Chapter 0:

Those Who Slumber

Total Ripple

Gray clouds formed quite often in the sky, blocking the sun from ever beaming down on the concrete. Metal rustic walls, that fell apart slowly, have never bounced the light of the sun, rather the artificial lights of lamps that sat tall in the streets and alleyways. Fog was common in town but still excited a fair amount of individuals, it was the most exciting thing they'd see in a week. Their life was eventless, with nothing but waking up, slaving, providing for their loved ones and repeating the cycle.

This tasteless, bitter and grey town is home to many people who never ask questions. Why am I here? Who am I? Is this all my life is? The people of this town don't seem to break out of their comfort zone. It's as though something convinces them that the life, they live, is quite all right, that there is nothing more to their lives. Nobody sees the upside down. 

The town had been divided into three states. Housing the rich, the middle class and the poor. Middle class individuals lived a mundane life of working and slaving. Their housings weren’t big but still quite nice. Iron rusted walls with chipped wooden beams. The rich lived in a dome, unviewable from the outside, but within the inside, it is said to be an entire new town. Many claimed sneaking in and discovering giant metal buildings, warped, and twisted. An impossible architecture. And the poor didn’t exactly live in the town. When dividing the town in 3, they chose to make the poorer individuals occupy the edge of the town where construction had stopped. Those who lived on this side of the town were undocumented, forgotten. Many have claimed the outer region is home to dangerous people. Perhaps that's why no one had seen people go in or out.

This town, although mundane, houses many dark secrets that are kept from the people. What those secrets are, no one knows.

Joe Gold