Chapter 21:

Kill the last lineage of dragon!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira’s povBookmark here

I have never thought that he was so kind to Akira that he passed her his shirt to save her from rain. I wonder how their relationship turns so sour and formal now. I wanted to ask, but then I did not want him to be suspicious of me. If I have photographic memory, as I claimed, I must know the reason for the distance between them too.Bookmark here

‘The more I lie to solve the issue at hand, the more I dig my own grave!’ I took a deep breath and let the matter go.Bookmark here

“It is getting late. I have many tasks to do.” he mumbled to decrease the awkwardness between us.Bookmark here

I nodded and we both stood up and went out.Bookmark here

The carriage was already waiting outside of the teahouse.Bookmark here

“Shall we take a walk instead? I want to see the hustle and bustle of the market. And..”Bookmark here

“And maybe you accidentally bump into the boy. Right?” I was about to say I want to know how things work here but his excuse was better than mine so I nodded.Bookmark here

“I can not walk like that on the roads given my position. I will prefer the carriage.” and then without waiting for my reply, he entered the carriage.Bookmark here

‘His problem with menopause is increasing day by day. For a moment he was all caring and sincere, and the next moment he glared like we are nemesis.’ I just shook my head.Bookmark here

I looked at the market with a longing look and then at the carriage! It has enough sweetness. He had to understand that he could not take me for granted.Bookmark here

“Then I will see you later.” I replied as I walked towards the market. If he would have asked me my views I would have accepted his reason, but the way he just ordered and did not wait for my reply. It was something I could not accept so easily. Love and respect both have their own place in my life. Bookmark here

“Where are you going?” I heard a voice behind me but I did not stop replying or listening further.Bookmark here

I walked towards the crowd and got lost in it.Bookmark here

Soon the sound of the carriage faded. In Spite of being two men there a while ago, i was alone againBookmark here

But there was thrill in it too.Bookmark here

Since Akira hardly goes out, there are not many people who have seen her face. So walking in the streets was easy. I roamed as I looked at the hawkers selling various snacks and small accessories and clothes.Bookmark here

While there were large shops and stores on both sides offering luxury clothing. I looked at the small shop of paintings when my eyes stilled on a picture. My speed increased as I walked towards the shop. I took the painting in my hands yet I could not believe that it was there.Bookmark here

It was the painting of my home, my real home. In the real world, in the 21st century. How could it be there?Bookmark here

“My lady, do you want to buy this painting?” asked an elderly man, with a professional smile on his face.
“Yes, but before that I want to know who has made this painting? It looks so different.” I asked and the man frowned a bit which he tried to control.Bookmark here

“Well, it is made by a queer man. He asked for work telling he was hungry. So I paid him a few silver coins in exchange for making a painting. But that man drew this. It is such a strange building. He said that in future the society would look like this. When I asked him to paint anything else, he ran away taking my money. So, I kept this painting here in the hope that I would be able to cover some of my losses.” the man said with anger.Bookmark here

‘Is there any chance that anyone else also transmigrated here except me?’ The thought was exciting and risky at the same time! What if the person told others that I was not the real Akira!Bookmark here

I shook my head at this narrow possibility. I have her body, there was no way anyone would come to know the truth without my acceptance.Bookmark here

I took out a gold coin and handed it to the seller.Bookmark here

“I think it would be enough to cover all your expenses.” his eyes shone as he looked at the gold coin and then nodded his head.Bookmark here

“Yes, yes, it will. You are a very kind person, my lady. Thank you.” he bowed his head to show his appreciation but I took the coin back.Bookmark here

“In exchange I want you to find that man and give him work again and inform me on this address. If you help me in meeting him, I will give you four more gold coins.`` I replied, finally leaving the coin in his hand.Bookmark here

“Four.. four more gold coins! I will find the man, my lady even if he is hidden in the pit of hell.” said the man with determination filled eyes and I nodded.Bookmark here

“This is the address where you have to post the letter.” I informed him by passing a paper and he took it and nodded.Bookmark here

“Very well, then i will wait for your reply.'' With that I looked at the painting one last time and turned to leave.Bookmark here

“You are not taking this painting with you, my lady?” asked the old man confused.Bookmark here

“No, burn it so that no one would be able to see it.'' I replied, making him further bewildered and horrified. But he knew better not to oppose me. So he nodded and took out the matchstick and burnt it.Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and walked away. It was not like I did not want to go back to my world, I just wanted to keep the facts hidden until I found a concrete way. Bookmark here

And it was not like I was someone reputable there. I was just a low class worker with a lazy brother and drunk father to support. Bookmark here

Here I was a princess and the future empress of the empire. This place has all the luxuries and the love of my life.Bookmark here

“What are you doing here roaming alone? I thought that you would be busy having a romantic conversation with your lover?” I heard the taunting voice of the man who was not leaving me in my dreams.Bookmark here

“I thought finding your brother is more important, my lord.'' I replied with the same intensity as he did.Bookmark here

“He is not my brother. He is just the illegitimate child of my father who killed my mother from his own hands!” he replied with a glare leaving me stunned.Bookmark here

‘Did this man have a soft corner for his mother. I thought he hated women!?’Bookmark here

“Did she not cheat your father, my lord? No man would be able to bear this. Your father did the right thing.`` I tried to test the waters when his jaws clenched and he handheld the portrait tighter, crumpling it in the process.Bookmark here

“That is because of the effect of the curse. If i found the last lineage of dragon, i will make sure to kill it from my own hands”Bookmark here

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