Chapter 2:

Weapon Master Richard

Soul masters

 The man seemed dull & desolate, he was standing there beneath the street light, his shadow tall and slim. He in his soul form was surrounded by a blue aura, unlike Shiro who was Golden and majestic. Richard was giving off a cold vibe.

Richard was a young man with mildly wavy, short, dark brown hair and narrow dark brown eyes who wore a long sand-coloured detective-style coat, the belt of which he left united; under it was a blue vest over a striped dress shirt that was light blue in hue. He wore a bolo tie, which was held by a brown ribbon and a turquoise pendant. He also had beige pants, dark brown shoes, and bandages wrapped around his entire body; only his face, hands, and feet were left uncovered. His eyes were deserted. He had a huge smile when he saw Shiro which instantly turned into a bloodshot menacing look.  

“Oh, who do we have here, the new God? Let's see if you can even protect yourself” 

He sprinted even before Shiro could react and opened his palm, bluish-red light started to flow out of his hand and when he closed his fist he held a 5-foot long single-handed sword equipped to attack, he kept his momentum, the ground from which he sprinted had a massive pit which was five feet wide. This was enough to tell how fast Richard was coming. He then grabbed Shiro’s legs as support going behind him, still in the air twisting his body to have movement, followed by a kick on Shiro's abdomen to which he fell on his back on a fountain with enough force to shatter it. Richard was on top with his sword pointing at Shiro's neck. Shiro, still in hysteria, coughed and tried to get up. He could not even comprehend what had just happened to him in several seconds. Though, what he did know was that his soul was going numb.

 Richard then put his foot on Shiro's chest and pressed him against the ground staring dead in his eyes.  The spears recognised him. He was Richard the armament master with the power to reconstruct any weapon he saw in his life. He was an old fellow of Ain. They tried everything in their power to attack Richard but in this weakened form, even a sacred treasure could not touch the master of weapons. 

 “What did Ain think when he gave such a power to a kid, maybe his old age got him"

 "Should I slay you where you stand which would grant me the sacred treasure and tremendous amount of mana.” 

Richard then lifted Shiro from his neck and tried to strangle him. Shiro was in pain, he screamed in agony while asking for help. The spears attacked the weapon master as fast as they could, but they could not even get close because they were already weakened after the fight with Aerial; Richard's aura was so strong that Shiro was having issues breathing under such mana pressure. Richard then punched Shiro in his stomach, lifting the God into the air and kicked him in the face while he was in the air. This time Shiro crashed into the fence and completely wrecked it.  

He then moved back saying it was not worth his time and it was Ain’s decision so he can not interfere according to the metal gods pact; The Three God’s agreement, which said that the three Gods and their followers can not interfere with each other's tasks. Richard was a part of the first God’s followers in the alliance so he could not interfere with Shiro, the one who was currently the third God in the pact. Shiro was gravely injured yet amazed at how fast and amazing Richard was. As souls were not physical, blood was not involved but instead, he was feeling unbearable pain. Awestruck at Richard's power he asked him to tell the secrets of heaven and train him on fighting like this to which the master refused. 

“I have no place for incompetents” “I challenge you-one more time-just one more time-give me two days” 

After saying this Shiro passes out from exhaustion. He wakes up in his room, on his bed with Rui, Nagisa, and Izaya surrounding him. They all had this gentle smile on their face. 

 “What happened, where did Richard go?"

"Master, do not worry, we are really ashamed that we were not able to protect you in the time of need”

“What’s done is done, now we need to worry about what should we do now, in the heat of the moment I challenged Richard but we need to do something to defeat him” 

The spears assured Shiro that in terms of raw potential Shiro was superior but Richard has real battle experience and exposure. Richard was also a master in techniques which would make it a tough fight. But together they all could pull up anything, I wish that is the case this time too.