back in London.”Bookmark here

“I have. You see, when you are brimming with magic. You have no choice but to pass it along. The way I see it, you don’t believe a word I’m saying. Or maybe you don’t believe in magic at all.”Bookmark here

“I don’t believe in many things. But I believe that your time as poet is precious and will only be wasted in getting to know someone like me. So I thought that maybe if we talk for a few minutes now you’ll be utterly convinced that I am not worth your time.”Bookmark here

She’s right I was disappointed. But not anymore. I want to get to know her and I want her to stop wearing a mask around me.Bookmark here

“I never told anyone that I am a poet. Our flat mates know that I write. But no. They don’t know that I write poetry. ———You must have read my works.”Bookmark here

“All of them.”Bookmark here

I unclasped my hands. Is this why she’s all guarded up? Is this why she’s been avoiding me? She’s a fan of my poetry. She’s a John the Poet fan.Bookmark here

Now, I think I want to kiss her.Bookmark here

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