Chapter 4:

Three years ago

I dreamed the dream where I got confessed, will it be a reality?

Three years ago, middle school 8th grader. I was on my middle school's trip. We went to Kyoto.Bookmark here

At the first day, everything went just fine. But, at the second day, I was separated from my group. That's because I took a long time for a traditional show. I really interested in the traditional things, I really flung myself into it, no matter what. It seems that is was my call.Bookmark here

Couldn't find my group mates, I was wandering around. Until I saw it, in the japanese garden, inside the Japanese style gazebo, there's a tea ceremony. My eyes were glued at a sight, I walked closer and a old man talked to me with a soothing voice.Bookmark here

"Are you interested? It's rare for a young man interested in an old thing nowaday, eh? If you want to, you can join. Come here , try it. It's not that hard, y'know."Bookmark here

"May I?"Bookmark here

"Sure, why not. It's a great thing for a young man to take part in an old tradition."Bookmark here

With that, I started taking part. The old man taught me the things, proper way of brew and pour the tea, the essential and the meaning of tea ceremony, and many more.Bookmark here

It's really fun that I lost track of time. Until my group found me, it already 5 pm. They're apologize for leave me behind which made me separate from them. But I also got lectured because I wasn't aware of the situation.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

So yeah, that's the story. It's a long time ago, and I even don't know that she was there watching me.Bookmark here

"Therefore, will you join the tea ceremony club?" she asked again.Bookmark here

"Well, um... I guess."Bookmark here

"Very well, then. Meet me at the club's room after school!"Bookmark here

"Uh... Okay."Bookmark here

Then she leaves me just seconds after.Bookmark here

'Ding dong dang dong'Bookmark here

"Oh sheese, the lunch time is over! I gotta hurry to finish the sandwich," I shout frantically.Bookmark here

After that I return to the class while thinking about what just happened.Bookmark here

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