Chapter 11:

The Bridge..

Short and Romantic, right?

*Saruko* : Now to find all of them before I can finally go home.

Kautz: So are we going to your house now?

Saruko: Yeah I invited shizuka and yuuri, so I’m going to go look for them. I think they headed out already.

Kautz: Alright I’m going to go ahead I need to get something real quick.

Saruko: That’s fine let me know if you see them.

Kautz: gotcha.

*Saruko: Anyways, where can I go look for them, I forgot to get their numbers so it’s going to be kind of hard especially if they went home already.

~ Saruko then proceeds to look around the school but to his luck finds no one. ~

*Saruko: Well, that’s strange, I’ll try calling kautz, maybe he’s had better look than me, I didn’t seem him while I was looking around the school though.

~ The phone rings but no one answers. ~

*Saruko: No ones picking up hmm, guess I’ll just head home then.

~ Saruko then starts walking home seeing the same old things, and passing the same old things. But while doing so he spots someone on top of the bridge, it’s erina. ~


Erina: hm? What’s wrong.

Saruko: What do you mean what’s wrong? you’re standing over the bridge, looking like you’re about to do something.

Erina: Relax. I was just looking at the view from here.

Saruko: View?

Erina: Just look.

~ They both look. ~

Saruko: Wow, I guess I’ve never noticed it.

Erina: Yeah, it’s beautiful. I come here all the time when I’m feeling too good.

Saruko: I can see why-

Saruko: Wait, you’re erina right?

Erina: Yeah and who are you?

*Saruko: Oh guess you don’t remember or didn’t happen.

Saruko: Oh my name’s Saruko Shajimoji, I’m in the same homeroom as you.

Saruko: Speaking of which you weren’t there for today?

Erina: Oh yeah, what’s the point.

*Saruko: talking to her seems more depressing than anything.

Saruko: So you can get into a good school?

Erina: Hm, yeah I guess you’re right if I end up getting that far.

Saruko: what?

Erina: Nothing, don’t worry about it.

Erina: Anyways, see you around I got to go.

Saruko: Alright see you.

*Saruko: That was strange, definitely not as similar as I imagined.

*Saruko: Anyways I can see my house from here.

*Saruko: Looks like Kautz, Yuuri and Shizuka are there, that’s good now I can find out some more!