Chapter 12:


Game Gyaru

“This is your grand idea?” He asked, unamused about the matter with this bag over his head. “I look like a moron.”

“It’s not like you have anything better.” She countered. In her mind, given their circumstances, this was the best they could do. He was blind anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to have his vision limited more than it currently was. Also due to his inability to see, the boy was going to need someone to guide him there. With only her around to do so, they needed a good way to keep people from noticing the pair were together.

“Isn’t this going to make people want to look at us?” Indeed, a sight where a girl led a boy with a paper bag around his head was odd to see. In fact, some people might be curious to stare, but probably wouldn’t say anything about the matter.

“It’ll be fine as long as they don’t see your face.” She assured him, then took the boy by the hand. Given his blind nature, he was defenseless to keep her from dragging him out of the house.

This was a new experience for him. Not only being led out in public so blind that a girl needed to show him the way. But also in the fashion that they needed to hold hands to do so. Embarrassingly, Hakuta couldn’t say he ever held the hand of someone of the opposite sex. Though in this context, it was not to be taken in any way romantically. That said, Shiuka’s hands were soft to the touch, nearly making him want to keep this going forever.

Of course, this wasn’t going to last forever. Constantly, the girl stopped which in his blind stupor could only mean she was either embarrassed to be seen holding someone’s hands. Or that she was acting diligent in keeping awareness to her surroundings. A person they knew could easily pop up out of nowhere.

“Well, isn’t this a fun surprise?” Which was precisely what happened. Hakuta wasn’t certain on how she could make such a mistake, but someone did see them. In fact, it was one of her friends, Ninka, who approached them. “Looks like someone’s finally got a boyfriend.”

“Ah!” It took a lot for Shiuka to keep herself calm. “Y-yeah, I finally bagged myself someone.” The pun was lame and she knew it. “You know, you’re not the only one boys can like.”

“Really?” Ninka was unconvinced with the response. Especially considering what she was looking at. Usually people didn’t put paper bags around their boyfriend’s heads to hide them away from the public.

“Of course…” Hakuta tried to aid in getting this girl to believe them. He pretended to have a much deeper voice than usual. First because Ninka would certainly recognize his voice. And secondly, it was a partially futile effort to appear more cool than he really was. “I just l-love Shiuka so much.” Those words were hard for him to say out loud. Even if it were an act, just doing so in front of her was nearly too much for the boy to handle.

“Oh, I see what’s going on here.” Her words brought dread into the pair’s bodies. It seemed they were caught after barely getting outside for the first time. “Shiuka, you naughty girl.”

“Huh?” Hakuta responded in a confused manner. Without being able to see anyone’s facial expressions, he couldn’t truly understand what they were saying with just words alone. Though judging from her tone, this sounded to be more of a playful thing.

“Whatever kinky things you two are into, I’ll just leave you alone.” As it would turn out. Ninka assumed Shiuka had a certain preference in dominating other boys. So she assumed what she was seeing was simply a way to humiliate the weaker ones into submission while she would dominate them later at home.

“Heheh, sure…” Shiuka was not a fan of someone taking her for someone with a lack of innocence. However, this was favorable for them in this moment, so that the what they both went with to convince of her their lies. “All right then, I’ll see you at school.” They were able to separate from her without drawing any more suspicion. This allowed the pair to breathe in a major sigh in relief that their secret was still safe.

“That was too close.” He berated her after some time passed. “You need to be more careful.”

“I’m trying.” She argued back. “But those girls are really good at sneaking up on me for some reason.” Despite being unable to see how she normally kept an eye out. He was certain it was mainly due to her lack of awareness to most situations. “Besides, don’t worry we’re almost there.” He felt them going inside a building after she made that statement. It seemed their journey to the glasses store was finally over and he’d be able to get a replacement to his prescription.

After a short while of getting into the mall. The two were soon inside their targeted store. “There, I think you can take that off for now.” She said after a long pause. They didn’t know anyone else who wore glasses. So it was likely they’d be safe for the time being while in here.

“Finally.” He exhaled heavily after taking off the bag. Despite only being paper, it was hot under there. “Now, let me handle this and you can just go sit around.” If anything, he’d prefer she leave. This girl’s job was done seeing as he’d be able to walk on his own without any guidance. “I’ll just-” However, while in the store he was still without vision. So therefore the boy tripped the moment he thought he was in the clear and landed right onto his face.

“How about I stay by your side here?” She offered and took his hand as they went to the counter. This was awkward for him. Now they appeared to be like a real couple out in public. A view that would be complete suicide were they spotted by anyone they knew. The only thing worse about people learning they lived together was probably having them assume the pair were dating.

“Don’t worry.” The person running the counter told them. “We get the lenses fitted in quick so you don’t have to be walking around blind.” All that was left for them to do was to choose the frames.

“I’ll just use the same frames as before.” He said. There was nothing wrong with it in his view, at least back when he had a view. The status quo was no big deal to him.

“What? This is a great chance and you’re just going to let it go?” Shiuka was on the other side of the fence in this matter. Since he was getting new glasses, why not get a new look to go along with it? Quickly, she rushed off to the display area and grabbed out pairs for him to test with.

“I really don’t think this is necessary.” He said as she put them on his face. As these were not his prescription, the glasses on these frames were merely for show. There was no way for him to see himself in the mirror, so there was no way to know what he looked liked with anything new on.

“Don’t worry about looking stupid. You’ve got me here.” She used her own gyaru personality to assure him that she’s be able to pick something out great. “So sit back and let me look at you.”

“Fine…” He relented, not putting up a fight as she placed on frames and checked him out. While he was unable to look at her properly, given his blurry vision, Hakuta felt a bit self conscious with having a girl watch him so intently. Not only that, but she was also rating his appearance, judging how he looked with each frame.

“Nah… Hmm, I don’t think so… This won’t work.” She continued on and on for what felt like an eternity. Each one seemed to not please her, which only served to worry him into thinking that it was him that was the problem. “There we go, it’s perfect!” Finally, she reached one that she believed to be the one.

“You really think so?” He asked as they handed the frames over to the receptionist to get him new glasses fitted on.

“I did just say it was perfect.” She was filled with confidence that he’d like it. There was no doubt in her mind that this new look was going to serve him poorly. “As soon as you see it, I know you’ll just love it.”

“If that’s what you say.” He was not was certain as she was about getting different frames. However, it was too late to back out now as they waited for the people to return with his new spectacles. After some time passed, the woman returned and gave it to them.

“I want to put them on for you.” Shiuka apparently was the one handed the precious item. There, she slowly put her hands around his head as she gently placed the frames over his ears. Suddenly, Hakuta’s vision became clear as he was met with only her in his view. Somehow, after not being able to see the world. This girl appeared more beautiful than the last time he saw her. “So, what do you think?” She turned his head to look at a mirror for his reflection.

“Whoa.” He didn’t expect the change to be so drastic. All he did was change his frames, yet as she said, he looked much better than before. It was nearly as though he was a completely different person. Well, as long as that different person still had his body size, height, and haircut. “This is great.”

“I know.” She had a smug aura about her. “You look so cute with these.”

“Yeah, I do… Wait, did you call me cute?” His heart skipped a beat upon realizing the words she used.

“Um.” Quickly, she averted her gaze from him. The arrogant manner in which she held herself disappeared as she tried to speak once again. “Well, you look good and all. And I’m sure some girls would find you cuter now.” The pair’s chemistry became awkward as they paid for his new glasses and prepared to make their leave.

“Anyway…” He tried to return things back to what they were and move on. “Thanks for helping me out.” Despite this being entirely her fault, it was nice to have someone like her he could rely on.

“Oh yeah, it’s no problem.” She replied. “Actually, maybe on our way back, we can…” Suddenly, she stopped mid sentence. He was bewildered at her change in mood once again, when she shocked him by pushing the boy down under the table they stood by.

“Hey, what’s-” He was about to protest on her rude actions, when someone’s voice stopped him.

“Funny running into you.” It was a voice he knew clearly well. As things had turned out, both his friends Yuusen and Itsuku had come to greet her. 

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