Chapter 10:


Short and Romantic, right?

*Saruko: Woah am I obsessed with her? I should probably not worry about it too much, it is the first day but she might’ve had something come up considering what I was told.

~ Class then starts and goes on up until lunch time~

Kautz: So, did you figure out what we can do?

Saruko: Me? I thought you were thinking of something to do.

Kautz: Nah man, I was just drawing the whole.

Saruko: Well I wasn’t thinking of anything.

*Saruko: Are all my friends airheads?

Kautz: Anyways, want to hang out at your house after school?

Saruko: Sure that’s fine.

Saruko: So, I want to ask you about something.

Kautz: sure what is it?

Saruko: Where’s Erina?

Kautz: Who?

Saruko: Erina, the girl that sits in that empty seat over there,

Kautz: Ohh Fubasaki, yeah I forgot about her.

Kautz: I don’t really know she doesn’t show up to school.

Saruko: huh, alright..

Kautz: Why do you ask?

Saruko: I don't know, I had a strange dream and for some reason she was in it.

Kautz: ooo so you like her??

Saruko: no not like that.

Kautz: Come on no need to hide it, you just called her erina.

Saruko: nah really I don’t.

*Saruko: Crap I forgot this isn’t american*

Kautz: Alright if you say so

Kautz: Anyways I’ve heard some rumors about her.

Saruko: Rumors like what?

*Saruko: It seems everyone knows something about her but me or maybe I did*

Kautz: I’m sure you’ve heard them before.

Saruko: Maybe, but you should remind me just in case.

Kautz: hmm.

Saruko: hmm??

Kautz: I’m not good at explaining, ask someone else to tell you.

Saruko: Someone else? Like who?

Kautz: Maybe you could try asking Yuuri or Shizuka.

Saruko: Why’s that? Can’t you?

Kautz: Sorry man.

Saruko: hmm alright.

Kautz: So anyways, your house after school?

Saruko: hmm alright

Saruko: before class starts, I’m going to go look for Yuuri and Shizuka.

Kautz: Aw leaving me all alone.

Saruko: I’ll be back before class starts.

*Saruko: Now where to look I could’ve asked but I don’t want him finding me out, plus it seems like they’re closing considering they’re on first names. *

*Saruko: I’m just going to go asking around the room, it’ll be awkward but I got to know. *

~ He’s now walking up to groups and asking ~

Saruko: Hey how’s it going guys, have you all seen Yuuri or Shizuka around?

Classmate #1: no I don’t think so.

Classmate #2: They might be studying somewhere around school, that's what they usually do.

Classmate #1: Oh yeah have you tried the cafeteria, library or roof?

Saruko: Oh not I’ll go check it out thanks!

~ He decides to go to the library first since it’s the most likely someone would go to study ~

Saruko: Those two sitting down seem pretty close but they’re a boy and girl. I thought it was supposed to be two girls.

Saruko: Hey yuuri.

Yuuri: Oh hey saruko, what’re you doing here?

Shizuka: Saruko, just the person we’ve been looking for to finally settle this score, who’s the better student, me the gorgeous, smart, and athletic student or yuuri the lazy do nothing.

Yuuri: Lazy? Who was the one that helped you with your work?

Shizuka: We all know you just wanted to spend time with me, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.

~ Yuuri then kicks shizuka under the table ~

Yuuri: Anyways, what’d you need saruko?

Saruko: Oh kautz told me I could ask you about erina.

~ Both yuuri and and Shizuka then look at each other ~

Yuuri: Erina huh.

Yuuri: I can tell you about her but not here.

Shizuka: Don’t you know already?

Saruko: I don’t think so ha.

Saruko: Me and Kautz are hanging out after school do you think you can then?

Yuuri: Yeah that’s fine

Saruko: Alright well we should be going back to class then it’s about to start back up again.

Shizuka: Alright well I’ll see you there.