Chapter 9:

First Day

Short and Romantic, right?

Saruko: Oh wow well it looks i'm here...time to do this.

Saruko: Now that I think about it, in the dream or vision or whatever I had it was my final year. I think I’ll just go with that and go find a teacher to see where I should go.

~ Saruko then enters the schools and proceeds to look for a teacher. Which he then finds in front of the Second year hall. ~

Saruko: Hey Sensei, I’m kind of lost, could you help me find my homeroom?

~The teacher then looks at saruko with a disappointed face. ~

Sensei: Saruko, quit playing and go inside the classroom already.

Saruko: Oh, sorry sensei, I was just making sure you remembered me, ahaha.

*Saruko : Well I guess I found my homeroom. What luck. Who knew I’d be whole year off? I'm surprised I'm a second year though. ~

~ He walks into the classroom where he’s immediately met with stares from his classmates. ~

*Saruko: This is weird, why are they all staring at me like I did something.

Classmate 1: There’s saruko you, think he’s okay?

Classmate 2: I heard he was talking to himself like someone was there whenever he went out during summer break and not only that no one even saw him most of the summer.

~ Saruko then goes to sit down at the window seat, in the back of the classroom. ~

*Saruko: Well I guess I am all alone then.

*Saruko: I still haven’t seen Erina.

~ One of his classmates is now approaching the seat in front him, then looks back and starts talking to him. ~

Kautz: Hey saruko, how was your summer break!

Saruko: Oh it’s been pretty good how about you?

Kautz: Same man!

Kautz: SO, I’ve been hearing some rumors about you, what happened?

Saruko: it’s the first day of school and I didn’t go out so what rumors are you talking about??

Kautz: Well I guess one of them is answered, I heard you’ve been talking to yourself and not in a normal way like someones there type of way.

Saruko: Ohhhh that.

*Saruko: Damn, who could’ve seen me do that. It must’ve been that dumbass clerk running his mouth.

Saruko: Yeah it’s somewhat true, but I swear it was only that day. I did it to pay my respects for Renji one last time to hangout.

Kautz: hmm...alright man.

Kautz: So do you want to hang out today after school?

Saruko: Alright sure what’re we going to do?

Kautz: We’ll figure that out in lunch, for now class is starting.

Saruko: oh, okay then.

*Saruko: Well, at least now I know I'm not alone. It looks like this class is pretty much full, him in front of me and some girl next to me.

*Saruko: The only seat I see that’s not occupied is Erinas I wonder where she is.

*Saruko: Woah am I obsessed with her? I should probably not worry about too much, it is the first day but she might’ve had something come up considering what I was told.