Chapter 3:

Is it a confession?

I dreamed the dream where I got confessed, will it be a reality?

It's lunch time, I go to the cafetaria because I bring no meal so I have to buy it anyway. The cafetaria is kinda big but not so big, with total capacity of one hundred people can be fit here. The menus are variated, from sandwiches to ramens, you can fill your stomach with high carbohydrates or just eat snacks just a few.Bookmark here

As usual, I order a sandwich for lunch, it's beef sandwich. Price not to expensive for my pocket though and you can last till time to go home. Bookmark here

After order a sandwich, I return to my class. There's no need for me to stay here because it's to crowded here. And I really have no one to eat with. If you ask where Katsuo, he is in anotherther class, more exactly in his girlfriend class. Darn you Katsuo, just because you have one, you let me alone. Gah, nevermind, I just have you enjoy it anyway.Bookmark here

"Uehara-kun, do you have time?"Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

Wait, what? I think I heard someone called my name from behind. It's sound like a girl's voice.Bookmark here

I turn my head and surprised by what I see. It's she, I mean Shirakawa Yukiko, 'the untouchable ice'. W-why does she here? And why does she call me? And why me? Am I doing wrong? Bookmark here

"If you have time, follow me to the rooftop. There's something I want to tell you."Bookmark here

Um, rooftop, what? Why rooftop? Wait a minute, is it a confession? Really? Does my dream will come to a reality? The dream that just I saw recently. Is it mean my popular phase already come? Too many questions are cross my head.Bookmark here

Okay, okay, calm yourself down, Kazuki. Don't humiliate yourself, it will be really bad if that happen, y'know.Bookmark here

"Um, yeah! I have... time, I guess."Bookmark here

"I guess? I will consider that as yes."Bookmark here

With that, I follow her to the rooftop. Wait, I forgot to eat my sandwich. Heh, nevermind. I can eat that later after it.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

It's lunchtime on the rooftop, there are two people here include me. We standing face to face. Umm, I'm getting nervous now. What is it, she want to tell to me? I'm sweating now.Bookmark here

"Uehara-kun, I- I..."Bookmark here

It's the time, good bye my lonely time and hello my popular phase.Bookmark here

"Uehara-kun, do you want- want to join tea ceremony club?"Bookmark here

"Eh, eeehhhh?!!"Bookmark here

"Eh, what? What is it Uehara-kun? Why did you shouting? Is it something weird to ask? Or do you don't want to?"Bookmark here

"Um, no, I mean. That's it?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean 'that's it'?"Bookmark here

"It's not a confession?"Bookmark here

"Confess what?"Bookmark here

"Um, nevermind, forget it, okay!"Bookmark here

"Well then, if you say so. But I still don't understand what do you mean."Bookmark here

Darn it, what do you hope so high, you stupid Kazuki. Of course it is not. Who do you thin you are to be confessed by a 'S-tier girl'. Of course your dream won't come true that easily. Furthermore, do you think the girl in your dream will appear in real life too. And even does she is really 'that girl' in the first place? Arrgghhh, now I'm done.Bookmark here

"Are you okay, Uehara-kun?" Shirakawa-san seems worried. Bookmark here

"I'm okay, it's not a big deal. I just have something in my mind."Bookmark here

"That's good then? Um, so what is your answer?"Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"Tea ceremony club. I invite you to join tea ceremony club, so what's your answer then?"Bookmark here

"Owh, that! Um, well, why exactly do you invite me?"Bookmark here

"It's because the 'senpai' from third year already graduate and there's noone in current third year. So do as a new recruit, noone join tea ceremony club this year. So I the only one remains in the club. If it's stays like that, the tea ceremony club will be disbanded. That's why I invite you."Bookmark here

"Well, so why me? I mean there's plenty of students are there to invited so why me?"Bookmark here

If what she said was true that she the only one in the club, and she has to invite someone, so why it has to be me? That's what I don't understand at.Bookmark here

"That's b- because... I saw you, before."Bookmark here

"Saw me... What?"Bookmark here

"It's three years ago in Kyoto. In the Japanese garden, I saw you served the tea well. The quality of the tea was stunningly out of way. It's flawless just likd it's feel like you were born for it."Bookmark here

"Um, thanks." That's really made me flustered.Bookmark here

So she was there too. That time, three years ago.Bookmark here

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