Chapter 18:

The Wizard of Wight Part 1

The Creator

"The report you have given us is interesting indeed Kalmar. It seems that the wizard was able to test out his research for controlling organs of the human body. This is big news since such magic had never been attempted before. We plan to trial the wizard as soon as this report is finished." Appel addressed Kalmar as Kalmar stands before the Council, "Please do tell us what had happened after you left the Sulby Glen."

Kalmar stands with his hands behind his back and he then looks down at the floor, "I was able to restrain the wizard and his gatekeeper with handcuffs that were provided. We drove back to Douglas and I kept an eye on JDG as he was laid in the backseat and I had the two criminals in the front with me. They didn't give much resistance after that, in fact they were rather neutral once I had them cuffed and I used my anti-magic barrier to keep them from trying anything."

"It was stated that you used three different barriers last night, you used your paralysis barrier to neutralize the gatekeeper and then the wizard, then you used a normal physical restricting barrier to stop JDG's internal bleeding as well as using an anti-magic barrier to protect yourself from the wizard's attack and prevent the gatekeeper and wizard from using magic during transport." Dagovich mentioned.

"That is correct, that is how I used my barriers." Kalmar responded. The councilmen then opened up with light commotion about such a thing and many of them had grins on their faces.

"Where did you take JDG once you got to Douglas?" Appel questioned as Kalmar looks up toward Appel.

"I found a cottage hospital just on the outskirts of Douglas and I was able to remove my barrier from him and let the doctors there do their work. They are definitely medical professionals I might add." Kalmar answered. 

"We will have a third party pick JDG up once he is available to be discharged. For now I want to quickly brief you on your next assignment." Appel explained. Kalmar then tilts his head and leans forward at the thought of another assignment so soon.

Dagovich then stands up, "On the Isle of Wight, there has been reports of missing animals and missing pets. We have reason to believe that the Wizard of Wight has been experimenting with alchemy on animals trying to create hybrid species. This completely violates the Magical Doctrine and poses a very large threat for the Council. Once JDG is healed, you two will travel to Southampton and ferry your way to the Isle of Wight. The wizard resides in the abandoned Carisbrooke Castle right outside of the town of Newport." Dagovich explained, "You will ferry to East Cowes and then drive down next to the River Medina until you reach Newport, there you will find the castle and be on your next mission."

Kalmar clenches his hand in a fist and reluctantly nods his head, "That is all we need from you Kalmar, please return to your quarters until further notice." Appel concluded and Kalmar nods once more before leaving the Board Room.

Pirou then looks at Appel as Kalmar leaves, "We've already sustained a casualty Appel. I don't think we should send these kids out so early. In fact I am unsure if we should keep employing them."

Appel lifts his hand toward Pirou and then looks at Nano, "Nano, has there been any recent volunteers for the position that JDG and Kalmar share?" Appel asked.

Nano then stands up, "There currently has been zero interest in the job Supreme Councilman."

Appel then turns to Pirou, "You have become too comfortable, speak to me with respect." Pirou then nods and faces his head down, "There is nobody else that wants this job. From what I heard from the report, Kalmar is capable of miraculous things. We have him as an important asset and I don't want to lose him. Kalmar is the future of the security of our council."

Range then lifts his hand, "With all due respect Supreme Councilman, what if JDG tries to mimic Kalmar's magic or is simply taught how to use it?" Range questioned.

Appel looks to Range, "You need no to worry Range, I could care less if JDG proceeds to learn the art of Keeper Magic, he is an asset of the Council now and he will forever be under our watchful eye. It would be beneficial to us if JDG pursues his thirst for learning, because then we can use two powerful assets at the same time."

JDG wakes up to a strange place, a strange ceiling. He wakes to find himself in a white bed that sits in a room filled with other white beds. There are other people on these beds, not many, just a few other people.

JDG then looks down at his stomach where he finds a large patch covering where he feels the most sore. He then looks all around him again.

"How did I end up here?" JDG whispered to himself, "Oh yeah, that damn wizard got me."

At that moment a man wearing a white coat walks into the room with a clip board and stops right at JDG's bed, "Good morning there mister. I'm Doctor Khadar and I just want to run down exactly what happened since you came into our hospital unconscious." The man explained as JDG rubs his face while sitting himself up, "Your friend who dropped you off here told us one of your organs had ruptured, we were very concerned at first, however, it was not as severe as we initially had thought." The doctor goes back and forth looking at JDG and looking at his clipboard, "The duodenum, which is the area where your stomach and intestines connect, had been severed. Your friend was lucky to stop the internal bleeding and all we had to do was reconnect and clean out your system through surgery." The doctor smiles down at JDG.

JDG sits himself up even more and leans his head forward, "Holy shit." JDG whispered to himself while he rubs his face more. The sun begins to shine brightly against JDG's back.

"Just take it easy and rest, you should recover pretty soon." The doctor pats JDG's bed and then walks away. 

JDG is left there soaking in everything that just happened. It is rather strange for him to see himself so injured, he isn't very sure how to feel about it.

'That's crazy, that one wizard was able to sever a connection between organs.' JDG thought to himself, 'This is very dangerous, as adventurous as it feels, what if next time things end up worse?'

JDG stays sitting up for several minutes looking at his body. He starts to feel dread all of a sudden. This is something he has never experienced before and something he is unfamiliar on how to handle.

'I don't want to end up dead.' JDG continues to think to himself, 'I can't turn back now though, the Council could trial me for real and incriminate me.' 

An hour later JDG is back to laying down on his hospital bed, then all of a sudden, three men wearing similar outfits to what JDG and Kalmar wear walking into the room and walk toward JDG's bed.

They stop right before JDG and one of them speaks, "We are from the Investigative Council under Investigative Councilman Dagovich, we are here to collect you and return you to the palace at London." The man explained.

JDG sits up straight in his bed, "Is it safe for me to return right now?"

The man then takes a step closer, "Safe or not you are needed for another assignment as soon as possible." The man stares at JDG's eyes as JDG leans back.

The doctor then enters the room at the same time and rushes over to the group, "What are you doing here?" The doctor asked.

"We are here to collect this one for the Council." The man explained.

"He is not ready yet, he still needs at least a day to recover from his surgery we performed early this morning." The doctor gets into the face of the man in front of him and the other men he was with back the doctor away.

"We have little time for this, this asset is needed for the council and such we will take him by force, we thank you for your service doctor but leave it to us right now." The two other men then help JDG off of the bed and they escort JDG outside of the cottage hospital.

The next day, JDG and Kalmar are in front of the Council once more, "You two are to be dispatched to arrest the Wizard of Wight. JDG, the Wizard of Wight is known for using animals for experimentation, thus you will arrest him for violating the Magical Doctrine."

JDG is using the little podium next to him to assist him standing, "Are you sure I should be doing this after a recent injury?" JDG questioned.

"You will be fine, let Kalmar do most of the heavy lifting and this time you are to assist him." Appel explained, "You understand?" Appel asked.

"Yeah I got you." JDG said with a slight groan.

Kalmar then looks to JDG, "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe, just stick with me and we'll take care of this Wizard, this time they gave me more details about where he is so we don't have to worry so much about it. Plus they did some maintenance on our car." Kalmar said.

"Well that's good, I just hope that I can heal soon so I would strain myself doing this crap." JDG commented, "Well let's get this over with, Wizard of Wight here we come."