Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 [From fire rise something else]


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"I actually L..Lo... want you to cut that hair because they really don't suit you," I said, then turning my head, and covering my mouth while pretend to hide a laugh trying to hide my blush. Oh my god Lina, why are you so useless. Why didn't you just confess to him?Bookmark here

And his hair, it not like I hate it but it the other way around, his medium hair keeps flowing in the wind like a prince in my dream and it keeps distracting me. I just can't keep focus when I'm around him. Also, I really want to touch his hair, I keep wondering what it smells like, whether it rough to the touch or smooth like a fur.Bookmark here

I am obsessed with him, ever since two years ago. The more I with him, the more I want to know about him, every time I look at him - Ideas spark in my head and I have the urge to draw him on a piece of paper.Bookmark here

Haru replied with a slight annoy face, his expression is so cute when I tease him about his hair.Bookmark here

I tease him more about on how he was late this morning, then Haru shoos me to go back home. I comply, a tinge of wistful in my heart, as I realized we had to part our ways.Bookmark here

I rush back home on my Motorcycle. The moment I park my Motorcycle in the driveway, I quickly run into the house and rush upstairs to my room.Bookmark here

"Lina dear, what happens?" My mother called out to me from the kitchen, I ignored her and head to my room.Bookmark here

I plunge my body into the bed, a loud metal bending noise can be heard coming from the frame because of the stress it's trying to support my strength. I buried my face in the pillow and scream, but only a muffled scream escaped. I keep on screaming feeling frustrated at my useless self. I had the chance why didn't I took it.Bookmark here

"Lina are you okay?" Mom said, entering the room wiping her hand on a piece of towel.Bookmark here

My mom took my silence as an answer. "Is it about Haru? oh honey it okay, everyone at some point in their life gets reject by their crush" Mom consoled.Bookmark here

"MOM NO!" I lift my head and yell.Bookmark here

"Lina watches your tone," Mom rebuked.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, it not that I got rejected, I didn't even confess to Haru," I said, then burying my face in the pillow again.Bookmark here

"You didn't confess?" Mom said surprised.Bookmark here

"I thought today you were gonna finally confess, you even wear your lucky sock," Mom said, as I feel her gaze at the back of my head.Bookmark here

"I was too nervous to say it," I said.Bookmark here

"I disappoint in you Lina, I raise you to be brave and strong," Mom said, standing from the bed and place both her hand on her waist.
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"If you don't confess to him, I will take him besides Haru is so my type, I don't mind having him here full time to help me with the housework," Mom joked.
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"Mooomm, so gross. What will dad say?" I said as a shiver ran down my spine.Bookmark here

"Dad will understand beside he enjoying heaven right now, he doesn't mind me having a fling or two. Don't you know I'm in the market right now," Mom said, then place a finger on her butt while making a sizzling sound.Bookmark here

"Oh dad, look what mom has become," I said, pretend to call out to dad, Mom let out a chuckle.Bookmark here

"Enough joking around, I need to reheat the dinner since you came home late today," Mom said, then she exit the room and head downstairs.Bookmark here

After mom left the room I went to the desk facing the window, taking a seat at the chair near it. Then I move the art university pamphlet to the left and open up the drawing book. I look out of the window toward where Haru house is, grabbing the nearest pencil, I begin to draw. In my sketch, Haru is sitting on a bench with me beside him, he leans against me as our hand interlocked together.
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As I imagine the sketch in my mind, a feeling of a warm as Haru place his hand on my heads resurface again and fill my heart with warmth as I remember it.
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Then I look up back again to the window and I saw smoke coming out from Haru house. Bookmark here

"HARU!!" I scream.Bookmark here

I ran downstairs and toward the kitchen to get help from my mom, "MOM, HARU HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!".Bookmark here

"Are you sure!?" Mom asked I nod.Bookmark here

"I'm going to call the fire department," mom said then quickly rush to the phone and start dialing the emergency number.
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"They not gonna make it!!" I said, impatient, I ran toward the door.Bookmark here

I can hear my mom call out to me but I ignore it and continue running to get out of the house. After I arrive in the front yard, I look at my motorcycle "I'm not gonna to make it." I said aloud.Bookmark here

I focus on my center and start running, the moment I gain enough speed, I close my eyes and jump toward the sky.Bookmark here

Opening my eyes again, I was surprised to find myself up in the air and able to control my movement. I shake my thought away, this is no time to be surprised what I can do I need to save Haru.Bookmark here

I turn my body facing Haru house, and flew toward it.Bookmark here

With my momentum from the flying, I crashed through the back door of the house, the door break and flew apart. Fire envelop everything from the furniture to the wall of the house as I look around the house, even the altar where Haru parent picture is,Bookmark here

"HARU!!" I called out, nobody answer.Bookmark here

"UNCLE TOUKA!!!" I called out, nobody answer.Bookmark here

I hold my breath and begins searching blindly, hoping that they are alright, please just be alright. I try to search but the black smoke from the fire limit my vision, I begin to felt despair as I try to search for them. Bookmark here

Please god.Bookmark here

Please let them be alright.Bookmark here

I'm begging here.Bookmark here

Suddenly a crow enters the burning house form the kitchen and flew toward the living room landing next to a burning beam and squawk calling me toward it. I was surprised but I know now is not the time, so I head toward the beam and shocked to find Haru underneath it.Bookmark here

Lina quickly lift the burning beam without thinking, she felt only the heat of the burning wood but ignore it, I lift and throws the beam away from Haru. I look at Haru back, it was blackened from the burning beam that was on top of him. A pain crept into my heart as I saw her love in suffering, I shake my thought, I need to get Haru out of here.Bookmark here

So I lift Haru with both of my hand and quickly get out through the kitchen door. The moment I step outside the door with Haru in my hand and into the backyard. The house begins to collapse on itself, I turn back to see the house collapse and saw the same crow flapping it wing, escaping the house and landed on top of the tree in the backyard, it squawk.Bookmark here

I look at the crow but my attention was grabbed by Haru, whimper "No cop, no hospital". He needs the medical treatment but I don't want to go against his wish, so I jump and flew toward my house.Bookmark here

As I arrive and land in front of the backyard, I saw mom worried face holding her mouth and gasp as she saw the condition that Haru was in.Bookmark here

"We need to get him to a hospital!!" Mom said.Bookmark here

"Mom no, no police, no hospital, Haru told me," I said.Bookmark here

"what?!" mom said "okay, okay I know someone, gets him inside," mom said.Bookmark here

I carried Haru inside of the house, I can hear mom talking to someone using the phone. I ignore it and focus only on Haru. I arrive in my room, laying him on the bed. I look at his burned cloth, I begin to tear it and removing it from his body.Bookmark here

I cover Haru lower half with a blanket, tears fall down to Haru chest as I broke into tears seeing Haru in so much pain, I fall to my knee and hold his hand.Bookmark here

"Haru please be alright, I can't lose someone I love again, please don't leave," I said.Bookmark here

"I should send you home myself then maybe I could have done something to prevent this," I said as I wipe my tears away.Bookmark here

Mom entered the room,  "Please help Haru mom" I plead, Bookmark here

"Don't worry Honey, I brought someone that can help his a doctor," Mom said, older gentlemen enter the room with a bag in his hand. "Come here honey, let the man do his work," Mom said.Bookmark here

I reluctantly let go of Haru hand, running toward my mom, face first into my mother chest, then I sob furiously.Bookmark here

"He will be okay Honey don't worry" mom comfort me. I look at the doctor as he begins to examine Haru body. I wish that all of this will end over soon and everything will be back to normal.Bookmark here

But deep down, I know that everything will never be the same again.Bookmark here

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