Chapter 2:

Act 1: New Student

The Hero Savior

  I started healing him out of nowhere, I didn’t know how but I just kept going and going and doing everything I could possibly push out as much power as I could but just as quickly as I gained it I lost it. I didn’t save him, the people with me just walked away just like any other day, I ended up having to walk away to not get involved but that’s when I knew, I knew I had to do something to change this world and it’s disgusting ways. Eventually I reached the school, painful as it was to leave that man behind I had to as I could do nothing.

Once I reached the school which was exceptionally beautiful, It was integrated with nature which gave it such a laid back look, it felt nice. I went inside then, went to the class I was assigned to and surprisingly enough I introduced myself and was greeted nicely back, apparently I was in a class with lower nobles who didn’t mind who they went to school with, with a few exceptions.

Erina: Hey what’s your name?

Savior: Oh my name is savior, how about yours?

Erina: It’s erina!

Savior: Nice to meet you! Do you know what they’re going to be teaching us here?

Erina: Oh no it’s my first day too obviously.

I felt dumb for asking that but oh well, anyways some other kids ended up greeting me and asked how I got here which I just said I was sponsored.

Our first class started and it was on Magic, I didn’t notice this at first but from the looks of it the class was pretty worn down, the chairs were loosened, desks were kind of banged up, old supplies I wasn’t surprised if anything it exceeded what I thought.

The Hero Savior