Chapter 3:

Turns out it was the voice of Gob Lin — First and shorter "Half"

Reincarnated? Really? As what? Some kind of Genie? (RAG?)

A few minutes had passed since my last epiphany and I felt it was time to move on to the next scene. From the corner of my eye I heard saw a body in place of the table I'd heroically displaced.

Not just any body, but a shirtless body in a PUSH-UP HOLD.

"Ei," the sound escaped my lips before I even knew it.

Author's note: "Ei" is a slang term from the character's world(country) of origin, used to express surprise)

Wrong language.

"Ahem. So you were under the table the whole time?"

"Yup," he answered without the slightest change in position.

I had no idea.

"Normal people don't hide under tables. Surely, you could have found a better hiding place. Why'd you choose to hide under a table? "





"...because of pl*t."

"Come again?"

"Look, I felt like hiding under a table, so I hid under a table. It doesn't affect the story so I fail to see the problem."

That makes so much sense. I feel stupid for even asking.

"Sorry for being so unreasonable. Tee-hee."

" Ehmhu." 

Author's note: Ehmhu is a random anime sound.


"Do you have any other questions?" the shirtless man asked, still perfectly maintaining the PUSH-UP HOLD.

"Oh, no, none at all. I already know I'm dead, and I'm pretty sure this is the afterlife."

"What makes you so sure? Care to share the thought process that led you to this conclusion?"

"Well, Fir--"

"Wait a minute! Come over and look inside my left pocket. There's something in there for you."


I walked over and sat next to him. Standing for two and a half chapters had made me really tired. I put my hand in his pocket and fished for whatever it was he intended to give me. While doing so I noticed he wore ripped jeans and had a ripped body.

He's got muscle and style? What is he? A god? Oh, wait could he

"Have you found it?"

"Huh?" Yeah, yeah gimme a sec."


I grabbed something solid, smooth and of adequate size. I yanked it out, and it fell with ease.

Oh, I see.

"It's a spectacle case. That's so cool!"

"Yeah, I'm sure you know what to do it."

A smile spread across my face.

Time to shine