Chapter 22:


Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

Who would have thought that a misogynist, who would even taken as gay in 21st century feel compassion for his mother who have cheated on his father. Under the sunlight, his golden eyes were shining as if the sun had been drawn in his eyes.Bookmark here

“Why do you stare at me every time we meet? I know I am more handsome than your fiance but he would mind if you kept doing it!” he said in such a serious time that my jaw almost hit the ground.Bookmark here

“What nonsense are you spouting? I love his highness for sure.`` I replied with a glare when he just nodded his head.Bookmark here

There was a glimmer in his eyes, I could not understand. So I decided to ignore it and I started walking again.Bookmark here

“So, did you find anything?” I asked him, as the silence between us was deafening.Bookmark here

“I have asked almost all the big stores and shopkeepers of four lanes.” sad the man who could not even talk clearly to a single person. Was he serious!Bookmark here

I looked at him only to find the same aide looking at him with aggrieved eyes. I chuckled and nodded, finally understanding how he had asked so many people in such a short time.Bookmark here

“How many places have you checked?” he asked me back and I shook my head.Bookmark here

“I was busy eating the pie and tea, I was hungry.” I replied honestly and he looked at me with a strange gaze.Bookmark here

It felt unnerving the way he was looking at me without even blinking.Bookmark here

“What is it?” I asked finally when he did not stop staring at me.Bookmark here

“Nothing, I was just wondering where did all the food go when all you do is eat all day?” he shrugged his shoulders and then looked in front of him again.Bookmark here

“Are you serious? I didn't eat much, I stayed hungry most of the time. And I am the most beautiful girl of the empire.” I replied while flipping my hair back with my hands. Bookmark here

“I do not know about beauty but you sure are the most narcissistic person i have ever met.” he shook his head and i puffed my cheeks and looked the other way.Bookmark here

I looked at the shops that were full of hustle and bustle. Bookmark here

“Shall we look at a toy shop or sweets shop where kids mostly go?” I asked, as I looked at the crowd of kids that were playing at the corner.Bookmark here

“Do you think that child will go to these types of shops?” he asked with disdain, as if it was beneath his dignity.Bookmark here

“Then why are we even here in the first place?” I asked with a frown when he finally looked at me, breaking his gaze away from me.Bookmark here

“Because your aide saw him here. If I am sure then there would be some stores or shops. It must be a flourishing business since it belongs to our family. So we have to look for a flourishing business in this area.” he replied as he looked around.
‘And he called me a narcissist! Hmph’ Bookmark here

“There are many shops around. How would we know which business you are talking about?” I replied with a frown.Bookmark here

“Hmm, that is the main point. We have to check all the business.”Bookmark here

“This is merely impossible.” I replied, and he ran a hand in his hair.Bookmark here

“That is the reason I went to the chancellor first. But I do not think he would be able to help looking at his reaction. So we have to think of a way to do it ourselves.” he replied, taking a frustrated sigh.Bookmark here

I stayed silent as his words sank in my mind. But then my eyes gleamed and smiled,Bookmark here

“I have an idea” I rubbed my hand and he frowned.Bookmark here

“And what is that?” he asked, raising a brow.Bookmark here

“Why don't we take the help of your highness. Lets announce that your highness is here to give the prize of best businessmen and for that all the businessmen have to personally come and show their best product. Every businessman would come running since this is a golden offer except your father. Since he would be afraid that someone would recognize him.Bookmark here

You just have to make sure that you can compare the statistics of who was present and who was not present.” I replied and a proud yet dangerous smile came on his face.Bookmark here

“Great, then let us start the plan.” he said but then his smile turned stiff.Bookmark here

“But why would that proud peacock help me?” he asked with a frown. Bookmark here

“Well for that, you have to convince him. It has nothing to do with me.” I shrugged my shoulders as I moved away from him and then looked at the bright amulets that a lady was selling. One of them fascinated me.Bookmark here

I walked nearer, and held the amulet in my hands when the old lady looked at me with queer eyes. For a second I felt scared looking at her but then she took the amulet and put it on the palm of my hands. Her grip on my hand was so tight that I felt pain.Bookmark here

“Leave my hand.” I shouted when the lady looked at me.Bookmark here

“This will help you when the time comes. You will need it. He is closer to you, he is closer than you think and when he comes, war will ensue. Keep this safe, the circle has started to form and you are the end link. You were brought here to complete the link.” I looked at her with scared eyes, as I continued to try to get my hands free.Bookmark here

“What are you doing? You filthy commoner! Leave her hand.” shouted Damien, but the lady did not move. As if she could not even hear him.Bookmark here

“Do you not love your life, old lady? I did not care about man or woman when it comes to punishment.” he said as he held her hand and tried to get my hands free.Bookmark here

But as if her hands were made up of iron, her grip did not loosen. Bookmark here

“Remember my words. This will help you. Keep it safe for you.” she replied as finally Damien pushed her away and released my hand.Bookmark here

“Capture her.” he announced and soon many knights came forward. I didn't even know that knights were following us till they came out.Bookmark here

“No, let her go.” I said as I looked at the confused face of the lady.Bookmark here

“Akira!”Bookmark here

“My lord, let her go.” I said, strictly. And he moved his hands. All the knights went in the dark again.Bookmark here

“Show me your hand.” he said through gritted teeth and took my hand in his. While my eyes stilled on the amulet and the words of the old lady kept running in my mind.Bookmark here

‘He is closer to you than you thought. And a war will ensue.’ Her words kept running in my mind. Why did I feel that she was talking about my transmigration! As if it was not an incident but a plan or something that was destined.Bookmark here

“Aahh” I winced, as I felt him rubbing my hand. Only then did I look at my hands, it was completely red as if the skin would come out of my hand.Bookmark here

“I see. So this is the way you both are trying to find the lost sibling??!!”Bookmark here

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