Chapter 1:

Death and the New Beginning

Soul masters

--To be honest, this isn't going great. The situation is getting worse by the minute.

Losing control from two of his spears, Ain realised he had no chance of striking a fatal blow. This was not like the old days-Being the sustainer of heavens, striking any enemy who dared to pose a challenge. Ain as one of the founding Gods was fighting Aerial; his disciple, who went against Ain to rule over paradise. Ain could not parry or dodge. He was paralysed by the sheer force of the attacks. Soon he could feel his soul depleting from the tips of his fingernails. Though, what Ain really felt were the last sparks of his mana leaving his body and Aerial noticed that too. This time she could finally overcome one of the six gods of the universe and steal his title.

--“Well even if you win, you will never be the winner,” said Ain

Aerial was devastated at the remark, she expected Ain; her master, to beg mercy for his life. Aerial was a fire user, well the best in the realm. She could use fire to fly by imbuing her shoes with it, her fire could engulf whole towns, and not only this but also her soul’s physical abilities were already at their peak. “Old geezer, it is time for you to give up. You are not who you used to be, now don't be selfish and give your sacred weapon to this gentle lady here” Aerial exclaimed with a wild smirk on her face. The battle had been decided before it even began.

“Heh, do you think I would obey you, kid you’re a million years too young to order me around” replied Ain

“Well I knew this was coming” with a blank face, muttered Aerial

Aerial enchanted a fireball the size of the statue of liberty. Ain was at a disadvantage here, not only was his magicules level significantly less than Aerial’s but also he was protecting the mortals on the highway. This whole fight was happening on top of a road. Normal people were not able to render souls so both of them could go all out without notice.

Ain ordered four of his spears to stop the fireball and used the two on his back as a backup, he then ordered two of them to attack while the others defended. Ain’s spears were controlled by his mind. Although they were known as the strongest sacred treasures in the spirit realm, (because they were real living beings from the past and the future who were turned into weapons by spirit arts) a lot will power and training was needed to control them and above all else, they consumed a lot of mana, which again brought a disadvantage to Ain in his current state. Ain mostly used this form of spears because he had mastery over it; they were six 12 foot, broad golden spears, with the ability to fly through the air to perform ranged attacks. All six of them acted as a homing weapon, continuously following a dodging enemy and attacking them. Their other form was six humans who were experts at their respective tasks. Seeing this, Aerial directed her thumb towards Ain and shot a fireball the size of a grenade which dodged all of the spears and penetrated Ain’s chest through his armour.

“Looks like it is over” yelled Aerial,

-It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot.

Ain had reached his limits, he could not withstand any more attacks. No wonder it felt so hot. His brain must have been mistaking pain for heat. The clean gash that ran through his chest was so deep one could almost see what was behind Ain through the hole. Ain spirit started to disappear as Aerial flew over to grab the sacred treasures, but there were none. When Ain died his spears had vanished. Bits of lights jostled to hold him together in one piece. In other words, he had run right into checkmate in the game created by someone else. As soon as he realized that someone was behind this fight, there was a mastermind who even tricked the founding gods, his consciousness began to fall away and his soul dissolved into thin air. Losing one’s soul was like losing his life, only the physical remained without a soul to run the body. In other words, the man was as good as dead.

Three of the spears had found their new owner, a sixteen-year-old high school student with an overwhelming amount of hidden mana laying dormant inside his body, named Shiro.

Shiro was not the usual high schooler, he had a very kind soul providing anyone who came to his house a haven. He had a very clumsy body with brown hair, a light skin tone, and was skinny, he had brown eyes and always wore a muffler even in the summers. He described it as a good luck charm passed unto him from his mother who died as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan.

Shiro was cleaning up his front porch when his eye caught on a bright flash that blinded him. His vision cleared and narrowed to his yard entrance. He saw 3 people covered in blood, all wearing golden shirts and white trousers with black gauntlets. They did not look like the usual people Shiro came across to help, their outfits, quite atypical. He ignored the fact and carried all three of them into his dining room where he changed their clothes and washed their bodies along with patching their injuries. While changing their clothes he noticed a silver necklace each one of them was wearing, when he tried taking them off their hands automatically grabbed him as a reflex.

Shiro had put them to bed and was preparing to sleep himself when all three half-opened their eyes in unison, glared into the sky and groaned simultaneously, “Master needs help, Oh Shiro the new sustainer of heavens respond to his calls and gather all six of our souls, the fate of the gods rests on your shoulders'' They instantly closed their eyes and then a minute later gasped for air struggling to keep out, they asked things like“where is our master” and “what did you do to him” they shot to their feet and eyed Shiro cornering him. He asked what was going on and pleaded his innocence explaining he didn't know what they were talking about. The three men calmed down and sighed in despair, apologising to Shiro for their rudeness. They looked at Shiro with new profound interest, they explained what had happened and tried to justify their actions, Shiro thought that they were just not in their right mind like anybody would be after such injuries. After some time in the middle of the night when they started to open up-They told him about the spirit realm, and their master Ain who was the sustainer of the heavens dying in the hands of his disciple Aerial. They also explained how he could enter the realm and how they were spears controlled by Ain along with explaining that Ain tried to tell all six of his spears to be under your command. Three of them followed, three of the weakest and the stronger one refused to hide all across the earth with their connections cut off. Shiro of course found this surprising and a bad made-up joke of some hungover crackhead. He then told them to sleep and to get some rest.

They followed his instructions, and the next morning Shiro woke up to the sound of a sizzling frying pan and the smell of his usual breakfast. He was awestruck by how amazing the three fellows were at cooking. They all had switched back to their original clothes which were stunningly clean and looked brand new. He sat at the table and they all joined him with the food in their hands. Shiro told them they could stay at his house without any cost only if they would do all the chores around the house and don't make too much disturbance. Two of them nodded happily while one other pouted saying that Shiro did not know what they were worth. The two asked him a weird question “when will you agree on becoming our master” he was again shocked and the three strangers again explained their whole stories this time Shiro was looking over them filled with pity.

He finally managed enough courage to ask them their names. One of them stood up and exclaimed “My name is Izaya. Nice to meet you”. He looked like a butler; with long charcoal black hair and pale skin that shone brightly in daylight. He wore a white shirt and a black double buttoned tailcoat, white gloves and a black tie, he always seemed to have a grin on his face as he would explode.

Izaya then glared at Nagisa who was a very muscular man with a white coat that had furry ends. He also had an ornamental golden handguard. He wore black pants and a belt with three rows of studs and a large buckle featuring a spear with spikes around it and studs around it. He wore clean white boots. His muscles were astonishing and he was bigger than an average man. He was an arrogant and proud man, and his strength was there to back up his pride. He was the third most powerful spear in the six. Though he was friendly with the rest of his fellows, it seemed from the attitude that he despised Shiro.

“I am Rui” the last one stood up with disgust and said. She had dark purple hair with purple eyes wearing a maids uniform with a crown on her head. She seemed to be ticked off all the time like something was constantly bothering her. Her uniform was a black robe with a white apron on top and sleeves covering her elbows. She also wore long black socks going up to her knees and black high heels. She instantly sat down and started to tap on the table with her index finger.

“Well, now I have to go to school so you guys can hang around here for today.” Shiro sighed. Hearing this everyone looked at Shiro with concern and Rui said “ we can't let you go, Aerial will be looking for you. It’s dangerous out there” The others nodded in agreement, Shiro didn't think of it and told them not to make a mess while he's gone. Shiro spent a normal day in school not doing much but studying, in recess he thought about his odd-looking fellows at home and what they said about them being spears and the spirit realm, to be honest, it seemed like a joke to him. He wanted to go home so badly, he knew they would break something, after finishing school he returned to his home at the time of evening, he was really tired and was walking back home. He had started to feel an ominous aura but he couldn't identify it. He came inside, changed clothes, sat inside the porch, to see if any of the fellows had left or not, maybe they had gone and now he was alone again. As the day went on and night came, Shiro started feeling dizzy and started to head back inside when all three of the fellows appeared next to him and Nagisa pointed in a direction, Shiro followed their point and saw a black figure looming outside his house, this cleared all dizziness and Shiro started to panic, he didn't know what it was but he knew it wasn't friendly, it was his instinct, sweat beaded on top of Shiro’s lips, the ground beneath him was gone and it looked as if Shiro was stuck in time frozen there at that point due to fear. The menacing thing glared at Shiro with its low-key sinister eyes.”Master Shiro, it's going to attack, you need to identify us as your servants.” Shiro was still in shock when the creature leapt into his house and tried to grab Shiro's neck, before Shiro could even react golden transparent liquid seeped from his body and held the creature's body afloat. The fellows were nowhere to be seen but instead, 3 spears were hovering over his head pointing in that creature’s direction “ it's one of aerial's thirteen pawns” said a spear that sounded like Rui. They were ten foot long golden spears with ancient engravings on their hilts.

“What the hell is happening here? We told you the truth, but you denied it. Oh sustainer of heavens proclaim us as your servant and we may slay this creature where it stands, how dare he defy one of the six founding gods will”

“Yeah sure do your thing, save me. I order you!”

The bond between the spears and Shiro had been forged and the mana handling the pawn disappeared. The monster leapt again this time for Shiro abdomen, this time nothing came out of his body to defend him

As one of the pawns of Aerial was about to kill the new “Ruler and Sustainer of Heavens”, a nearby summoning circle activated thanks to Shiro. At that moment, the three spear Servant appeared to protect him. One of the spears named Rui asked Shirou if he would like to fight in the spirit world, which he agreed to in shock as he couldn't comprehend anything happening. Shiro leaves his body entering the spirit realm. Not only he but also the spears are surprised at his soul appearance. They all connect to Shiro and now he can control them via brain waves. What Rui saw was a dignified man with golden hair standing up like a blazing flame. His face was charming, and his eyes bloody. He wore majestic golden armour. His soul was nothing like his lousy human form.

Shiro then points his hand towards the pawn and orders Rui to go ahead, the golden weapon moves towards the ominous shadow at an astounding speed. And decapitated its body, exploding it completely, only bits and pieces remained. Rui then smirked back in her human form and explained that the pawn was just a low level who was easily defeated.

“What in the world is going on, more importantly, who are you guys, how can a weapon talk and what is this Master and Servant kinda relationship. I thought this all was nothing but simple crap” shouts Shiro, as Shiro was completely unfamiliar with the spirit world and the sacred treasure. At this time he too noticed the charismatic appearance he was in. Shiro was also amazed that they were in the sky with all the tiny houses below them. All three spears sensed something in the distance and wandered into the north. Shiro flies and easily catches up to them.

There he meets someone who was also in his soul form. His name was the weapon master Richard. 

Soul masters