Chapter 4:

Turns out it was the voice of Gob Lin — Last and longer "Half"

Reincarnated? Really? As what? Some kind of Genie? (RAG?)

DISCLAIMER: All facts appearing in this novel are fictitious, any resemblance to real facts, online or offline is purely coincidental.Bookmark here

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 I sat in seiza, cast open the case and donned a pair of black spectacles.Bookmark here

"Care to do a recap?" I enquired.Bookmark here

"No problem. Let's go for it!"Bookmark here

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"So do you have any other questions?"Bookmark here

"Oh, no, none at all. I already know I'm dead, and that this is probably the afterlife."
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"What makes you so sure? Care to share the thought process that led you to this conclusion?"
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Time to shine. For real this timeBookmark here

"I've known all along. From the moment I saw that door swing open. I knew the door's behavior was inconsistent with universally established laws of physics and by that I'm primarily referring to how it's velocity fluctuated as it swung open. The law of inertia was violated not once but severally. The door made slight jerks, imperceptible to the average eye. I even considered the slight chance that I was on another planet, so I did a bit of quick math to affirm my suspicions. After 2 seconds, slightly slower than usual for me, my math brought me to the truth: Of all the known planets in the solar system, not one of them is theoretically capable of having a door that jerks between swings."Bookmark here

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"That was excellent. Let's test your abilities further. Suppose the door hadn't jerked between swings, how would you have gone about proving that this is indeed the afterlife?"Bookmark here

Child's playBookmark here

"The doorknob gave it away."Bookmark here

"True. Care to elaborate for our audience?"Bookmark here

"Sure. Basically, doors have their knobs positioned at a specified height above ground level. Positioning it any lower would require anyone opening the door to assume a fairly awkward position. The human back is quite sensitive you see. That fact is made evident by the sheer number of people who suffer from some kind of back pain. That door right there wasn't made with the welfare of humans in mind, it could only exist in a place like this— the afterlife."Bookmark here

"Brilliant!"Bookmark here

"He-he, thanks."Bookmark here

"You're welcome."Bookmark here

"However, you made one fatal error."
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"This isn't the afterlife."Bookmark here

"Ga-spu"Bookmark here

"Yes, a minor error."Bookmark here

"You said 'fatal' before."Bookmark here

"Well, yes. Your error possesses a duality. The fatality of your error lies in it's  semantic implication. If this is indeed the afterlife then the remainder of this novel would basically be dialogue . That in itself is not a bad thing, but can we maintain conversation between just the two of us. What would we do? Parody anime and manga till we reach 45,000 words? The minority of your error lies in how close you were to knowing what this place is. Did you notice there was an office table? If only you'd only been a little more observant, you could have put afterlife and office together but alas, you were far too naïve."Bookmark here

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"Ku-ku-ku. You've been misguided my friend, for It is not I who failed to see, but you who failed to listen. Did you ever hear me say that I knew for certain that this is the afterlife. My choice of words was no mere coincidence. "Probably" was chosen on purpose! I knew from the start that your possessed ulterior motives. Your compliments sounded shallow and they reeked of sarcasm."Bookmark here

"You could smell it?"Bookmark here

"You should take this seriously, you just tried to humiliate me in front of everyone I know, and you have the nerve to ask such redundant questions."Bookmark here

"Sowwi."Bookmark here

"Don't apologise just yet. There's one more thing you've kept hidden from us all. Tell us, oh lord of  PUSH-UP HOLDS , who was it that opened the door?Bookmark here

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"I-I-It was I."Bookmark here

"Now, ask me how I knew."Bookmark here

"How you knew?"Bookmark here

"Yes, ask me 'how did you know?' "Bookmark here

" did you know?"Bookmark here

I adjusted my glasses, and they went sparkle, sparkle.Bookmark here

"Your handwriting gave it away."Bookmark here

"No way, but how?"Bookmark here

"Trust me, the answer to that is so convoluted, even the author couldn't pen it down."Bookmark here

"I-I see."Bookmark here

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"Would you be willing to help me find a new author?"Bookmark here

"Oh, sure but what about the contest rules?"Bookmark here

"The scope of the rules is limited to what authors are allowed to do. Characters are free"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I guess. But they'll find out eventually won't they?"Bookmark here

"No, not if we keep it between just the two of us."Bookmark here

"Right..."Bookmark here

"We could call our manga Attack on Contest."Bookmark here

"Remember it's 'may be illegible eligible' "Bookmark here

"I haven't forgotten. Sob-sob."Bookmark here

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"I think the chapter's long enough now. It shouldn't be too long so let's wrap up."Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

"Wait! I just realized I don't know what your name is. Honestly, that's just bad writing."Bookmark here

"My name?"Bookmark here

"Yes, my voice wasn't silent when I said that."Bookmark here

"I'm John Smith, and who, dear friend, might you be?"Bookmark here

"I'm... Wait, you're not the main char—"Bookmark here

"Just kidding, just kidding—I'm Eugene. Eugene Pun."Bookmark here

"That's a pretty cool name. I'm Gob."Bookmark here

"Gob? Gob Ta?"Bookmark here

"No, it's Gob Lin, actually."Bookmark here

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